Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dog Jaw

Tyler came home from work the other day and told me this story.  ( I thought it was a fun one).

Tyler was at work like any other day.  His patient was an older lady.  He went in to talk to her about the teeth she needed extracted.  When he sat down with her she said that her surgeon needed to operate on her "dog jaw" so she might not be able to have the teeth extracted.

She was very serious about it so even though Tyler had never heard of "dog jaw" he took her seriously.  He assumed it was a street name for some other disorder.  The patient went on to explain how it's called "dog jaw" because its a problem some dogs get, that she was loosing bone in her jaw and was going to have some grafted from her hip.  Tyler agreed to talk to her surgeon before moving on with the dental work.  Then she said come feel you can even feel the bone loss.

So Tyler went to feel her jaw.  She quickly turned and pretended to bite him while barking like a dog.  Tyler was so surprised and shocked he jumped and screamed.  The lady thought it was so funny- as did Tyler when his heart stopped racing.

I only wish she had video taped it so I could have witnessed it- it may be Tyler's only encounter with "dog jaw".


Stephanie said...

So was the lady crazy or was she just playing a trick on him?

Bennett Family said...

That is hilarious!! AND in his defense....there are some folks who really come up with some doozies and you don't want to talk to them like they are crazy. Wish I could have seen that one!!

Marianne Thayne said...

I laughed right out loud!

Alicia said...

That is so funny!!! My friends and I used to do those things to each other in Jr. High, like "Oh, I have this extra bone in my neck that the doctor told me only wolves have, it's weird...feel it..." and then bark at them when they try to touch it. It is like 100 times funnier that it was an old lady and that she did it to an actual DENTIST! So funny.