Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pre-Halloween (and lots of other randomness)

We have been in our house for a total of two weeks.  Moving makes life busy so I had mentally prepared myself to skip over Halloween this year and hopefully have it together by Thanksgiving.  Apparently that is not an option so in between mowing lawns, water filters, furnace maintenance (etc) we snuck in some Halloween fun and some everyday life.

We decorated cookies with friends Monday night.  (FYI- that light will be going once we get around to it!)

 Spencer and Titus are buddies and Spencer is always asking me to take their picture together.  I thought I better post one.  I hope they stay buddies forever.
 I tried talking everyone into painting pumpkins this year (I know I am not normally such a poor sport).  Don't worry no one went for it.  In the end it was totally worth it.  They loved it.  And they loved their Jack O lanterned shaped pizza that we had before we got started.

 I found myself sneaking into Adele's room a lot this week.  I peek in at her normally but sometimes when I find her to be, shall we say, challenging, I go in more often.  Something about a sleeping baby reminds me why it's all worth it.  (Please don't think that there is anything wrong with Adele, she is one of the most adorable two year olds ever and we could not possibly love her anymore.  She just keeps us busy! This week an extra lot.)
 At Garret's school they recognize kids for "quality work". Garret was one of the kids recognized from his class.  I took the younger three to go watch him and they were perfect and so proud of their big brother. We are all so proud of what a great job he is doing in school.

 All year I had been thinking of great family themed costumes for the us to wear.  I figured since they are all little it wouldn't take any convincing.  Then we moved and I was WAY to busy to make any costumes.  I decided I would be lame and just have them wear something from the dress-up box. 

I do love making my kids happy so at the last minute I looked on-line for Star Wars costumes (no I am not really a fan and this was not my clever idea for a family theme).  I found ones already marked down and coupon codes.  It seemed like a decent deal so I ordered them.  They were thrilled.  (and considering home many times I have been asked if they can wear them to bed....I think they will be well used.)

 Princess Leia, Baby Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo!

 Tyler and I couldn't resist going along with the theme.  So for the church party we wore black and wrote the opening lines across us.   We got a lot of "oh, now I get what you are" comments. 
 The Church party was lots of fun.  The kids costumes were a hit and it was fun seeing our friends.
On a different note. I went to grab my camera and take pictures of Titus when he woke up the other day.  He was so happy.  When I came back Spencer was so proud of the fact that he saw and heard some action while I was away.  Having a baby around never gets old.

 Whenever we have a spare minute we work on the house and whenever the sun shines we work outside.  The kids help whenever they can.  They were pulling weeds for us and didn't want to stop playing with their kittens so they all put them in their hoods.

 Spencer and I tried testing the limits of the front carrier (just for fun of course, as if I would actually lug that kid around, Titus about breaks my back).  He said it was pretty comfortable.

The school put on a Fall Festival so we went.  It was too crowded for our taste but still fun and we like supporting his school.  They had lots of little things for the kids to do.  I'm pretty sure that everyone that saw Adele commented on her cute little wig.  Titus was also a big hit.  Who doesn't love baby Chewy.  Spencer was sure to correct people if they called Titus an Ewok.  It's amazing what they know about Star Wars, considering they have NEVER seen it!  Once again they loaded up on candy and we haven't even done the "real" thing yet. Now I am going to have to try and loose baby weight and Halloween weight- Yikes!

We never made it to a pumpkin patch this year but I think we still fit quite a bit in considering all we have had going on.  The kids are happy so we are!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

4 Months and 2 years

Adele and Titus had Doctor's visits yesterday.

Titus weighed 19 and a half pounds (above the 95th percentile) and was 27 and a half inches long (above the 95th percentile).  He is a healthy little guy.  He did awesome for shots.  He won't take a bottle for the life of him but he seemed to like the oral vaccine and did great for his two shots.

I was pretty worried about Adele.  She is feisty and I thought the doctor office might bring out some of that.  She did awesome.  She sat perfectly still while they looked in her ears and eyes.  She stood on the scale and she didn't even cry when they gave her her shots.  She is a big girl she weighs 31.8 pounds (93 percentile) and she was 35 inches tall (77th percentile).

Speaking of Adele while writing this she just said "I went potty like the boys". I went to see what she was talking about and she showed me a puddle of pee right outside my front door.  What am I going to do with her?!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Aunt Marianne

Most of my Mom's family lives in Utah.  We never lived there but used to make a yearly trip to visit our relatives down there.  Once I left home I went a few times but we were so busy with school and too broke to fly there so we haven't made it very often.  I really enjoy visiting with family.  I think that no matter how long it's been just the fact that we are family makes us gravitate towards each other and enjoy one another.  Plus we all share wonderful childhood memories together.  Tyler and I hope to make a trip to Utah sometime soon.  All that is beside the point.  The real point is this- my Aunt Marianne was visiting and she spent an evening with us.  I am sure I would enjoy visiting with her no matter what- but it was extra fun because she has a blog and obviously I do as well so we have been able to keep up with each other over the last couple of years.

 It was raining but that didn't stop my kids from showing off their kittens or bike riding skills!  They might survive in Western Washington after all.
One of the funniest moments of the night occurred when I told Spencer we would probably get a rug for the living room at some point.  He burst into tears and cried off and on for the rest of the evening.  Even after I explained that the rug would not cover the entire floor.  He doesn't want to give up any of his good sliding floor to a rug- classic!

We didn't get to spend tons of time together (next visit) but we enjoyed the evening and the fact she fit us into her trip meant a lot to us.  Hopefully it will not be as many years before we see her again! Thanks for the visit Aunt Marianne!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


This little chub-bub has two teeth now. He got them when he was 4 months and 6 days old.  I really feel bad for him.  I have been so busy with buying the house and the move that I haven't taken enough pictures of him.  He really is a cutie. He has the greatest dimples in his cheeks when he smiles and he has really started giggling. 

***Note to self---Take pictures of Titus soon!


We have lots of mole holes on our property (A LOT).  We decided that some barn cats would be a good investment.  But we wanted to get them as kittens for the kids to enjoy.  A couple days after moving here we started looking on craigslist for kittens.  Most of the kittens were indoor kittens and we didn't want indoor kittens, one day we found an ad for kittens raised outside. 

Tyler went to get them but could not go until late at night.  We had planned to have the kids pick out there own but we didn't want to risk someone else taking them.  So, they slept in a box in the laundry room the first night.  The kids did not know we were getting them that night.

We woke up the next morning to Adele saying "whats that noise" over and over again.  I didn't want her to see them before the boys so I ran in their room and yelled "quick get out of bed I hear something".  They flew out of bed ran down the stairs and Tyler said "I think it's coming from that box". They all peaked in together and their reactions were priceless.  They were shaking with excitement and Garret burst into tears. He ran over and hugged me and through his tears said "Thank you Mom".

We let them each name one.  Garret picked up the grey kitty and said "I'm gonna name him Old Dan and teach him to hunt" (we recently red Where the Red Fern Grows) We said that they might get confused since we have an Uncle Dan so he named him Smoky (but is still going to train him).  Spencer named the orange kitten Tiger. And Adele named the Black one Lala.

They run around outside during the day and sleep in the garage at night.  The kids love them and they are the BEST kittens.  They let the kids push them on dump trucks, give them piggy back rides, carry them upside down (Adele is trying hard to be nice).  They never scratch or run away.

The first day Adele's kitten went behind a chair. She said "oh oh oh it wants to play hide and seek.  1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 I gonna find you". 

Spencer loves having me take pictures of everything his kitten does.  He puts flowers by and asks me to take a picture because it is "so cute".  He puts it in the trees, on the fence everywhere.  He has been around me a lot I can tell because he says "I always want to remember my little Tiger when he was still little, someday he will be a big cat".

 Adele loves them so much she doesn't even want to come in to blow her nose!  Nasty!

We are enjoying our kittens and I am enjoying watching the kids with them.

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Quick Update (Sorry No Pics)

I promise to get my desktop hooked up soon so I can put up pictures (I usually always blog from there because my pictures are all organized on that).

We moved again!  It was crazy.  We were only moving a couple miles so we just made lots of trips back and forth.  Thanks to those that helped it go so smoothly.

Let me back up and tell you how this latest move came about.  Tyler and I love looking at house.  We are always talking about what we want in our house someday and watching the market.  When we moved here we looked just for fun a few times.  One night I saw one that looked pretty good especially considering the price (it was banked owned).  My brother Dan was over and I showed him some of the houses I had been looking at for fun (just for fun because we were not planning on buying until we had been at the current job for longer).  Everyone liked the house I showed them so we decided just for fun to drive by it.  We drove in and loved the property.  There was a big barn, a small guest house, a garage, circle drive-way, the house, a trail to the water.  It felt like it's own little world, like a great place for the kids to play.  Then we decided that just for fun we would get a realtor to let us in and see the inside.  We did and the house was better then we thought it would be from the pictures.  It was not 100% what we had always talked about but it was pretty close so we then had to make a choice try to buy it or wait since it wasn't the plan.  As the last couple months have shown life doesn't always go the way we planned so we decided to think and pray about it.

We felt good about it and came back to see it several times.  So we applied for the loan and everything just came together really quickly.  We closed in 45 days and it would have been sooner but the bank did a couple repairs on the house for us.  We got out of our rental and moved in.  We have a few projects we have to do and a lot we want to do.  The kids are so in love with the place.  Tyler and I love it (minus the fact that there is no bathtub- but Ill get over it).  My big problem is I have all these ideas of things I want to do to make it even more perfect and I have to pace myself.  It's fun, having a big project to work on ourselves and make our own.  I like getting the kids involved.  We are going to try and take one room at a time and spend about two months on it making it the nicest we can.  (I have to have a plan so I don't get carried away).  I will try to put up before and after pictures for everyone.

Lots has been happening around here.  I will put house/property pics up soon (we have 5.25 acres) and fill you in on the other exciting things going on, but hopefully that will suffice for now.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Number 7

No we are not adding a seventh member to our family....We are about to make our seventh move.  So if you don't hear anything from us for a few days it's because I am putting all my stuff back in boxes, changing addresses, and struggling to keep my sanity.

House details to come....

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm a Mormon

Our Church set up a website where we can post a little about ourselves and why we believe what we believe.  Tyler and I both set ours up so we decided to share!

We are so grateful for our religion and the role it plays in our lives.  There was so much that could be said, it was hard to summarize such a huge thing but fun to try.

Click here for my profile.

Click here for Tyler's profile.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Reading Together

The boys are really loving being read to.  We get up early and read a few chapters before Tyler goes to work.  There are some books he doesn't care if we read while he is gone but others he wants to hear and help read so we have to wait til he is home!  It's lots of fun sharing good books together.

We have just a couple of chapters left of Where the Red Fern Grows.  Everyone should read it.  It is so good.  The story is good and a fun adventure for the kids and the message is SO SO SO good.  While I am reading I keep stopping and talking to the kids about it because I want them to get all they can out of it.  I love that the little boy works for 2 years to get his dogs- I hope my kids could be that patient and work that hard for something.  I love that he prays and has a relationship with God.  I love that he is emotional and appreciative of all he has.  I love how much he cares about his family and dogs.  We have just a little left and I know it is the sad part...I am not sure how we are going to get through it, we have already cried and it's not even sad yet.  Seriously it's a good, good book.

***Update*** We finished this morning and it went something like this.  Tyler started crying while reading, then we look over and Garret is crying, he crawls up on Tyler's lap and continues to cry, the book is handed to me.  I start reading and suddenly Spencer starts crying and repetitively saying "I do not like this book".  When we finally finished everyone was crying.  We calmed them down and they confessed they liked the book but didn't like the ending.  Still a good book- but definitely gets you in the end.

I guess one good thing about the rainy season that is about to be upon us is more time to share good books!

Hailey and her family!

We spent a couple days back in Yakima and had a great time.  Hailey was having a birthday party that I was lucky enough to get to help with and she had her baptism which was very very special to attend.

 She had 7 friends over for her party and Anna and I helped them decorate cupcakes.  I had to remind myself it was just for fun and not worry too much how they turned out.  Surprisingly they all thought the cupcakes were beautiful.  Then the boys saw them and I overheard them saying "wow, they did so good".  Awe, to have 8 year old eyes!

 Saturday morning we watched Kyle play football.  How cute are they in their little uniforms and pads!
 Saturday afternoon I pretended to be a photographer (a new camera is on my "someday" list!)

Hailey- The beautiful, spunky, social 8 year old.
 Nichole- The sassy, smiley, cute as can be kindergartner!

Kyle- The athletic, tough and yet so kind 10 year old (double digits- so old).
 Katie- dimples in cheeks, make you laugh kindergartner!
Lydie- Independent, baby of the bunch almost 18 month old!
 Anna and Marc- My brother and sister and great friends.
 I love these kids!
 A beautiful family!

It was so fun seeing them all again!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our NOT so terrible Two Year Old

We celebrated Adele's two year old birthday today! 

Tyler and I made her cake very very late last night (he had meetings and wasn't home until after 11).  Apparently we do better when we start earlier!  We decided to do a funny face since anyone that knows Adele knows she is always making faces. 

 She loved it.  When she saw it she said "oh, a funny face" and then mimicked it.  Her day was already off to a good start.
 Then we opened presents.  She knew just what to do and enjoyed each and every gift.  Her face may look like she doesn't but that's just our silly Adele.
 She picked cereal for breakfast (which I was thankful for since I had to have all the morning stuff done and everyone ready to be out the door by 7:30). We also had chocolate milk with straws.
 We dropped Tyler off at work and Garret off at school then went to Grandma's house.  I wanted something fun for her to do so she made cookies with Grandma and played with Ridge.  She had lots of fun.

 The cookies were BEAUTIFUL!  They had LOTS of sprinkles and tasted really good.  Anyone that has had my Mom's sugar cookies knows hers are the best!
 She wanted to hold the plate of cookies on the way home.  The whole way she kept saying "I breaking them Mommy", it was her birthday so what are few broken cookies. 

We had a lunch of corn dogs then a nice long nap. Then it was time to go get Tyler.  We got him then headed to the store.

She liked everything and had a hard time deciding. She kept going back to this dog play dough thing.  So in the end that was her pick!
 Then we went to eat at this "bear" restaurant.  It was the perfect pick. There was bear decor all over and she kept saying (a little too loud) "OH a Bear" every time she saw one. When the waiter came she said to him "it's my birthday today, I two".  She is pretty cute and the next thing you know he is back with a stuffed bear and tells her she can have any dessert she wants!

 When we got home we were all feeling the effects of our huge dinner so we put our pajamas on and watched Adele's new movie "Tangled".  She watched it with her new baby that she named Em-o-ly.  (She came up with the name all by herself and makes sure we all pronounce it properly!).
 Finally, we did her cake.  She blew those candles out like an old-pro! 
Then we said she needed to go through the spanking machine. She started to cry and say "no spanking machine, no pinch to grow an inch" so in true Deli form she got out of it! (next year we won't let her off so easy.)

Then it was off to bed.  She was a very happy girl and had a wonderful day.  The rest of us had a wonderful day making it fun for her.  We love you Deli-girl!!!