Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chicks, Early Morning Wake-up call and our House

Our friends got 10 baby chicks.  They let us swing by and see them.  We had planned to build a chicken coop this year and get chickens (prior to the job fall-out). So we thought it was fun enjoying these chicks.  The kids loved them and said "they hope we get property someday soon so we can have chickens!"

The other day I woke up very early and shot up in bed and shook Tyler and told him we needed to hurry and get up because we had to "get the paper signed by 7:00".  He obediently roused himself and was ready to do whatever it what that needed to be done.  He kept saying "ok, ok, what paper".  I said "the one for ___.  It must be for him".  Then I started waking up and said "or maybe I'm dreaming, I could be dreaming".  Turns out after reading through our to-do lists I was dreaming. No urgent papers that needed to be signed by 7 am.  But it got us up and going...something that can be hard to do when you have no job requiring you to get up and go!

My Mom and I went to lunch the other day.  (don't look at me in this picture- but I think she looks good).  Love my Mom!!! 

When we bought this house it was going to be our "forever" house and I was going to put up before and after pictures of each project.  We didn't really get to many projects so there aren't very many after pictures but here are a few of the property just for fun.
 The house is on 5.25 acres.  If you look at the right angle through some trees you can catch a glimpse of the neighbors house- it's really secluded which love.  I don't ever tell my kids to be quite! 

There is a big circle driveway with a pond in middle.  The circle driveway is the BEST thing ever the kids bike around it for hours (no joke).  The pond was a big worry when we first moved in.  We thought the kids might fall in.  I was really strict about them not going by it unless we were out there with them.  They are really good about it and it no longer worries me.  They do love throwing rocks, putting their feet in it and trying to catch fish when we are out with them.
 There is a big barn with fenced pasture around it. It has three horse stalls and a big room.  I think it's beautiful and picture perfect.  Since we lived here during the rainy season and now know we are leaving we never really did much with it.  I hope our friends enjoy it!
 There is a playground and a tire swing.  The tire swing is on the most perfectly shaped tree I have ever seen. It's kind of whimsical and perfect!  You could take a picture of it and have it put on a puzzle and make a million bucks (there's an idea).

 Next to the garage is a little guest house/cabin.  It's not updated like the house but it's just a "blank canvas" waiting for someone to come and put their touch on it.  Just another project we never got it!  I love the idea of having a guest house or cabin on our property again someday.  Family could stay for a little while, or kids when they are older and in between things.
 The house itself is bigger then it looks.  It's not fancy but its nice and met our needs.  It was great the way it was and yet had so much potential to be even nicer. Just picture a railing along the front with big hanging baskets hanging down!!! 
There is a deck behind the house and next to it a trail down to the water. The water is just the tip of an inlet.  Some of the day it is dry, other times it has shallow water.  It's the perfect place for adventures.

The inside is nice. (I don't know if I'll ever get inside pics taken.  Now that it is halfway boxed up I feel like pics would not really show it how it was). The walls are mostly white (they had been all freshly painted prior to our buying it). The rooms are big.  There is lots of storage and there was even a room I was going to make a library.  So many things that never happened. I am one of those people that when I start a project I like to finish it.  It feels strange to sale the house before we finished all the things we wanted to on it. 

So there you have it- our 7th home!  We will be moving in a couple weeks to stop number 8!  I can't tell you anything about what that home will look like.  We haven't found it yet.  We will be going back to renting for a little while again.  I admit that feels like a step backwards.  I definitely prefer owning.  I like being able to work on a home and make it my own.  I like fixing things that break myself ( I say myself but really I mean having Tyler fix them) and not waiting weeks for someone else to do it.  I'll just have to be patient! 

We love this house and are thrilled that our friends are buying it.  Their little boy was over the other day and he said "guess what Rachel.  We are going to move soon.  To a house with property".  He was very excited, as he should be!!! He will love it here!


Three Lads and a Lis said...

I promise we will CHERISH it. My heart breaks a little each time because I DON'T want to say goodbye to you guys, but I promise we will savor every second out there.

brentandkashann said...

Rachel, I am sad for you. It all looked so perfect. There must be something very good in store if you have to leave this. Way to have a good attitude.