Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011's Final Chapter

We finished off our very crazy year with a fairly uneventful week.  We played with new toys.  Garret used to want us to build his Lego sets for him and he now builds his own.  It's fun watching.  He will spend an entire day working on a big set and need no help or very little.  He told me he hopes he gets a new one to put together next Christmas. (he has a while to wait).

 Adele and Spencer spent and entire afternoon using boxes as boats while they waited to see what Garret was making.

 Sometime during the last week I decided to take a pregnancy test.  Just to be sure and ease my mind.  Anyway, it was negative of course.  I brought it to Tyler though and gave him a good scare.  I only wish I had set the camera up somewhere first so I could tape his reaction.  You could see panic written across his face.  He quickly regained his composure and said it would be great.  It was such a funny trick!

One night I was feeling ambitious and fed Titus a few bites of rice cereal.  He did pretty well with it.  I think I might start feeding him a little more.

 We don't have a bathtub and babies are messy eaters.  We cleaned out the big sink in the laundry room really well and it made a really great tub for him especially since he sits up already.
 When New Year's rolled around we invited a couple friends over that had no plans and we welcomed 2012 together.  We opted against a big party since we knew we would be putting babies to sleep all over. 
 Tyler picked up a few small fireworks for the kids.  They thought they were great.
 We spent the first couple hours doing family/kid games.  Then we did a kid countdown around 8:30 and put all the kids to bed.  They did surprisingly well.  I thought we might have one kid after another up but once they were down we had hours of time for the adults.

As you can see the kid games were pretty silly.  My kids love it when we are silly with them.  They woke up saying it was the best party and it was a great time.

2011 was a strange year, there were days and weeks that drug on and others that flew by.  A LOT happened this year. I don't know what the future holds for us but we are happy with where we are and the things we learned this year.  I think this year could have been a year that tore us apart and we are happy to say it did not. We are truly blessed.

I am excited for 2012.  I hope it is a little less tumultuous then last year but "come what may".  I have goals (maybe I'll post them soon) and dreams for this year.  I plan to strive for them but as the last year told us life doesn't always work out the way we plan, but it does work out and I am so very blessed to have the things that matter most. 

Welcome 2012!!!

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jean michels said...

Oh my goodness, how I love to read your blog. I am a big fan. I love you, Jean Michels
"Happy New Year"