Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend- The Good, The Bad and The Peas!

 The Good-

*Naomi Got here in time to hold Smoky (he disappeared the day after Thanksgiving and we haven't seen him yet- See "The Bad" for more kitten details).

 *Aunt Leah is such a great Aunt....she even did Adele's hair!!!Woo-woo!
 *The women of the family- We were missing a few but it was great seeing Anna and Leah and Mom.  I love them SO much.
 *Silly Billy- Dad read his favorite book from his childhood to his grand kids that were there.  How cool is that?!
 *Cousins- Oh how they have missed each other.  They enjoyed their visit together and Grandpa even helped them create slug picker uppers and flingers. 
 *I should have had a funny category...Dad got the "high" chair for dinner!
 *Dinner- You know it's a great Thanksgiving when the table stretches on and on!
 *My babies- Love them.

 *Titus and his Great Grandma...He has always been taken with her.
 *After dinner games...."Chicken, Chicken, who has the Chicken?"  I am glad I am not the only one that has a difficult time figuring it out!
*Charades Anyone....Can you guess what my Mom is? (Answer at the end of post!)
*The Root Beer Expert- Saturday our friends (they were on our first date with us) came to visit.  He is always looking for the best root beer.  He brought his current favorite over for us to try!
*The kids all had so much fun together!

The Bad
* Titus welcomed Thanksgiving by giving us a little present!  (He actually explodes often...It's pretty comical).
*Kittens-  We have had our kittens for over a month and had no problems.  All three were growing and knowing their way around the property.  Thanksgiving we woke up and couldn't find Lala (Adele's kitten).  We all looked but Garret was the most persistent.  Thankfully, he did not find her. Tyler and Joe found her.  We believe she was hit by a car but we didn't spend too much time analyzing we didn't want the kids to see her.  Garret took it really hard.  Luckily we had had the scare of them getting lost a few days ago and been able to talk a lot about things that could happened. He cried a lot- it broke my heart.  If we ask Adele what happened she says "Lala in heaven, I gonna go find Lala...Here kitty kitty kitty". I know that's life, but it doesn't mean it wasn't sad watching them hurt and trying to parent them through it. 

*Kittens part 2- At least we still had Smoky and Tiger...right?  Well after Thanksgiving Smoky (Garret's kitten) just disappeared in the middle of the day.  We have no idea what happened.  We looked A LOT.  This one hit him hard too.  Since we didn't ever find him we were able to say that hopefully he wandered to someone else's house and since they didn't know where he belonged they adopted him.  It was a rough weekend in regards to the kittens. 

The Peas-

*I must preface this by saying my Mom is an AMAZING cook.  She decided to try something new to go with Thanksgiving dinner.  Cold peas in a sour cream, mayonnaise, bacon mixture.  I took a decent size scoop because I like peas and I like my Mom's cooking.  After the first bite I knew it was going to be hard to eat them all. When Titus started to fuss, I didn't want to leave and have a huge pile of peas on my plate so when I thought no one was looking I scooped them onto Adele's plate.  No one gets hurt feelings when a two year old doesn't eat her peas.  I went up and fed Titus.  While I was away I guess word got out that the peas were not the highlight of the meal and everyone scooped their uneaten peas onto my plate. So much for putting them on Adele's I came down to a huge plate of unwanted peas.  Needless to say...My Mom is going to be eating leftover peas for a long time!!!  

 ***For those of you wondering what my Mom was in the Charades game- She was bacon.  She layed down and twitched occasionally- bacon sizzles when being cooked- She is the best!

- I must add that when this Thanksgiving rolled around it brought back lots of memories of last year. Last year Mom was in the middle of Chemo.  I am so Thankful this year to have my Mom here and healthy.  It was a long year for her and she is doing great.  She is a blessing in my life!  

I hope every one's Thanksgiving was as wonderful as ours.


Rachel said...

So fun!

Marianne Thayne said...

I love your pics and I am so sorry about the kitty's. Those are some rough life lesson's to learn. It looks like everyone had a great time.

Three Lads and a Lis said...

Oh no, the poor kitties and kiddos.

Too funny about the peas!