Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Moving Anxiety

Here I sit....less then a week until we move.  I am a jumble of emotions happy/sad/excited/nervous/frustrated/relieved.....I am full of questions "will anyone like me?", "will my kids find good friends?","did we pick the right rental (a rental again- how did this happen)?", "Are we ready for what lies ahead?".....

I have moved around enough to know that I can be happy anywhere, and yet I still feel this anxious feeling.  Some moves have been so easy, we settle right in, make friends, gather our bearings and life just kind of flows.  Other moves it seems despite our efforts we can't find a niche.  Which will this be?

My kids go to school now, there are not a lot of choices in schools where we are headed.  I wont have the choice of just hauling them to a different school.  Will it be a place they can thrive?  Make friends? Learn what they need to learn?

We feel very good about the next career choice we are making.  It's a big and scary decision but it just feels right.  Even with the confirmation we have felt about the decision I still worry about the unknowns.  Are we ready for the stress that is coming, can we keep up with everything?

I love where I am now.  I get to visit my parents whenever I want.  My brother and his wife are close and are our good friends.  I have friends enough to fill my house.  Friends and family to call when I need something.  Will I find friends that are like family there?  Who will I call when I am in a pinch?

I love our house.  We have room for everyone and lots of land to play on.  Will I get that again someday? Before they are grown and don't care about tree houses anymore?

Tyler will tell you I worry to much- He is right!  Because most of the things I worry about there is nothing I can do about so why do I waste my energy worrying- I don't know!

I worry a lot...I also spend a lot of time thinking about the things I looking forward to and hoping for.  It's killing me that I can't announce where we are going just yet.  Soon!!!  Then I will tell you all the things I already know I will love and what I hope for the future!

Back to packing- I sure have done this a lot lately!!!


Rachel said...

Thinking of you this week!

Lindsey Phillips said...

Ok, my anxiety is up from not knowing where you are going!

Water Buffalo said...

Yeah what's withnot saying where you are going??:)

Anonymous said...
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kristenita said...

Good luck!! but I'm with Lindsey & Water Buffalo.... we need more info. Where!! What type of practice??

It will all work out. So stressful right now, but.....