Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thankful for Each Day

I had planned to sit down and write about some more of the small blessings in my life that I am thankful for (and I will another day) but something happened that changed my plan.

My cousin Anya's husband died in a car accident.  She is just a couple years older than me.  She has three little kids- two boys and a baby girl.  I have not seen my cousin in a few years but I have wonderful memories of all of us playing together when we were young and a few memories from dinners when we were older.  She was always a cousin that I enjoyed being around and loved.

Ever since hearing the news of her husband my heart has hurt for her.  I can not imagine the pain she is enduring right now.  I am thankful for the gospel and that we know there is life after this.  I believe in the power of Christ and his ability to heal.  And yet I know he allows us to feel pain and I am sure she is feeling a great deal right now.  She will be in my thoughts and prayers and if you have a second include her in yours as well.

Things like this remind me to be grateful for each day.  So tonight I am thankful for each moment I get to live.  Each moment I get to love my family, watch my children grow, each moment I get to be alive and experience this world.  I hope I can find ways to embrace it more fully and make the most of the moments I am given.


Debbie said...

Beautifully written. I, too, am grateful for each day, and each loving moment in my life.

Love, Mom

Alicia said...

Wow, that is so tragic. I hope your cousin is finding peace through it all, thanks for the reminder to be grateful for each day.