Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ten More Years

Now I don't want to sound melodramatic or any type of dramatic, but I am grateful for the the ten extra years of life that I have been blessed with. When I was twenty years old I was serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Rochester, NY. It was Memorial day, 2001. I was at a picnic that the church was putting at the church building. While I was standing on the sidewalk an Astro van came out of nowhere and I got run over and drug across the street. After all was said and done it was a pretty close call. So what I wanted this post to be about, is all that has happened since then that I am so thankful for.

Since then: (Not specifically in chronological order)

I found the love of my life, Rachel.
Had the perfect wedding.
Spent an amazing week in Disney World for our honeymoon.
We have three amazing kids Garret, Spencer, and Adele and one very soon to come.
I have lived in four different states.
I completed Dental School at SUNY at Buffalo and got a BS in Biology from BYU - Idaho.
Went on a three week road trip across the USA.
I have swam in both the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.
Done dentistry in Tampico, Mexico.
Made life long friends and have met people that have changed the way I look at life for the better.
I've climbed multiple mountains (hadn't climbed any before)
I road a bike 65 miles (I was going for 100 but found that distance to be an insane endeavor).
I flew an airplane all by myself.
I have gotten to see the birth of each of my children and each time I realize how much of a miracle life really is.
I ran in the Turkey trot three different times and one of the times Garret ran with me.
I got to see my Grandma Talcott turn 99 years old, how amazing is that.
I watched my brother Trenton become such an excellent singer, but more importantly I have witnessed him become a wonderful man and uncle.
I got stuck in an airport trying to get to my sister Tia's wedding and got to spend the night with Rachel and our 15 month old son Garret. We didn't make the wedding, but I have gotten to see since then how great a mother and wife my sister has become.
I have gotten to watch the sunrise on a couple of different occasions with my best friend (Rachel).
I have read and or listen to hundreds of books and they have taught me a lot about life (either on this planet or some other planet!).
I have watched my parents celebrate over 30 years of marriage and witnessed them become closer then I have ever seen them before. I love you two!
I gained two new parents that I am very grateful for and a bunch of new siblings that I love spending time with.
I have cried more and laughed more and loved more.
I got to read all the Harry Potter books and almost all the movies (you all know I am a Harry Potter nerd).
I have owned a house and sold a house.
I have done an AEGD dental residency.
I have prayed more and depended more on my Savior and Father in Heaven.
I have made many mistakes and have said sorry many times.
I have felt the love of so many people and it has helped me get through the hard times.
I have failed in many areas but those times have made me stronger.
I have entered my 30's and I even have some of my hair left (that actually is a shocker).
I have kissed my wife just about every day for the past 8 years.
I have been to almost all of the historical sites for the members of our church and cried at the grave of the Prophet Joseph Smith.
I have knelt in the Sacred Grove.
I have read the Book of Mormon multiple times and it has become a source of inspiration for me.
I have watched my kids read the scriptures and have seen how much they love and learn from the stories.
I wrote a list about everything that I have done that was like 10 pages long.
I have lived a full life and I hope and pray that I can continue to do so.

I love the gift that life is. Some days I wake up and I have forgotten how blessed I am to be alive. I am making a grand attempt to make those days less and less frequent. Each memorial day I can't help but remember how each day of life is a gift and I remember all that has been because I have been allowed to live life.

Life truly is Beautiful!


Sunday, May 29, 2011


 We were planning on heading to Western Washington this weekend but I chickened out when my Doctor told me to pack well in case we had the baby on Snoqualmie pass.  Odds are I will just sit around pregnant all weekend but better safe then sorry. 

Since we didn't head that way Dan, Heather and Ridge came over for Saturday and Sunday.  We had such a good time having them here.  I love spending time with my siblings and their families.

We went fishing Saturday.  We didn't catch anything but had fun trying. 
 Adele didn't do any fishing but had fun playing with Ridge!

 Saturday night we BBQ with Anna and Marc.  It was yummy of course (if you haven't tried bbq asparagus you should - it was really good).  The kids had fun playing together.
 Sunday we went to church in the morning and Spencer was the special person in primary.  He was so excited and wore his crown all afternoon.  They read clues about a person and then everyone guesses who it it.  Spencer's answers were weird and didn't sound like him.  I guess they asked all the little kids the questions at the same time so I think he must have stolen some answers from other kids.
 After I snapped a picture of him I decided to take another so I for sure had a good one but his milk spilt!
 It was a nice sunny day and so fun spending the afternoon with family.  Thanks for coming Dan and Heather we had so much fun seeing you!

Here are some Big Ole Belly shots- two weeks to the due date (hopefully less). 

Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home!

Tyler's schedule is weird right now.  He works long days and we don't see him then we get to have him around for several days.  It's the start of a long weekend and the kids (and I) couldn't be more excited! They started watching out the window for him long before he came home!

***If you noticed Adele in her undies- it's due to the fact she spilt on her pants and were about to eat dinner so I couldn't bring myself to put clean pants on her.  And as far as potty training is going.  She is awesome!  It still seems a little too easy.  Maybe the new baby will mess things up but so far so good.  I have cleaned up only a couple accidents ever and usually because I didn't hear her telling me potty.  She has even started staying dry a lot of nights (although I may not switch her to undies at night until after we move).  Keep your fingers crossed!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Since graduating from college I haven't had as many chances to conduct scientific experiments.  It was time to enter the research field again....

The subject---going into labor early.

I have a sister that has had two babies early.  She said both times she ate really greasy food the night before.  I figured I could test her theory.  Tyler was kind enough to try along with me.

So I sent him out at 9:00 at night (which is not when we normally eat- we are 5:00 eaters).  He brought me back lots of GREASE.  The first couple bites tasted alright (my sister said you have to eat til you feel like you are going to pop...I always feel like I am going to pop).  I made it through most all of it. 

Then patiently I waited for results.  I was assured it could take up to a day.  I tossed and turned all night, took trips to the bathroom, had to eat tums....

The results (it has now been well over a day)- A stomach ache most of the day and lots of trips to the bathroom...No Baby.

The conclusion- It might work for Stephanie or  maybe she just cooks her babies hotter so they come earlier...for me it has no effect.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Top 10 Things We Will Miss About Yakima

With a move in the not so distant future, we are once again reflecting on where we will be going and where we spent the last year of our lives.  This year was different in a lot of ways.  Yakima has always felt very temporary and because Tyler worked almost an hour away and I didn't have a car I don't feel like we ever got to know it as well as we could have.  Even having said that there are a number of things we have grown to love and appreciate that we will miss....

#10 This sign!  It's not that Yakima is a bad place (it's a very nice place) but we can't help but laugh a little at the comparison to Palm Springs!
#9 Parks, Pools and Splash Pads.  The kids are broken hearted to be leaving behind the water fun of Yakima. The neighbors a couple houses down have been kind enough to let us swim in their pool, we have been to a couple different splash pads and the pool.

#8 Playdate. This magazine is great! It list activities in the area for kids and families and its FREE!

#7 The Sunshine...I know there is sunshine everywhere but Yakima gets 300 days of sunshine a year (according to the web) and I believe it.  The sunshine always makes the days more fun.

#6 Good Mexican Food.  Tyler especially has been enjoying the Mexican food this year.  It seems like a couple times a month they are having some kind of potluck and work which equates to Mexican food...mostly homemade and authentic.  He even has a patient or two that brings him homemade tamales.

#5 Pickleball!  Tyler was first introduced to pickleball a few years ago by my Dad.  He really enjoyed it but up until now he hasn't had much chance to play.  He found a church here that has open pickleball night on Tuesdays and goes when he can. 

#4 Blanche AKA Grandma Blanche.  She is 89 almost 90 and lives a couple streets away.  She waives to us and gives the boys treats when we go out walking.  She has a little dog that the boys love.  She is really sweet and fun to go and visit. (I need to get a picture of her).

#3 Inklings..Not only is this bookstore within walking distance (a big plus since I don't have a car) but it has a great story hour for the kids.  The reader is really great with the kids and the whole atmosphere is fun.  Plus when I go I get to walk around and look at the books while they listen.

#2 Produce!  Yakima is known for its fresh produce and for good reason.  It has been so fun picking, canning and enjoying all the produce.  Yum, Yum, Yum!!!

#1 Anna, Marc, Kyle, Hailey, Katie, Nicole and Little Lydia!!! We have loved spending a year next door to my sister and her family.  It has been so nice having someone next door that we can visit, play with and help each other if we need it.  I have always loved all the kids but this year I feel like I have gotten to know them even better.  Kyle is a little athlete that sometimes acts tough but then he gets around one of the younger kids and he has this soft side.  Adele adores him because he is always so patient with her.  Hailey is turning into a little beauty.  She is an adorable little blond that tans up in no time.  She is full of personality and always has a hug for me when I see her.  Katie has the cutest dimples at the top of her cheeks.  She likes to be called Katie Lady.  She is bright and silly.  Nicole has a little more attitude which I think is funny.  She likes being called Coley Boley.  Whenever we say Coley Boley Adele laughs.  She thinks its hilarious.  Little Lydia is the quietest sweetest baby.  She seems to be observing everyone and then quietly goes and mimics them.  She is everyone's baby and I have a feeling might remain their baby forever. 

They have been our best friends through this year and I hope that even when we move we can find time to share with them and stay close forever.

Honorable mention---Ozeki's Teriyaki (It is so good and the lady that works there is really nice), Tyler's commute (just kidding- that is one thing we will not miss), the trees in our yard (the kids have loved climbing them and think we should bring them with us) and the old rusty park (it doesn't look like much but the kids have enjoyed our walks there.

We are down to a little over a month in Yakima and hope to be able to enjoy the rest of our time.  Our fourth baby will be born here and the kids have all had a good year here.  They have grown and changed this year and no matter where life takes us Yakima will be a place we will have lots of memories of.

Full Bloom

 One of my favorite things about spring are flowers.  The kids bring me in flowers non-stop.  I have to tell them the vases are full right now.  I love their cute little faces when they come to the door with a handful of flowers for me.  Spencer will bring me the tiniest little flowers and insist they need water!  It really is beautiful with everything in full bloom.

Not much else is going on here.  We are still stuck in our waiting place.  Hopefully we will not be waiting for our new baby much longer (3 weeks to go).

Tyler has been working a different schedule lately.  Sometimes we see a lot of him and other times not much at all.  When he is home he is always so good to play with the kids.  They miss  him so much when he is gone.  (Don't you love how new baby had to get in the picture as well!- the big orange blob).

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Make Your Guess?

With less than four weeks to go until our new baby comes it's time to make some guesses.  What do you think are we having a boy or a girl?  What will this baby weigh?  Will this new baby come early (please come early)?

I am due June 13th but plan to be induced June 10th if I have not had it sooner.  The doctor says my stomach is measuring big but the ultrasound says it's "normal" size.  The heartbeat is usually around 160 at my visits (could be due to the fact that it is very active).  I can't think of anything else I can offer as help---so make your guesses....

And you are more than welcome to give us some name suggestions as well!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

When I was a kid....and more

Spencer "When I was a kid, I used to eat my boogers."
Me "Do you still eat them?"
Spencer "No, I said it was when I was a kid".

Tyler "That back sprinkler isn't working"
Spencer "I might have put chalk in it when I was a kid"

When I was a kid...this was one of my dolls.  Her name was Sally Rachel (very creative I know).  I found her in a box the other day and decided it is time for us to part ways.  I couldn't just toss her though so I thought I would take a picture so she can live on in my blog book. 

I am really not a stuff keeper, so in a way I am surprised she has existed for this long.  When I pulled her out Adele got soooo excited.  The doll is super stained and all the stitching has been pulled out of her hands and feet so she looks like she has had a severe allergic reaction in all her appendages.  Anyway, it was either let Adele drag it around, keep it in a box and continue to move it around or part ways.  Farewell Sally Rachel....

I mentioned packing her around...we are moving in less than two months.  And for all those that keep inquiring as to where.  We think we know but nothing is set in stone at this point.  Hopefully it will be very soon (I am a planner and this not being able to plan stage is hard for me).  Stay tuned for some sort of announcement in the near future!

Garret got this marble tracks set for his birthday and has played with it but this is the finest marble tracks tower I have ever constructed.  Luckily Anna's girls were over so there were lots of kids to enjoy it. They wanted to leave it up for Tyler to see so we took a picture instead.
 Speaking of pictures...what do you do with all the art kids make?  I think I am going to start doing a monthly art entry on the blog so I can capture some of their creativity without filling my house with it.  Garret worked hard on this one and wanted me to take a picture of it.  Adele added some scribbling to it!
Adele, Adele, Adele...let's talk about Adele!  I think she may have gotten sick of hearing me say how much trouble she is so she decided to amaze us all.  For the last couple weeks she has been very adamant about wanting to "poop" (sorry for the potty language) on the potty.  I tried ignoring her because I didn't want to potty train her (there is so much going on right now) but with her wanting to so badly I started taking her.  After about a week of her actually going whenever she said she had to I decided last Tuesday to commit myself to 9 days of serious potty training and if she hadn't grasped it by then I was packing the potty supplies and not giving it another thought til fall. 

So Tuesday was day 1- She had a couple accidents but still pooped on the potty.
Wednesday- About the same
Thursday- One in the morning- dry during nap and all afternoon
Friday- No accidents
Saturday- No accidents
Sunday- No accidents and even told her nursery teacher she needed to go.  Tyler took her and she went.

I said I would give it til Thursday but it looks like she might actually be getting it.  I seriously expect her to regress at some point, it's just been way to easy.  She turned 19 months on Friday.  She seems so little to me still but for whatever reason she seems to get it.  I remember training the boys and at first I had to take them every hour or so.  I have been waiting two hours with her.  If she hasn't told me by then I usually ask her.  But she tells me a lot of the time.  She is not potty trained at night yet.  This is different for me because with the boys I always just got rid of all diapers.  The nights were always so easy with the boys.  Adele is still in a crib so I worry she couldn't tell me if she needed to.  We will work on it- wish us luck though....it looks like we might actually be doing round 3 of potty training and we might be on the home stretch!

Mother's Day 2011

It seems like it was not long ago that I had just one munchkin and look at this houseful of kids I get the honor of calling my own!  (Don't look too close- they were not very photogenic today!)

They gave me my card early.  I think because they wanted me to share some of the candy with them.  The last couple years they have made me a candy card.  I think it's fun and so do they!

 They also cut me lilacs from the yard. I LOVE the way they smell.  It's a smell that is not only amazing but it reminds me of my childhood.  (notice Garret's big hole in his mouth- tooth number two came out the other day- I pulled it out!)
 They made me a delicious breakfast this morning and took great care of me all day!
 Mother's Day is always a great day for me to stop and think about my Mom (I love you Mom) and all the women that have helped me along the way.  It's a day for me to remember that these little monsters are my greatest treasures.  I hope I can learn from those that love me and that continue to Mother me and follow their example and be a great Mother.  
 I love my family so much and really believe that Motherhood is an honor.  I am extra blessed because the kids that have come into our family are so full of life and personality that there is never a dull moment!

Mommy Questions

Last Year I asked my kids these questions around Mother's day and so I thought I would again.
1. What is something mom always says to you? Garret "Go play with your brother and sister." Spencer "Hello"

2. What makes mom happy? Spencer "Hugs and kisses" Garret "Hugs and Kisses"

3. What makes mom sad?Garret "When I am mean to my brother and sister" Spencer "Not giving her things"
4. How does your mom make you laugh? Spencer "tickling me" Garret "tickling me"

5. What did your mom like to do when she was a child? Garret "play with her brother and sisters" Spencer "Dance"

6. How old is your mom? Spencer "16" Garret "28? is that right Mom?"

7. How tall is your mom? Garret "9 feet tall" Spencer "Big"

8. What is her favorite thing to watch on TV? Spencer "Cartoons" Garret "Little videos from when we were little"

9. What does your mom do when you're not around? Garret "Maybe just read books" Spencer "Not really fun things"
10. What is your mom really good at? Spencer "Art projects" Garret "playing with us"

11. What is your mom not very good at? Garret "Uh, I don't know she is good at most everything" Spencer "coloring pictures"

12. What does your mom do for her job? Spencer "work" Garret "She doesn't do a job...oh take care of us"

13. What is your mom's favorite food? Garret "I don't know" Spencer "Peanut butter sandwiches with honey"

14. What makes you proud of your mom? Spencer "I don't know what that means" Garret "She does a good job at things".
15. If your mom were a cartoon character, who would she be? Garret "Belle (I guess that means Tyler is the beast!)" Spencer "Batman"

16. What do you and your mom do together? Spencer "Go out" Garret "read books"

17. How are you and your mom the same? Garret "We both like to read books" Spencer "Noses"

18. How are you and your mom different? Spencer "We do different things" Garret "We like to do different things."
19. How do you know your mom loves you? Garret "I just do" Spencer "hugs and kisses"

20. What does your mom like most about your dad? Spencer "that he is nice" Garret "That he is very good to Mom"

21. Where is your mom's favorite place to go? Garret "Book store" Spencer "Chicken Teriyaki"

22. What is one thing you wish you could change about your mom? Spencer "Nothing" Garret "I don't really want to change anything about my Mom"

23. What would your mom do with a million dollars? Garret "Pay tithing" Spencer "buy things"

24. What do you wish you could go and do with your mom? Spencer "go to the play place" Garret "Go and have fun"

25. What is one thing you hope never changes about your mom? Garret "that she gives us lots of hugs and kisses" Spencer "Stay my Mom"

I am so glad I get to be their Mom! More about Mother's Day and other exciting things soon!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Seven Wonderful Years

Saturday was our Anniversary but we were too busy celebrating Tyler's 30th to celebrate our anniversary (plus if you know us we like to drag on the celebrating!).  I killed some of Tyler's plans (not out of spite or even that they were not good plans)  anyway we ended up going to see the latest movie version of Jane Eyre (Not as good as the 2006 BBC version) and we went out to eat.  It is always nice spending time with just Tyler even if it is nothing fancy.

Seven years!  The time has flown by and yet in some ways it feels like we have always been married- was their really a time before "us"?  We have been through a lot over the last seven years.  We started out in Rexburg as young undergrad students.  We lived in the smallest, cheapest apartment that had the most character.  (seriously it was so small we had to take the table outside to make room for an air mattress on the floor when my parents came--oh and some of the walls were carpeted!).  We lived their for 18 months.  We moved right before Garret was born to a little bigger apartment (there really would have been no room in that first apartment).  We graduated and moved to Colorado Springs where we lived for six months while we waited to hear about dental school.  After that we made the big move to Buffalo New York.  We bought our first home for 48,000 dollars.  We spent two long hot weeks trying to make it livable (and many more hours over the four years we lived there making it our own).  We had no idea in those first hot humid weeks that we would fall so in love with Buffalo, or our neighborhood and the whole experience.  Spencer and Adele were born in Buffalo.  Tyler eventually graduated (there were bumps in the road of course but it was so fun).  We shed lots of tears as we left our little house and headed for Yakima.  Now we have been in Yakima for almost a year.  It's been another year of learning and memory making and moving forward with life.

And now here we are seven years together.  About to move again, about to have another baby---life just keeps rolling on.  These seven years have been the greatest years.  We have enjoyed each other and our family.  We have been all over the country and we now have friends in many states (all of which have played a special role in our history together).  We have learned so much and grown together in so many ways.  Through it all we have remained the best of friends.  We were so in love seven years ago on our wedding day- it was perfect....but I think if we could put our selves now next to ourselves then we would find that our love has grown exponentially.  Steadily we have learned each others quirks, how to make each other smile, what true love and service means.  It's exciting- I love that its not stagnant but ever growing. I can only imagine what our love will be like at our fiftieth!

These last seven years have been full of adventure as I am sure the next years will be.  There is no one I would rather face the future with than Tyler.

Happy Anniversary to us!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

30 Never Looked so Good!

Where to start?....Saturday was Tyler's 30th birthday (and our 7th anniversary but we are celebrating that Monday so more on that later--and no we didn't pick that day so that Tyler would never forget our anniversary--come one if you know Tyler--you know he woudl never forget an anniversary--he's a romantic!).  I have been thinking about Tyler's birthday for months.  I really wanted it to be special for him.  Surprise parties were out (we don't know too many people here). I don't know the area here too well so I just wasn't sure what to do.  Here is what I came up with---

Breakfast of heart shaped biscuits and gravy (this was a safe bet)!

 Then we opened presents. The boys had drawn lots of pictures for Tyler.  he opened them first.  They also got him a football.  They debated a long time at the store and finally all agreed on that.

 I couldn't think of one great big present so I made a poster and wrote out what I hoped the 30's had in store for him and got him gifts to go along with it.  (Ex.  make memories with the family - a book on building tree houses...)  There were lots of little gifts and the end of the sign said something about his 30's being an adventure- and he got to open a gift card to fly an airplane. (I just have to say I got the best deal on this way back in December and was SO excited to see if he would like it- He did).

 When we showed up they said the boys could go along if they wanted to. Garret decided not to (he later regretted his decision) but Spencer went along for the ride and Loved it.

 I guess you could say he "soared" into his 30"s!

Then we hurried home for short naps and then we had to fit in a baseball game. (We always go for Tyler's birthday) This was a struggle too.  There were no baseball games going on.  Luckily Hailed joined a team and so we went to watch her (we had to keep the tradition alive---plus the kids were all so cute and fun to watch).
 Then it was time for dinner and dessert.  Anna and her family came over.  I had all the kids excited about Tyler's trick candles---they were total duds.  Only one or two of them relit. Tyler enjoyed a lemon pie he had been wanting and there was cake and ice cream.  (And another present--Thanks!)

 Then Anna and Marc were kind enough to watch the kids while Tyler and I went golfing.  Yep, I went golfing with him!  It was just 9 holes and luckily not very crowded because it took me a lot of swings to get the ball in.  It was actually really fun and I think it would be more fun if I didn't have to swing around my big belly.
Then we came home and put the kids to bed and decided to keep the celebrating going and we went to a movie.  I could barely stay awake but it was fun going out. 

We crammed in as much as we could into one day.  We had lots of fun ushering in his 30's and I know we will have lots of fun during this decade of his life.  

Happy Birthday Tyler!