Tuesday, April 17, 2012

When Titus grows up...and more.

In place of anything better, here is a few random things going on in our life-

My kids were sitting around talking about Titus getting bigger.  They said things like "I wonder if he will like Star Wars", "I bet he will be a fast runner" etc.  Then they got silly.  And started saying "what if he likes pickles" and funny things like that.  They were all giggling.  Then Garret said "I know (from the tone of his voice this was going to be the funniest yet) what if he grows up and likes MASHED POTATOES".  They laughed and laughed and laughed.  And they all agreed their TyTy would never betray them like that and like something so wretched when he grew up. (For the record- I do not know where they got the potato hating trait from- any relatives want to fess up?)

Adele thinks everything is "beautiful and wonderful".  If I say "you look beautiful" she says and "I look wonderful too".  If I accidentally say she is beautiful then she says "I am not beautiful, I'm a Deli".

Spencer threw up the other day.  He did awesome.  Seriously, it might seem like a strange thing to be proud of but after years of cleaning up throw up I have earned the right to take pride in bizarre things.  We were at a friends house.  He said it was cold and so he ate his food inside.  I went in to check on him a few times and see how he was.  He was quietly eating.  I went in a little later and he was still sitting at the table.  He said "I thought I wasn't sick, but then I was.  I went in the bathroom and threw up".  He was totally calm.  I went in the bathroom and sure enough he had thrown up.  Now to teach him to flush the toilet.  (Let it be known Adele has not mastered this skill yet- we woke up the next night to screaming and  when we got upstairs the amount of throw up was shocking.  The only thing she gets credit for is that not a drop went on the floor.  It was all over her, her bed and her hair).

Titus continues to grow and although this should be a post of its own (maybe someday).  I'll put it hear so it is at least recorded.  He has been hands and knees crawling for a couple weeks now.  He also learned to stand in his crib, wave, clap and blow kisses.  The kids are really proud of him.  A little overly proud at times.  For example-  When he learns a new trick they say thinks like "our baby is the best baby in the whole world.  I bet most babies can't do all that he can".  I can't bring myself to tell them that really Titus was a bit on the slow side for crawling.  They are right though he is a good baby and we couldn't ask for a more fitting spirit in our home.  He makes us smile every day!

Garret loves school still.  He goes 2 1/2 days a week.  It's perfect and just right for him.  I don't know how I will manage with him gone everyday next year.  He loves going but loves the days he is home all day too.  He loves planning his whole day out.  He always has to know what we are going to do.  Someday he will realize we normally do the same things.  Legos, play outside, puzzles, magic tree house books, lunch, rest time etc.  I do love his enthusiasm for everything.  Although he is not enthusiastic about moving.  He doesn't throw fits about it but he gets sad.  He is sentimental and emotional.  Both traits I believe will be strengths as he grows but he is still learning to keep them in check now.  He  doesn't want to throw away anything his friends have given him here because he wants to keep them "to remember".  And I hope he does remember- he has had such nice friends here and I would have liked for him to grow up with them.

Magic Tree House books- I have been reading one ever couple days to the kids.  They are not the most amazing books but my kids love them and they are full of adventure and learning.  We are on book #26 and I am about ready for something different!  But I highly recommend them for kids.

I have been spending may free time slowly boxing things up.  I hate it and love it at the same time.  I hate that I am boxing things up again.  I love that it makes me feel like I am doing something, as insignificant as it may be, for our future.

Speaking of our future- I have high hopes that within a month I will be posting "the plan".  Life has been so unpredictable for us.  I just can't bring myself to announce anything until I am certain.  I guess I am insecure but I feel like a fickle person.  Like somehow it is my fault that we can't get our life together.  The facts are that so many things have been out of our control over the last year and half.  But it still is hard for me to say "we are doing this!"....."wait, no we aren't anymore"...."now this is our plan"....."not anymore"....(seriously that has been the story of our lives lately).  But the house is sold and we are busily working on the future (and the roadblocks seem to be clearing) so I am very optimistic that it is only a matter of time before I can pour out all the not very exciting details for all of you avid readers (I jest, I know it's really my Mom that is clicking on my blog over and over).

So there you have it, a very uninteresting, detail lacking summary of life on 86th avenue.


ann.rachel said...

You have such sweet kids, Rachel. I hope they're feeling better now.. I love reading about all the cute things they say and do!

Bennett Family said...

Not just your Mom reading your blog! I am an avid reader myself : ) You guys are such a great family, such an inspiration and we can't wait to see where the future takes you.....just hopefully close to home : )

Alicia said...

Agreed-not just your mom reading your blog! :)

I am going to have to check out your magic treehouse books, thanks for the tip!

You should never feel fickle! You guys seem so put together to me and like you really just know what's important in life etc. you have awesome priorities and seem to plan things out well, it just sounds like, like youve mentioned in other posts, that there have been some unforeseen things come up that have put a kink in things - even given all your careful planning! Just thought you should know that's how you come Across to me! :)