Monday, May 21, 2012


What in the world is a yurt?  And why did we go "yurting"?
  Have you ever tried setting a pack n play up in a tent?  It's not that fun.  So rather then sleeping in tents we went camping in yurts.  They are round cabin like dwellings.   A lot of state parks have them. You can rent them and then go camping without the tent!

We headed to Grayland state park Friday.  We were meeting some of my family there. Since our schedule is the most open, we were there several hours before everyone else.  We spent the time on the beach.  We wouldn't have minded if the temperature had been a few degrees warmer.  I thought the kids might complain some of being cold. They never really did.  They just played and played. 

 They even braved the water. Adele was hilarious.  She would run in and get knocked on her face by the waves, get up and run back in.  She was keeping up with the boys!

 The biggest hit was the sand.  They had it EVERYWHERE and would have stayed til dark if they could have.  Even Titus loved the sand.  He had a real knack for finding little things and eating them.  I looked over once and he had found an old crab leg and was chewing on it.  I promptly took that from him.  He had so much drool and snot on his face that whenever he rolled in the sand he would come up with sand plastered all over his face.  But he was one happy camper!

 We tore the kids away after a few hours of beach fun, cleaned up a little and went back to camp. We roasted hot dogs and ate tons of junk.  We also made friends with the squirrels.  They were named Chipper because they wouldn't leave us alone until we gave them a chip to eat! 
 About this time the rest of the gang arrived.  We were all happy to be together but sad that Uncle Dan had to work...but then who came from the bushes...Uncle Dan.  We were all thrilled. The boys especially they had been so disappointed when they found out he might not make it. They prayed every night for a miracle. 

Once we were all together we stayed up late around the fire.
 Ran back to the beach for the sunset and had fun trying to take silhouette pics.  I wish Titus had still been awake for these.

 Heather and Ridge are in one (I don't have a copy of it) that turned out so perfect.  It was fun being creative with the camera.  Spencer and Adele were a little chilly waiting on the windy beach for us.

 The night was better in the yurt then it would have been in a tent- but it was still pretty restless.  Adele was in the bed with Tyler and I.  She is a mover!  At one point she fell of the side. I knew she fell but she didn't wake up so I decided to just let her stay asleep on the floor.  That stretch was the best sleep I got all night (and it wasn't a long stretch).  Then I woke up to her saying "I'm stuck" she had wiggled under the bed.  I yanked her out and endured the wiggle worm the rest of the night.  She crawls in bed some mornings with us at home but it's no big deal because our bed has enough room. She is no fun to share a full bed with.

Needless to say we were all up early.  Everyone was dressed, fed and back on the beach by seven am.  And that is where everyone stayed until lunch time. 

 And playing Kan Jam!  Heather and I are a team.  We usually hold our own alright. Not this time we got thrashed.  We blame the wind....but really we were just off!

 Then it was time to eat and clean up. 
 We said farewell to the yurt and headed for home.  The kids crashed on the way back.  When we got home they were all sad because they wanted to stay at the yurt forever.  The next morning Garret said "I cried a lot last night, I tried not to but I just wish we could have stayed at the yurt". 

Camping is a bit of work.  There is all the packing up to go, the dirt, the food, the camp fire, the pack up to come home, the laundry to do when we get home and the dirt to clean up.  But I think the extra effort is worth it.  It was worth it for all of us.  Being together in nature.  Away from the world.  I think the change in scenery and routine and all the work that goes into it makes it feel special to the kids...and I think when they see us put the effort in to make life fun and exciting for them they understand that they are special to us and our family is special.  It was a great weekend!


Marianne Thayne said...

I was excited to see your post! I love the pictures--I think Titus will be especially grateful for the one with the dirty face! You are so smart to get together for family fun times and it looks like it was indeed a lot of fun.

Alicia said...

I looove those silhouette pictures! Just love them. We went camping the other day and I was mentioning to Christopher that, wow, it's a lot of work! He made a good point. He said, "yeah, but I bet you can remember with unusual clarity every single time you ever went with your family." I hadn't thought of that, but he ws right, they are such strong family bonding memories for me as a kid. I think that's one more reason it's totally worth it!

CANNOT wait to hear where you're moving!! Best of luck with everything!