Friday, April 20, 2012

A Day in Portland

I have a friend named Ashlee!  She is great, she really is.  We were roommates for two years at BYU-Idaho.  We share this special part of our lives together.  There are so many things that I can say that make her laugh (and she has a great laugh)- like corn, "mad,mad,mad,mad", wax, spades.  Things that mean nothing to anyone else but to us.  She was there through all of Tyler and I's dating years.  She knows the ups and downs of it all.  She used to play cards with us every night.  She and I share memories of crazy roommates, my long night in the bathroom and so many other things.  

Our lives have moved on since the days at Royal Crest and La Jolla apartments.  We are both married with kids now.  I have lived all over the countries- so has she (unfortunately not in the same place).  When I heard that my dear friend was going to be in Portland, a mere two hours away, we knew we had to go see this old comrade of mine.  So off we went.  

It has been five years since we met up last.  I am happy to say she is still as delightful as ever and even though we only visited for a couple hours we had a great time.  I have a handful of friends that I feel like no matter how long it has been we are able to sit and visit and truly care about each other.  I am grateful for these people.  Good friends are such a blessing.

Titus was good enough to show off his new tricks for Ashlee.  He clapped and blew kisses.  I love it when he performs!
Ashlee got married a year after me and when I went to her wedding I was very pregnant with Garret.  Ashlee who was in the midst of wedding planning took the time to make a blanket for my baby.  Turns out that blanket was the one he fell in love with and to this day he keeps it in his bed.  When I told him we were going to go see the person who made his blanket we decided to take a picture of her and him together.
It was such a nice morning.  But lucky for us the fun didn't stop there.  My sister and her husband live in Vancouver so we spent the afternoon with her.  I love all the time I get to spend with my sister and her cute kids.  Her daughter Naomi had been wanting to play dress up with Adele.  They were pretty cute running around in leotards.
Leah has a piano.  When the girls decided to play the piano I couldn't help but snap a few quick pics of them.  How cute are they?

Watching my kids play around on the piano made me think of my own experiences with piano.  Allow me to indulge you all in a musical adventure-

We had a piano when I was young.  I can clearly remember dreaming of being a famous piano player.  A woman from church gave us lessons in the morning for a while.  I remember practicing and believing I was really good.  At the end of the year I was informed I didn't really have a lot of rhythm and I probably wasn't meant to be a piano player.  

Fast forward a few years to college.  I decided to take an elective beginner piano course.  I signed up, bought my books and headed off to class.  The first day we practiced clapping a beat.  Although I remember feeling a little silly doing this I began clapping. The next thing I know the teacher came behind me took my hands and helped me clap (now I felt really silly).  I stuck with it though.  Tyler and I were dating at the time so we spent hours in the practice rooms.  I would practice and he (who has never taken piano would help me- it came more naturally to him).  A couple weeks in the teacher asked me to meet with her. We sat down to talk and she said she looked at my grades and realized they were very good.  She said "I wanted to inform you that the last day to withdraw with no penalty is coming up". She went on to say that if I stuck with the class it would bring my GPA down since she saw little chance of me being able to get more then a C in the class.  So I ended up withdrawing.

I would love to get a piano someday.  I think that Tyler and the kids are going to have to be the ones to fill our home with music!

Back to our day trip- we had such a nice afternoon watching the kids play together.  We were also able to congratulate my brother in law for finishing his masters.  He has been so busy working and going to school.  We are so excited for them to have more time together.  Shortly after he got home from work we headed home.  We stopped and ate at a restaurant one of Tyler's patients works at.  When we finally got home we were pretty worn out- but the kids went to bed saying "that was such a fun day". And they were right it was!


Alicia said...

I loved this post! I remember the CORN!! So funny. I still think about that sometimes. Glad you had such a good time together! The blanker story was especially sweet, too.

Marianne Thayne said...

Rachel you have such a way with words. I laugh and cry out loud when I read them! Thanks so much for you wonderful words.