Friday, September 30, 2011

Gushing over Garret

Birthday time is here again.  Garret turns 6 on October 4.  In our family we like celebrating on a day close to their birthdays when everyone can be around  (or their actual birthday if everyone can be there) .  So we are celebrating Garret's birthday on Saturday.  I will post about that tomorrow.

Here is a little about Garret at nearly 6-

6 things he is into-
1. Star Wars (he still has never seen the movies and probably won't for a few years but he loves the whole idea of it.)
2. Weapons (This is funny to me only because he is not really a violent kid he just loves playing pretend with them.)
3. School (He loves it SO much)
4. Reading (He loves listening to me read, most recently Narnia and currently Where the Red Fern Grows)
5. The Beach (Everyday he is home he asks if he can go to the beach)
6. Drawing (He loves drawing up the ideas he has in his head).

6 moments that made me proud of him this year-
1. When he came home from school and his eyes lit up as he told me about meeting the kids with special needs and how he wanted to push one of them on the swing.  It was a moment when I knew he understood what things are really important.
2. On Easter he put eggs in Spencer's bag with out anyone asking him too because he had more than Spencer.  There is no doubt that Garret loves his siblings.
3. Garret hiking a mountain to the top. I hope he can climb all the mountains in his life with such enthusiasm
4. Listening to him talk about Church and the Gospel and how much it means to him. I pray he will hold onto that spirit forever.
5. When Garret mastered the monkey bars.  He took a lot of falls first but he stuck with it.
6. Listening to him Read.  I just LOVE it!!!

6 words that describe Garret right now-
1. Emotional (He is very in touch with his emotions and others- 95% of the time this is a Great thing)
2. Thoughtful (He is always thinking about something and has lots of ideas)
3. Excitable (Everyone always knows if Garret is looking forward to something)
4. Determined (He will stick with something if he has his mind set on it)
5. Caring (He is kind and caring to everyone he is around)
6. Rambunctious (This kid can sit still when he needs to but when it's time to play he really plays!)

6 new things he did this year-
1. Started school
2. Moved from Yakima to Olympia
3. Learned to Ride a two wheel bike
4. Fed an Elk
5. Kayaked
6. Shot a blow gun

6 quirky Garret things-
1. He doesn't like string cheese or melted cheese on hamburgers and he doesn't like potatos
 2. He  does a very good impression of the nun on Elf. " But the children love the books"- You will have to hear him!
3. He talks in his sleep.
4. He makes up his own songs and sings while he does lots of different things. 
5. He never goes to the bathroom at school (maybe that's normal but it seems like a long time to me). 
6. He is a Worrier!
Enough categories....

Let me tell you about Garret- He is awesome.  He is a great kid, with a great heart.  He gets excited about life and nervous about new experiences, he wants to do his best on things, he can be loud and crazy one moment and snuggle up the next and quietly listen as I read.  He is full of dreams and hopes for the future.  Sometimes when I am watching and he doesn't know it I am overcome by the fact that "he gets it".  He gets that life is suppose to be embraced, he gets that we are suppose to be there for others, he gets that the most important things in life may not be what everyone else says is most important, he gets that sometimes we have to work very hard for the things we want...He forgets sometimes too, but most of the time he amazes me.  I could not be more proud of the person he is growing into.

I love that tomorrow is all about him.  I hope he enjoys it and that he knows that he has a family that could not love him any  more than we do.  That he is one of the bright shining lights in our lives and that he is a blessing to us all.  I hope that he feels like the special kid that he truly is.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Keepin Busy

A very small glimpse of the way we fill our days-

When Titus isn't cryin he's chillin. I LOVE the converse!

 Spencer is a puzzle man.  It keeps him busy for hours and he doesn't need any help...except with keeping Deli girl away.
 Tower building is always fun...except the crashing usually wakes up baby brother...
 Sometimes when I turn around Titus has acquired new accessories.  Pretty sure the kids think he is their toy to dress up.  Speaking of dressing up Adele really likes wearing his clothes.  I wish I had taken a picture of that!
 The older three love playing Tonka or War. 

 Grandma let us crash her house for a doughnut party! 

 Spencer really wanted to wear his hair like this to church.  I had to be the mean Mom and say NO.
 Playing babies.
 With Garret gone a couple days a week Adele and Spencer have become partners in crime. They played Cowboy/cowgirl all morning one day.

 Adele enjoys mimicking me and "feedin her baby".  It's pretty cute.
 I even went out with my Sister (She is technically my sister in law but really she is my sister) for her birthday and some friends for Shelton.  It was lots of fun.
So there you  have it a picture update!

Friday, September 23, 2011


Today we had our first home intruder ever.  I am serious someone walked in uninvited.  Here is how it happened-

I was switching the laundry and Garret says "Mom there is a little boy in our house".

When I came to the living room a little boy in bare feet with dirty pajamas on backwards was playing with toys.  I looked out the door (which is normally locked and for some reason wasn't), no one was out there.  I  kept looking but I couldn't really walk up and down the street with five kids looking for his parents.  I called the fire department because it is close and they said to call 911.  So while I was one the phone my kids were busily taking things he shouldn't get into and putting them away (this kid was really making himself at home).  I couldn't get him to tell me his name or where he lived.  I tried to get him to point and he wouldn't.

The 911 operator said they would send someone out.  Then they called back a few minutes later and said they had heard from the Mom and she was coming over but not to let her take him until the police showed up ( am I suppose to stop her from taking him?).  Luckily when I said they wanted her to hang around until the police come she was fine with waiting.  She had another baby with her and they both had fun taking out everything I own.

Finally the police showed up and got it all straightened out.  Even though it was an awkward afternoon, I am very glad that this little boy came here and didn't continue wandering on the road.  So many awful things could have happened to him.  At least he was safe at our house.

My kids thought the whole thing was so crazy.  They couldn't understand why he just came in, why he was getting into everything, why he smelled, they had a lot of questions when it was all sorted out...but in the end Garret said to me "we did a really good thing for that little boy."   Spencer said "that was so cool we got to see a police officer with a gun" and the little boys Mom showed Adele all her tattoos and she kept saying "lady has pictures on her arm".    I guess we all came out ahead...and hey we met a new neighbor!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's Hot September 2011 Guide

With Fall quickly approaching I knew everyone out there is wondering what is hot right now.  So I asked the experts and here is what they said-

Glowing swords- they are all the rage and are the perfect activity for a family night.  Another perk they can be found in the dollar section at Target.

The Chronicles of Narnia-  Grab a blanket and a cup of cocoa and enjoy a good book together. 
 Showers-  Bath time is still fun, but the shower is the place to be this Fall.
Work- Handouts are totally last season, this season it's all about doing extra jobs at the dental office to earn the spending money (my boys wanted Nerf gun bullets).

 Pig tails-  If you want to sport the latest hair style be sure you have "piggies".
 Suits-  When Sunday rolls around be sure and sport your nicest suit.
 Brotherly Love-  Need I say more, it's always in season.
 Pocket Knives-  If you haven't got one get one, your eyes will light up (at least Garret's did) but be sure and follow the rules (Garret does).

 Bed Head-  Toss and turn all night and you will wake up looking HOT!
 Hands- The latest things for the 3 month olds!  Provides hours of fun...or at least a good twenty  minutes here and there...we will take what we can get.
 Naps-  Can't get enough of them.

New Friends-  Fall is the perfect time for making new friends!  We have spent a lot of our nights getting to know new families.  I can just see our kids growing up together!

 Baking-  One of the greatest Fall activities. Just 
don't step on the scale.

 Oranges- Apparently matching clothes means everything is the same color.  At least that is what it means around here if you ask Spencer to grab clothes for Adele.
 Shades- Keeps the sun out of your eyes...wait a second...who found this model?
 Bus rides- One of the greatest ways to pass a few minutes after school- just ask Garret!
There you have it- now we can all get ready for Fall 2011!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Some people always tell the same story, others like to use the same analogy for everything- for me it's books. 

Garret started Kindergarten today (I'll tell you the details in a minute).  I have known this was coming (luckily he is one of the oldest in his class so I got a little extra time to think about it).  Even knowing it was coming I wasn't ready for it.  I was told I would be ready to send him off.  I wasn't.  I love having him around.  He is a great helper and his siblings adore him- plus he is my baby and even when he is not on his best behavior I love being there to help him through it.  So, it's safe to say I was not counting down for the big day.  I wasn't really dreading it, I know he is a good well behaved kid so I didn't worry about  him getting into trouble, I know academically he is either ahead or up to par with the other kids so I wasn't worried about that. 

Here is where the book analogy comes in- I just hated that for him to start this chapter it meant the last chapter was ending.  I love watching him grow and experience new things.  I am his fan through and through, right there cheering him on as he grows and tries new things- but with each new chapter, I feel a deep down pain knowing that never again will we enjoy the one before.

Having Garret at home day in and day out for nearly 6 years has been a wonderful chapter of my life and his as well.  This is where my book example doesn't work because in a book you can read your favorite chapters over and over but in life I can never experience Garret at 1 again, or relive his first steps, I can never again enjoy his baby voice or marvel as he learns to counts.  There will be new and exciting wonderful moments but the bittersweet feeling comes from knowing that this last chapter has ended.  

I am very grateful that I have had the last six years to spent at home with him, I am grateful that I have enjoyed them.  I don't feel regrets about his first few years.  I look back at them knowing I soaked them in all I could.  I just loved those years so much and I love Garret and that is why a part of my heart went to Griffin today and why I felt like I was missing something all day.

Now about this new chapter of his life- I am thrilled for him. I loved school and know he will too.  I have been so pleased with his school so far and I am sure he will have priceless memories there.  I know this chapter is going to be a great one! 

Enough of all that- here is how the day went for Garret-

A few weeks ago he didn't want to go but we went to a lot of school functions before school started and pretty soon he was eagerly awaiting his first day.  This morning he woke up excited and picked out his Star Wars shirt to wear.  We snapped a pic of him and his backpack- he is such a good looking little guy!

 Then he started hugging everyone!  He told Spencer he would miss him and bring him something back and that they would play when he got home.  (Spence has had a hard time (last night he was screaming "I don't want anyone from our family to go to school, not Titus, not Deli, not Garret NO ONE", but in the end he said "I didn't miss him too much"- whatever you say Spencer, they were sure happy to see each other by the end of the day though).
 Titus missed Garret!  Garret is so kind and gentle with him and loves making him smile.  I think there is a good chance Garret will be Titus's idol as they grow.
 Adele didn't even stop flossing her teeth for the picture but she was the first to burst into tears when we dropped him off.
 I played it tough for all the kids benefit but inside I was mush.  I sure love my boy!
 We all know Tyler is mush.  He fought back a few tears on the drive as we talked about how fast they are growing up.
 Garret held my hand awfully tight as we walked in.  I snapped a pic as soon as we got to the classroom.  He is a little unsure.  But then a second later he spotted a friend from church and everything was better.
 By the end of the day his friend from church (the boy at his table) was his best friend.  They played together all day and in the words of Garret "you never know he might be my best friend my whole life".  Maybe he will!
He was happy to see us when we picked him up.  He is ready to go back and loves it so much.  He said "I wish I could go tomorrow too".  I said "I am kind of glad I get to play with you tomorrow".  He paused then said "when I said I loved school and wanted to be there it doesn't mean I don't want to be with you, you all will always be my favorite people. School was just better then even I thought it would be." 

He loved everything about school and I am so glad.  Hooray!  Day one was a success!  I loved the last chapter of his life and I know we will love this one too.  Great job today Garret! 

And Luckily for me Garret is so in tune with people's emotions.  All evening he was not really clingy but he would come over and hug me and then come over and snuggle up on my lap.  He is a sweetheart!

It's official I have a school age child.  How did that happen?!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Real Mountain for Garret

My baby boy Garret went hiking with Tyler and Dan today.  It was no little stroll this was serious hiking.  They went up altitude a couple thousand feet it was steep.  He did awesome.  I guess he didn't complain, he just kept going and in his own words "it was way more fun than even I thought it would be". 

 He is one tough little guy!  I guess he got a lot of attention from other hikers that could not believe he made it to the top. They kept on giving him high fives and one lady even said that he inspired her to keep going.
 He said "it was fun spending time just me and two grown-ups".

 I guess he had to hold on pretty tight on the snow so he didn't slide down.
He was so excited to tell us all about it when he got home.  He was very nice to Spencer too telling him maybe next year he could come.  By late afternoon his legs were sore (as they should be) but he said "I am still glad I went but I  hope they stop hurting soon."