Monday, January 31, 2011

Coloring and other mundane things

 Adele loves to color.  She gets very serious when she is coloring (notice her tongue sticking out, good pencil grip....).  But then she sees me with the camera and all seriousness leaves and she turns back into her usual goofy self!
We had a nice weekend- lots of time spent with family and Anna and I even hosted our second girls night.  It was a Jane Eyre night (always fun)- people are already asking what we will do next so we need to get busy planning!

Garret went in his bedroom to play this morning and his door handle just stopped working.  It had had problems for a while but this time I couldn't even get it.  He had accepted his fate of an entire day spent in there waiting Tyler's return home.  Luckily Marc came to the rescue and got him out.  Garret said he had prayed and knew he would get out!  After Marc left Garret said "you know you don't have to be a super hero to rescue people".  I think Marc might be nearly a superhero in Garret's eyes!

Tyler's residency ends in five months.  We think a lot about what to do next.  We have a lot of ideas and one pretty good option.  I am anxious to know so I can make a plan for our lives.  I am excited to settle in somewhere- but nervous to settle in some where FOREVER.  It would be easier if someone would just tell us what to do.  Why are big decisions so hard?  Why do I second guess things so much? We spend a lot of time right now thinking about what is next...hopefully we will decide soon, then we can just accept it wholeheartedly and stop thinking so much!

Spencer is learning to read.  He just kind of understands it.  Not perfectly (he isn't reading novels or anything like that- just little words).  It's fun to watch him learn.  He is such an observer and just seems to listen as I teach Garret and then when I finally sit down with him he constantly amazes me. 

When I was pregnant with Adele the boys always referred to her as baby sister.  They still do sometimes.  I think baby number four is going to have to get used to the title "new baby".  Garret and Spencer will say things like "if you count new baby there are six of us".  "is new baby kicking".  "can new baby hear me".  "when new baby comes home can I help take care of it".  Only 19 more weeks until "New Baby" joins our family.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pony tails, Elk and a Sunny Day

Adele has attempted a pony tail (aka water fountain).  It's a little pathetic but she thinks she is hot stuff!

 Saturday we went to the Elk feeding station and had some fun.  The boys loved the big elk.  They loved the visitors center where they could hold animal bones, fur and horns.  We were suppose to go out on the truck and get a closer look but there was a misunderstanding and our reservation was not set up right.  So we settled for a peek through the fence.  We still got a pretty good view.

 Saturday was such a nice day that we spent all afternoon playing outside. I didn't have my camera out at first. Adele went on the scooter and loved it.  She couldn't stop giggling.  I tried out my new bike and Garret and I even went for a very short bike ride (I will blame the length of the ride on being pregnant but really I am super out of shape).

I pulled my camera out when we moved to the back yard.  The kids played on the swing, in the tree, with the baseballs etc.  It was a great relaxing afternoon together.

 Spencer loves "the twister".  He would do it again and again and again and again! 
 He just leans back and spins like a crazy man.
 Garret wanted me to take a picture of him in the cherry tree.  He said "I just love to sit in this tree" and asked if i would take a picture of him just sitting in the tree.

 Even Adele likes playing in the trees. 
I hope the sun keeps shining so we can have more afternoons like this.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Moments

- Eight years from today Tyler and I went on our very first date.  We went to a concert, Hogi Yogi and danced.  Tyler brought me flowers on Saturday and ingredients to make our own Hogi Yogi's.  He let the boys pick there own candy to put in their's.  They picked Pez and Nerds- I doubt they have those flavors at Hogi Yogi.  I am so glad that first date happened. 

-Spencer gave the scripture and prayer in primary today.  He practiced all week and when he went up front he did it perfectly!  It was a special little moment- he looked so big and was so proud of himself.

-Our church time is earlier now so when we come home we all get a good nap in.  Adele woke up messy after a little while.  Tyler changed her and they napped the rest of the afternoon together.
- Other fun weekend moments- playing with cousins, playing games with the kids, and watching a good romantic movie with Tyler on Saturday night!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Number Fours First Pictures

I am almost 19 weeks and I met with my doctor for the first time.  He is young but really nice and his schedule is not very busy so he usually can see me when I want to be seen.  We had the ultrasound today as well.  I love ultrasounds- I love seeing the baby, feeling the baby move at the same time and actually knowing what it is doing in there.  I love putting a face to the baby even if it is a blurry picture.  It's really pretty amazing.

We told them we didn't want to find out what we are having.  The doctor told us when to look away but Tyler wasn't entirely obedient (he says he turned away- it's questionable) so he thinks he knows what we are having.  He also thinks that the first picture looks like a boy (I asked the doctor if you could tell from the pictures- he said he didn't think anyone would be able to tell by the pictures- but at one point he did said our baby could be a boxer).  I am completely fine with either. I am just mad that Tyler thinks he knows because I can already hear him in the delivery room saying "see I knew it all along" (Maybe he woudn't say that he isn't really an "I told you so, kind of guy").  I wanted us both to be totally surprised.  We really don't know, and he has a 50/50 so I am sure the moment will still be great.

They left the due date the same.  Mid June.  Hopefully a little earlier (that is going to be a very busy time for us- moving, new job etc). We are even more excited then before to meet the new little one.  The boys couldn't understand why they couldn't go and watch and Spencer was hoping I would bring the baby home with me!  I am so grateful for our growing little family.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Primary Boy....and a Girl with a Hat

This little guy is in Primary!  It was week two for him and so far he really likes it. He is growing up so fast and so well.  He knows lots about the gospel and loves all the songs and his new teachers.

 Adele found my hat and thought she was hot stuff so we had to throw in a couple pictures of her.

Tyler gets home tonight!!!!  We have had lots of fun without him but are ready for him to be back.  I tried to make it fun for the kids so they wouldn't be sad the whole time Tyler was gone.  We played together a lot, we had a sleepover in my bed, we spent an evening with Anna's family, we went to Lowe's building class, Border's story time, church, watched movies and ate way to much junk!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rub-a-dub-dub there getting clean in the tub!

I know these three won't all fit in the tub for too long.  They have lots of fun playing together right now and I always enjoy listening to them giggle together and I definently love it when they all smell nice and clean!

Tyler is out of town for a few days.  We have lots of fun planned for while he is gone.  Today we used every lincoln log we own to build a village!  (I am not sure how the cowboys would feel about the fact that pirates and lions took over the village- but they sure thought it was fun).

Adele learned a new word (she has a bunch).  Now she says "Owie". It would be kind of cute it if was just when she was hurt but I think she thinks it means "I don't like this".  So at church, in the car, when she doesn't want to do something, she yells "owie".  We have gotten some strange looks from people when they hear her yelling "owie". 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Beck Family Party

My Uncle sent me a picture from our family gathering.  A lot of people couldn't make it- but we still had a nice sized group and a great time together.

Monday, January 3, 2011

One Year Older and Wiser too!

Since we were going to be out of town for my birthday Tyler let me open my present early.  He got me a bike.  The kids were so excited about it.  I doubt I use it much until after this baby comes but I am really excited to ride around with the kids after that.  I need some practice though because I just about fell off going down the hall. 

 My birthday celebration was all spread out since we had so much going on this weekend.  Tyler, my dad, the kids and I were gone all Saturday.  When we got back my Mom totally surprised me with this cake!  It was so yummy (seven minute frosting!).  It was so nice of my Mom- she is the best!  Then my Mom and Dad were good enough to watch the kids while Tyler and I went with Dan and Heather to the movies.   I was so tired I could barely stay awake but it was fun going out.

 My cute nephews birthday is just one day after mine so Sunday we went over and watched him eat his first birthday cake.  He was pretty cute about it.  First birthdays are always extra fun to watch. 
I finished off my exciting birthday by driving back home to Yakima. So far 27 is going pretty well!

New Year

We Spent New Year's weekend in Shelton.  We had a dental meeting west of the mountains so we headed over.  I wasn't very good about taking pictures but we had a nice New Years.  We did an early countdown with the boys then went over to a friends house and spent a few hours with Dan and Heather and Steve and Becky. 

There are a lot of things I could say about 2010.  It was a big year of change for us.  We moved across the country.  We said goodbye to friends on the East and moved west.  Tyler finally kept his promise and moved us back to Washington.  Tyler graduated from dental school.  Our kids grew and changed.  It really was a big exciting year for us. It has had some challenges but it was a good year. I am grateful for 2010 and excited for 2011.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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