Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Work Party

My Grandpa is an avid gardener.  His health is not what is used to be. In an effort to help him continue gardening, the family that could got together and put together a raised bed garden for him.  It was such a great thing on so many levels.

We got to help Grandpa.  We love him and can't imagine going to his house and not eating fresh fruit and vegetables!  We love how hard he works at his hobby and are so glad he will be able to continue it.

 We loved getting together with family.  Leah and her family were there, Daniel and his family, Aunts, Uncles and cousins all gathered together.  Some of the family even brought friends to help.
 We think working hard is one of the most important things our kids can learn.  I know they did a lot of soda sippin, but they also worked hard and felt good about what they did.
 They had such a great day and it was great because they were doing a good thing with a good attitude.
 The kids mixed in lots of fun with the working.  Wheelbarrow rides, good food eating, log teeter-totters and outdoor adventures!
A couple days after the work party I was going to have a couple people over.  Spencer said "it will be fun to have them over...but I wish we could have another work party".

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Grandma said...

Love the pictures of everyone working hard!!!!!