Thursday, June 21, 2012

Last Day of School

Technically tomorrow is Garret's last day but we were all so ready to be home that we decided today would be his last day.  It was field day- so it was a pretty good day to end on.  He loved kindergarten!  It was 2 and a half days a week which was perfect.  I don't know how I'll manage with him gone any more than that. 

He made great friends. (I wish I had gotten a picture of him with them all). 

 His teacher was so nice and so good to him.  He really loved her. I hear she is moving up to first.  Garret would have loved another year with her. He told me he wishes he could be in her class for a couple more years.
 To celebrate we went to lunch together. 
 Looked at his memory book (so cute). 
 And then we made it really special by giving him a bike.  Before you judge me as an over indulger hear me out....I think it's hard to give summer gifts at Christmas because they can't use them right away so if you don't have a summer birthday when do you get your summer toys?  Garret needed a bigger bike and Spencer needed Garret's old bike, so we decided we would give a summer gift on the last day school.  This year it was a bike, next year it could be bubbles, maybe sometime it will be a trampoline for all of them, who knows.  It just seemed like a good day to give a summer toy without just giving it to them.  Plus it makes the last day SO exciting! 
The bike is a little big for him but he LOVES it and will grow into it.  If only we still had a paved circle drive-way for him to use it on!  (Someday!!!)  Garret is one good looking first grader!


Jen Ranker said...

That is so awesome that you got him a bike! Your such a thoughtful mom. We had fun going to lunch with you guys. Don't worry my kids keep reminding me that we have to see your new place and go on a date :)

kandis said...

I can't believe Garret is so big! He looks so cute without his front teeth! You don't have to justify buying him a bike. lol! anyone who knows you knows that you're not a big spender and they don't get "spoiled" all the time :) looks like you guys had a fun trip to colorado! Maybe next time you'll find your way to SO CAL!

Grandma said...

What a good looking first grader he is!!!! He will have an amazing experience, I'm sure!!!