Friday, April 29, 2011

Guess who is turning 30?

Tyler's birthday is tomorrow and he is turning 30!!!  I can't believe it - when I met him he was 21.  The years are flying by.  

I remember when 30 seemed so old.  Now it doesn't seem old at all.  It seems like we are just starting out in many ways.  We are putting an end to our schooling/ residency years and might actually settle down somewhere.  I think that Tyler's thirties are going to be years full of change and adventure.  

I hope that tomorrow we can usher in his thirties in a grand way (check back tomorrow to see how the celebrating went).  Some of the reasons that I think Tyler deserves a wonderful birthday---

Tyler is the greatest and best husband and friend I could have ever asked for. We never run out of things to talk about.  We  have fun together.  He always puts his family first and makes great sacrifices for us.  He is a great Dad.  He always has energy to play with the kids.  He keeps life exciting for all of us.  He knows how to work hard and play hard!  He is truly a great and wonderful person.

Here's to Tyler's 30's- may they be memorable and full of love.

Tyler- I love you Forever!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mrs. Rachel Lynde

If you are familiar with Anne of Green Gables you are also familiar with Mrs. Rachel Lynde.  The town busy body.  She is a lovable character in her own way but she HAS to know what is going on with everyone.

I think my boys are headed  in the same direction.  They spend a lot of time watching out the windows.  They watch for their cousins, they watch to see if the policeman neighbor is home from work, they watch across the street to see if the little girl is home and how many trucks are in the parking lot.  They watch for people walking their dogs and will say "that man walked his dog up and down the hill three times....etc.

It's pretty funny to listen to them discuss the neighborhood together but a little odd that they know so much about it.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Six Months of Chemo

Look at what six months of chemo does to a person!!!  Actually this picture is from last summer.  But anyway, I am getting sidetracked....My Mom went in for her last treatment (#12) and due to some problems she has been having they decided she was done. So hooray for my Mom- She did it!!! She can stop hibernating and hopefully be back to her old self before long.  It's been a long winter for her!  When she called to tell me she was done she said "go eat some ice cream and celebrate for me" (she hasn't been able to eat as much ice cream as she would like over the last six months because cold bothers her). 

        So go get your ice cream and celebrate with me and my Mom- She is done!!!

I love you Mom- Don't be too mad about the picture!!!

Easter Day

At Church the boys got to sing with the other primary kids.  It is always fun watching them sing.  They were cute walking up to the front holding hands.  All the kids did a nice job.

We had dinner with Anna and Marc and their kids.  The kids kept saying "it's a feast".  It really was too.  Lots of yummy food.

After we did a little Easter egg hunt for the kids.  They were so excited.  It was fun watching them run around looking for eggs.  Lydia found one egg and played with the candy in it the whole time.  Adele started putting rocks and dirt in her bag and seemed to think that was pretty fun.  All the other kids went crazy going after the candy filled eggs.

 Spencer wasn't the quickest egg finder.  We looked over at one point and Garret was putting some of his eggs in Spencer's bag.  I love little moments like that!

After the hunt and dessert the kids played for awhile and somewhere in there we even heard some good stories from the kids. 

It was a really nice day spent together.  I am thankful for special occasions spent with people we love and most importantly I am thankful for Jesus Christ and the chance we had to celebrate and remember his sacrifice and victory.  I am thankful that he made the sacrifice he did so that we can all return to live in Heaven someday.

Easter Pictures

We had a couple minutes Sunday so we tried to snap a few pictures of the kids. They were not extremely cooperative!  But the pictures do show a lot of character!

Pre- Easter Fun

 We did a few things before Easter to get ready for it.  The Monday night before we had an Easter lesson and a little mini- egg hunt after. 

And Saturday before we decorated eggs. 

Potty Time....Sorta

Adele really likes the potty and loves telling me when she has a messy diaper.  The other day I bought a few things so that when I felt like potty training we could give it a try.  We couldn't help but put the cute undies on and see how she looked.  That night she sat on the potty and peed.  I thought "oh no, I don't really want to do this".  The next day we went out of town so I hoped she would forget about our little experiment. 

She still asks about it sometimes.  Last night she said "potty" and I was feeling nice so I let her sit on it and she pooped.  I really think she could be potty trained.  I just don't know if I am up to it right now.  We go out of town a lot- which interrupts it. I have been so tired this pregnancy that I don't know if I have the energy and we are suppose to move in 9 weeks. There is just a lot going on and I don't know if I want one more thing.

It is fun watching her learn about it and who knows maybe I will get a boost of energy and go for it. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

These Moments

Life is full of entertaining moments around here.  There is no way to capture it all but here is a quick look at some of the things that keep us laughing right now---

Getting ready for a bath-
-Spencer--"Mom, Mom, come look.....Deli STILL does not have a wee-wee"

Whenever anyone is sad or hurt-
-Adele comes over and rubs their back and smothers them with kisses.

Garret and Spencer talking about the new baby-
Spencer "When the new baby comes we can help feed it"
Garret "No we can't, it only drinks Mommy milk"
Spencer "oh"
Garret "I was the first one that got to drink Mommy milk"
Spencer "How come you get to do everything first"
Everything is a competition!

Visiting our neighbors (AKA Anna's Family)-
-Adele bends down and waves and says in a voice I have never heard her use "hi baby" (She already thinks she is a big girl and has a voice for those younger than her).

Garret still loves making up his own songs and he will sing them audience or no audience.  Some of the catchy lyrics---
"I want to be good and live a good life and make good choice and follow Jesus and be happy.  I can be good and make Mommy happy and Daddy"......Sometimes his songs go on for a good half hour without a breather.

If I am on the computer Adele comes over and says "Nomi, Nomi, Nomi" (that is what she calls Naomi and that is her way of saying she wants to look at her pictures).

Tyler gave the prayer in Sunday School and was mid sentence when someone said amen.  soon other people said amen.  He said he wasn't sure what to do...keep praying...or go with the crowd.  I think he wrapped it up pretty quick!

Adele has started saying prayers.  We have to help her (obviously) but she will repeat what we say.  She says it all pretty well but when we get to the end she quite passionately says AMEN!

Speaking of Prayers Spencer seems to always think it is his turn to pray.  Once everyone is sitting to eat he just starts in on a prayer.  We have to remind him that other people get turns.

We go walking at least a couple times a week and we have made good friends with a little old lady a couple streets over.  We all really enjoy visiting with her but Spencer especially likes her.  He knows her names but always calls her the "nice lady".  He draws her pictures and wants to bake her things.  (I think he also likes the fact that she has a bowl of candy!)

Garret loves numbers.  He is constantly counting to 100 and by 10's and doing little problems in his head.  While driving somewhere he kept saying "if I had 6 half hours I would have 3 whole hours, if I had 11 half hours I would have 5 whole hours and 1 half hour".  It's fun trying to figure out what is going on in their heads.

One night we were all talking about "The Incredibles" and having super hero powers.  Tyler suggested I be Elastagirl... because then having the baby would be no big deal... I think I like that idea.

Adele loves to sing.  She sings and sings and sings.  She sings with us sometimes and by herself.  When she sings alone she usually always sings "Away, away, away, away".  We think it started at Christmas when we were singing Away in a manager all the time.  Anyway, she loves to go stand on the fireplace and sing her song then clap for herself.

Whenever the garage door opens Adele goes running for the door.  She yells "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy" as she runs.  She is very disappointed if it is not Daddy and VERY excited if it is.  I will have to make a video of it at some point.  I think Tyler is one lucky guy to come home to three eager kids each night!
(and one excited wife).

The new baby thinks it needs to get in on all the action.  I have never felt a baby move as much as this one.  The kids love feeling it move.  They will say things like "kick me if you want to play with me" or "kick me if you are a boy".  It's cute how they already have a place for it in their fun.

That's it for now!  We are grateful for the good lives we are blessed to live.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sick Days

When we were growing up if we were sick we were sick ALL day.  If we were to sick for school we were too sick for anything else going on that day.  My Mom took good care of us if we were sick but we had to go to bed early and we couldn't be around friends.  As a result we loved being taken care of when we were REALLY sick but we (at least I) don't remember ever pretending to be sick.

Garret has had some red eyes and congestion (He really wasn't feeling well).  He woke us up sick this it was dubbed a sick day.  He got to watch a movie this morning (a real rarity around here), he had to take a nap and go to bed early and he didn't get to play with his cousins.  He seems to be feeling better and I am sure he will be back to himself soon.  We talked about being sick and getting better and I think there is a very good chance that Garret will not want to ever fake being sick either.  He loved the extra TV but not enough to want to miss out on things because of it.

My Mom left this comment after reading my entry-

I remember one day that you stayed home sick from school, and it became one of my most special memories. 
You were laying downstairs on the couch, all covered up with blankets to keep you nice and warm. It was a little before Christmas, and that year had been a year that all you kids had volunteered me to bring cookies to everything it seemed. So while you were resting, I was baking cookies. The Christmas music was playing softly in the background, and the Kitchen was warm, and smelled so good. 
I thought that you were sleeping, but you sat up and asked if it was always like that during the day. It just made me feel good that you liked being there with me, even if you were sick, and that you could see that being home was a good thing.
And yes, you were sick all day, and I am sure that you went to bed early.

I love the memories,

Love, Mom 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It was time...

My super silly Garret boy is 5 1/2 years old.  He is a fun, creative kid (here he is pretending to be in star wars- I guess some kid from church told him a little about it and he thinks it seems pretty cool).  He is also a GREAT sleeper and has been for most of his life.  He goes to be at 7:30 and up until a couple days ago took a couple hour nap as well.  Even if he didn't sleep he didn't make any noise and he didn't get out of his room.  I finally told him if he could be quite he could start having quite time in his room with some books.  So far so good.  He stays in his room for at least two hours until I tell him he can get up.  I think he would have kept napping for me but with school coming up he probably needed to start being awake all day. Just another sign that my babies are growing up.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Soldiers, Nursery and 31 Weeks

Garret and Spencer had their cousins over on Friday.  They all decided to be soldiers.  The girls didn't enjoy it for as long as the boys did but it was cute watching them for a while.

 Adele went to nursery Sunday and did great.  She told Tyler "no, no, no" when he came to get her.  Who knows if it will last but I think Tyler is enjoying attending classes at church rather than just being in the halls.  Also, last night when Tyler put her to bed she said "love you, night night" unprompted and before anyone said it to her.  She says it most nights but usually after we do.
Here I am at 31 weeks.  I feel huge.  I am not sure if the picture does it justice but its big- at least big enough that sleeping is getting uncomfortable and my back aches pretty much all the time.  I can't believe number 4 is going to be here so soon.  We have talked ourselves in circles about the gender and are getting anxious to find out.  This baby is a mover.  It seems like it moves all the time.  I am hoping it is just an activity sleeper, otherwise we could be in for trouble!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

To Grandma's house we go...

We spent several days at my parents house while Tyler was busy doing dental "stuff".  We kept busy visiting friends, playing with Grandma and Grandpa, the boys built things and worked on a clubhouse, we visited Dan and Heather and Ridge etc.  I only took one picture the whole weekend- AAAaaah.  But at least it captured Adele's love of being Grandma's helper!  She had a special love for Grandma this trip.  She followed her around, cried when she left, wanted to be her helper, kept trying to steal her chair, wanted to cute!  I am glad they let us crash at their house for a couple days.  Hopefully the crazies didn't wear anyone out too much!

Traveling with Kids

I hear a lot of people complain about traveling with kids- I don't think it is so bad! 

Naomi and Ramona

Saturday we got to spend a few hours visiting Leah, Joe, Naomi and Ramona.  Everyone loved little Ramona, especially Spencer.  We are so glad we got to see everyone.  I wish we could get together and play more often.  Naomi and Ramona are SO cute! 

 I think that Adele and Naomi are going to be great friends.  When we left if we said "Naomi" Adele would get all excited and say it over and over and look around for her.  Then we would say "do you like Naomi" and she would say "Yeah" (like of course I do).

 I need a park like this by my house then maybe I could sit and read a good book while they played! 
I love watching kids play together.  I hope we find lots of times to get them together.

18 Months

This little ball of fire is 18 months old!  She is one FUN girl.  There is a lot of personality bundled up in her.  We love our Deli-girl!