Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More March

We won our volleyball league. It was a SWEET victory.  Team Hama Hama (that's us) were great sports....however, not all teams followed our carefree example.  Sadly we lost to one of the "grumpier" teams, but since it was double elimination we faced them again for the championship. Let's just say we brought our A game and it felt great!  I am sad it's over.

 But if it has to end- at least we brought the t-shirts home with us!
 In other news- I am utterly confused about our future.  Every stop along our route has been leading us  here. Truthfully our dreams were simple. This was where we wanted to be- near family, great school, in the country.  Figuring out what's next has been challenging.  Luckily we do have options (some of them are very exciting- just different)- so we shouldn't be homeless or unemployed (at least not for long, if at all).

Titus loves his "sinkies" so I snapped a couple pics of the little cutie.

Garret loves Titus (we all do).  I overheard Garret talking to Titus and he referred to himself as "Gary".  I asked him about it and he said "I can be Titus's big brother Gary if he wants me to be".  I must confess my big worry when naming Garret was that people would call him Gary.  I did tell Garret once if he ever wanted to go Gary it was his choice.  At the time he said he didn't ever want to be anything but Garret.  Maybe things have changed we will see.

We spent an afternoon in Seattle at the temple.  We had a nice time and stopped for ice cream on the way home  It was Titus's first. Mom joined us which was so nice of her.

Garret has been telling us about the "leprechaun"that has been messing up his classroom.  (let me just say, I think it is hilarious that schools can't say Christmas but they can do whatever they want with holidays like St. Patricks day). Garret was having lots of fun with the idea of catching a leprechaun.  He said if he got the pot of gold "I would keep enough for my bow and arrow but you can have the rest so we can keep the house".  I don't think he completely understands why we were moving but his thoughtfulness was sweet.

Tyler helped them with a trap and guess what they didn't catch a leprechaun but they did catch some treats and a jar of pickles.  They thought this was so funny and GROSS.

 In honor of good old St. Patty's day we wore green and ate corn beef and cabbage. And set more traps!

 I was on the phone the other day telling a friend what a little blob Titus was. How he was the cutest thing and in no hurry to move (which I was ok with).  I swear he looked at me and decided then and there he would "show me".  He isn't exactly hands and knees crawling but he doesn't qualify as a little blob anymore!

Adele discovered how to scream like a banshee.  It's ridiculously loud and high pitched.  After one episode of screaming, I waited for her to stop.  I said "are you done now?" she said "I'm all done, I really don't like having to scream at you like that".  She is normally pretty good natured but when she thinks the cause is worthy she can really rattle the house.
 Garret was assigned the task of creating a contraption to protect an egg when dropped. Tyler was out of town when it was time to build.  So we did foam with rubber bands around it.  I thought it was SO ugly- but it worked and he LOVED it.  I let him decorate it.  I left for a second and came back and he had put his phone number on it- so if it got lost it could be returned.
 Spring is here and apparently with Spring comes mud, lots of mud!  They love it and so do I (as long as they don't come in and out, in and out, in and out!)
Only a little more March left (I am sure it will be more days filled with mud, decisions and family) then on to April!

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