Sunday, February 19, 2012


I flew to DC to visit my sister.  I took Titus with me (he is still very attached).  We were dreading the flights there.  The first flight went smooth enough, then we had a brief layover and Titus was starting to get burnt out with traveling going into our second flight.  We had assigned seats so my fingers were crossed I would not end up with a "baby hater". 

Turns out I was assigned a seat next to a hero (literally).  Our flight was filled with soldiers about to ship off to war.  The pilot welcomed them and everyone clapped!

The lady that sat next to me was AMAZING.  We talked for nearly all four hours.  We talked about war and life and Titus.  She held him and played with him.  He was obsessed with the flag on her sleeve.  She didn't deny being nervous about being away for so long, but she didn't seem to be sad to go at all.  She had kids in the military as well.  I asked her if that made her nervous (the idea of my kids being in the army scares me).  She said "no" and that she would be afraid if they were doing drugs or living recklessly but that she would never be scared as long they were doing good things that they believed in.  I could go on and on about the conversation we shared- it left an impression on me.  I felt grateful for where I live (sometimes it's easy to see only it's flaws) and I felt very grateful to the people that have and are keeping it safe.  I also was reminded that us back home need to do our part to keep this country great, it's the least we can do to honor the sacrifices others are making on our behalf.

 At the end of the flight, this good woman said that Titus could have the flag from her uniform (when they go over seas they switch to a camouflage colored flag).  She said Titus was the reason they did it all. And that she would think of him if she ever needed to be reminded.  And I will think of her when I see a flag or hear about heroes.  I told her I would give her a medal for all her help on the plane with Titus if there was such a thing!

I don't know if we will ever meet again (in this life at least).  But it was a great few hours.  I am truly thankful for the people that have and continue to made this country great- I hope that even though I am not a soldier in a uniform that I can still be a citizen willing to make the sacrifices necessary to keep this country great. 

I loved having watching someone enjoy Titus (don't get me wrong we all enjoy him but he was singled out this trip and that was special). I love when my life intersects with others and connections are made.  Airplane rides seem to be the perfect setting for this.  If only I could say all my flights went so well....!!!


Rachel said...

Wow. What a great experience!

kristenita said...

I have gained SUCH a deep love & respect for all of our troops while being stationed with the Marines here. It is inspiring - what they do & how their families carry on while they are deployed. Many die every day & it's jut never talked about back here at home!!! And they are so willing to go because they believe in what they're doing. It really is amazing. So glad you had that neat experience on the plane with that woman.