Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Our morning started nice and early- 2 am Spencer was screaming because he didn't know if he could leave his room to go to the bathroom.  Next it was Adele coming down to snuggle.  I got those two squared away and then it was "real" morning at 5:30.  We had them go to the bathroom and wait at the top of the stairs for a little while. 

They came down to find lots of little treasures. 

 Santa left them all Marineers hats- he must  know we attend a game each year for Tyler's birthday.
 After digging through their stockings it was time for presents.  Right away the kids wanted Tyler to open the one they got him.  He said "we can do one of yours first" but they insisted.  They were SO anxious for him to open it.  As soon as he picked it up Adele said "it's a BB gun."  She kept it a secret for over a week but blurted it out right at the end.  The other kids didn't mind they all started talking about it.  I was worried that the kids would be far more excited about this gift then Tyler but he seemed to really enjoy it as well.  His first gun- so cute!
 The kids made a lot of gifts this year.  Here is a mountain Spencer carved for me. 
 A hammer Titus made for Spencer.
 A toy teeter-totter Spencer made for Adele.
 It was also a year of dress-ups!  The kids love dress-ups, their Grandma got them some and I got them a bunch after halloween. 
 We took a break for our orange roll breakfast.  It was great as usual.  The kids didn't really get into it.  I think their bellys were full of junk and their minds were still under the tree.
 We coaxed Adele into a dress-up dress (once she had it on she wore it all morning, but refused to put the wig on that came with it, she has a mind of her own).  She asked where her light saber was, she loves being like her brothers.  Her favorite princess is princess Leia from star wars.
 Since Christmas fell on Sunday we went to church.  Once the presents were opened (which were all great- thank you everyone) we got ready for church.  I tried to snap a few pics of the kids looking all dressed up.  It didn't go so well but here is what I got.

We spent the afternoon together.  We played with new toys, did new art projects and by the end of the evening we were all ready to head to bed.  It was a very Merry Christmas. 

Now our tree is down and my mind can't seem to grasp the fact that Christmas has come and gone already.  We hope you all had a wonderful and merry Christmas this year.

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Grandma said...

Sure is fun to see all of you and how special your Christmas was... Glad the kids like the dress ups!!! I loved to dress up when I was little too!!! (not stars wars thought)
Love to all, Grandma