Monday, April 9, 2012

Montana+Easter+Family=Too Many Pictures

We kicked off April with egg decorating, we did it early because we were going to be gone over Easter weekend.  Titus enjoyed eating the hard boiled eggs!

 We had a job interview in Montana.  We decided that rather than send Tyler by himself we would all tag along.  The kids were SO excited to swim we heard it non stop on the way there.  Thats not true Adele repeated over and over "STOP THE CAR". She kept dropping things and NEEDED us to get them for her.  Really I can't complain. My kids are awesome travelers.  I give them nothing and they just hang out.
 We swam a lot on the trip.  As soon as we arrived we swam.  We couldn't put them off any longer. They loved it.
 Even Titus went for a dip in the pool.
 We ate dinner with people from the job and then everyone crashed.
 The hotel room was So fun and exciting for the kids.  They got a suite and they were in heaven (as were we since we didn't all have to cram into a tiny room).
 At home I am pretty strict about how much TV they watch (I could do a whole blog post on my TV thoughts)- but on vacation we let them watch LOTS of cartoons. 

 We also ate WAY to much.  Not only were we taken out by others but we went out a lot.  Tyler spoiled them all with huge milkshakes (we were reimbursed really well for the trip so we splurged).  Garret said "I should have gotten a smaller one, my stomach feels like there are two bears in it wrestling".
 Again they crashed.  I am pretty sure kids sleeping together is the cutest thing EVER.
 After the job interview we headed to Missoula to meet up with Tyler parents and my cousin Anya.  She brought her three kids with her which was fun.  The kids all enjoyed playing together.  I haven't seen Anya in a long time but we found lots to talk about and I hope our paths cross again soon.
 While we were together we all went swimming (like I said we did this alot).

 We also went to a children's museum.  It was cute and the kids enjoyed all the hands on fun.

 Anya headed back home after a pizza dinner.  We spent the rest of the evening getting kids to bed and playing my Uncle Brent's new game (he has two now).  If you are looking for a fun card game get it.  We LOVE it.  It's called "Cover Your Assets". 

The next day we were still in Missoula and we had another fun day.  It was so nice of Tyler's parents to meet us.  The kids loved seeing them and playing with them.  We went to the carousel.  It was SO fast.  I was a little nervous the first go around that someone would fall off. 

 Then it was back to eating!  Adele sat by Grandpa and she thought his pasta looked better then her pizza.  She climbed on up and they shared.  It was pretty cute.
 Then there was an afternoon of Kite flying, movie watching and fun.  The kids crashed again.

 We got up early (which was hard to do because we were SO tired).  We headed to Yakima for Easter fun.  We made it about 3 minutes before church and threw clothes on the kids.  We looked awful.  I was a little embarrassed but I quickly reminded myself that the most important thing was that we went. 

After church Anna and family fed us a delicious meal, the kids played and we did an Easter egg hunt for the kids.  (Spencer had a bloody nose, but was a good sport about it). They all got tons of candy and loved being together.  The ride home I listened to them discuss who was the king and prince and ruler of fireball!

It was a very busy week. We enjoyed having a change of pace so much.  There was lots of driving but that made for lots of time to talk, sing and read together.  There was a pool and new sights.  There was lots of food.  But most important we spent time together as a family and with family.


Bennett Family said...

I'm glad you enjoyed Montana, but I don't want you to move there : ) Your kids are adorable and we are so happy you had a good trip and a Happy Easter!! : )

Water Buffalo said...

Where was the interview in Mt? I have family in missoula..I love Montana.

Jen Ranker said...

Your kids are adorable. It looks like you had a fun spring break.