Thursday, March 1, 2012

Titus Pictures

Someday Titus is going to ask me why there are not many baby pictures of him.  I feel bad because it's not even "fourth child" syndrome that has kept me from taking pictures.  I haven't taken many of anyone, I think it is just because life has been so crazy since Titus was born.  I was feeling remorseful about my lack of Titus pictures so I tried to capture a few of him ( his siblings sneaked in a couple).  It by no means makes up for the months of few pictures but they are still cute!

Titus has been enjoying eating!
 When he first wakes up he is SO happy!
 Titus has the smelliest belly button ever (I haven't actually smelled many but I can't imagine many worse).  I think its because it's so deep and tight.  It's really gross.
 We have had someone sick at house for the last month- first pink eye, then a cold/flu, followed by diarrhea and now the kids are taking turns throwing up.  Needless to say we have had a few pajama days around here.
 But Daddy livens things up and keeps us from laying around dwelling on our miseries!
 In case you are wondering why Garret has socks on his jammies (I asked the same thing), he likes wearing them because they are "boots" and he is a spy!

 Alright, back to Titus....
 The kids thought it was so funny that he sneezed when I took a picture that I just had to put it on the blog.  I love how the kids think everything he does is "the cutest". 
 If you look under his eyebrow he has a birthmark.  It is fairly light but I think it's cute and hope it sticks around.
 He has been stuck at 7 teeth for a while now.  Number 8 just can't seem to break through...lucky us- we have been enjoying a drooly- hands in his mouth baby for a long time!
 He bites my shoulder when I hold him facing  towards me.  Then he smiles at me.  I am not sure what to do about it.  Wear thick clothes I guess.
His favorite sounds to make are "bababa" and "dadada", but he has lots of other sounds he can make.
 He gets so excited when any of us talk to him.  He flashes the cutest little grin at us.

We all think he has his own look....but looks an awful lot like Spencer. 


 Titus is getting closer to crawling but I think it could still be a while.  He is a rather spoiled baby and if he squawks he either gets picks up or someone brings him a toy (there are perks to  being number 4).
 He is the best little sleeper.  Long Long naps and a solid 12 hour stretch at night!
We love Titus (aka TyTy).  Sometimes when I hold him I try to tell my brain to memorize the moment. I wish it were that easy.  I wish I could always remember every detail of his babyness.  Since I can't I am going to try and do a better job of taking pictures of him and all of them. 

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Grandma said...

Finally got around to looking at these cute pictures of TyTy and all the kids!!!! So adorable.... Miss them all so much!!!