Saturday, February 25, 2012

Angel Dresses

If you haven't read the book "The Hiding Place" you should.  It's a great book and a few of us friends just read it.  I think we all agreed it was inspiring.  To go through such a dark thing as the Holocaust and come out of faithful and strong is amazing.  Could I be so strong?  Could I stay faithful?  Honestly I hope I never have to find out...however I believe it was easier for her to remain faithful and strong because she had such a strong foundation going in.  I hope my foundation is never tested the way hers was, but I would like to take any opportunity I can to build my foundation.

In an effort to look beyond our own lives and personal trials we decided to do a service project at our girls night.  I feel very blessed to be acquainted with "sisters" that are so willing to use their time for good, to reach outside themselves, to enjoy service and to be such great examples of love.

We made "Angel Dresses" together.  They are tiny little dresses that are put on babies that are born to early and do not survive.  The babies are cleaned and put in the dresses for Mothers to hold them in.  Then they can take the dresses home and have something tangible to remember their babies.  It was a bitter sweet project (we wanted to make them but hope there are few chances for them to be used), but we all liked feeling like we might in a very small way send our love to someone going through a hard time.

I think they turned out so well.  Thanks for a great night!


kandis said...

what a great way to serve. these will touch someone for good, for sure!

Your hair is SO short! I haven't seen it that way in a long time, if ever. cute!

Debbie said...

They look like they turned out really cute. Can't wait to see them in real life.
What a fun group of girls!

Love, Mom

Jenni said...

what a neat way to serve and help. We read that in our book club and I too was so amazed by the faith of the sisters in that book. I wish we would have done something like this.