Monday, January 2, 2012

28 & 2012

Well, it's a New Year and like always, when the New Year rolls around it means I am just about to move up in numbers.  Today I hit 28.  It's been a pretty quite day but a good one.  Tyler and I went out to lunch and the rest of the day was spent as a family.  I enjoy quite days with the family so I couldn't ask for more.

I think birthday's and New Years are both great times to sit down and reflect on life and goals.  I am a goal setter.  I think it might drive Tyler a little nuts but he puts up with me pretty well!  He said today and I quote "you have goals to set goals, then goals to keep goals".  It's in my blood, I can't go without a plan and I always analyze things so I am constantly asking questions like "are the kids getting enough attention", "am I reading my scriptures enough", "do we have a five year plan financially" etc....  Although I wish I could ignore the urge sometimes, I really am grateful to be a goal setter and for the most part think looking at things analytically on a regular basis has really helped me.

Without further ado, here are a few of my 2012 goals (some goals are personal and will not be published...).

*Read at least 52 books (this was my goal last year too and I met it pretty easily and enjoyed it.  I read a little of everything).

*Listen more intently when my children are talking to me  (I am sometimes guilty of multi-tasking and listening without really listening).

* Projects on the house- 3-4 rooms finished the way we want them, chicken coop built, garden in and tree house built (the kids won't let us forget that one!).

*Get healthier-  I have a weight goal, this baby four weight has been hanging on way to long.

*Spend more time each day drawing closer to the Lord.

Like I said there are more but there is a look at a few of the way I am hoping to improve/challenge myself this year.

Tyler and I also came up with 12 challenges- one for each month.  We will see if we ever get started on them but if we do they will be fun.  I have them written down somewhere but they are things like a meatless month ( I have always wanted to try more vegetarian meals and I think that would be an interesting challenge), made in America month (see if we could go a whole month buying only things made in America....we are dragging our feet a little but it could be fun if it happens.

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