Monday, December 19, 2011

A Very Special Gift

This is a personal story of Garret's that I am choosing to share because I want it recorded so he will be able to remember it forever. And so I can remember it and follow his example. 

A few weeks ago Garret started asking me if his teacher was a member of our Church. I said "no" and then we talked about how there are good people that go to lots of different churches.  He seemed satified with my answer. Then a few days later he started asking more questions and finally said "I want to give my teacher the Book of Mormon."

I was hesitant. I was worried that his gift might bother her and she might treat him differently or that she would be offended.  I worried about how sensitive people are about church and school.  I basically told Garret "maybe".  Thinking he would forget.

He came to me again.  That night I emailed his teacher and told her what Garret wanted to do and how much it meant to him but that I would tell him it wasn't the right place if she felt more comfortable with that.  (There was more to it then that but that's the main point).  She wrote back and thanked us and said it meant a lot that he would want to share something important with her and that she was excited to have a copy.

He was thrilled when I told him.  I told him he could write whatever he wanted in the cover.  He wrote "Dear Mrs. R.  I know Jesus Loves me.  I hope you like it.  If you want you to come to church with me you can.  Love Garret". 

I love his cute kindergarten handwriting!

He wrapped it all up and took it with him.  I asked if she liked it. He said "I don't know Mom, I told her she couldn't open it until she got home."
I love him!


steph said...

That gave me goosebumps and tears in my eyes. Sweet garret!

Marianne Thayne said...

Oh my goodness what a sweet story. I shouldn't have read it at work. If I could muster up half that courage!

Rachel said...

I think you handled that perfectly with emailing her first! The note is so sweet. I love Garrett!

Jon & Margaret Leavitt said...

What a strong little boy Garret is, to have the courage and determination to share what he knows to be true. Amazing, just an insight into how great a missionary he not only is going to be, but already is.

kandis said...

How sweet! Love it!