Thursday, June 21, 2012

Little Moments

They keep us laughing-

*On the drive home from Colorado Adele stuck small pieces of wet wipe up her nose.  They were not easy to get out and she kept saying "It was an accident".  (apparently they just tore themselves off and jumped up there).

*While in Colorado I was teasing Spencer about staying four and skipping his birthday.  He said "Mom I always know when you are teasing because you smile at me".  (Dang they have me figured out already).

*Adele was turning a lamp on and off and then I saw her put her feet on it.  I decided to tell her about being careful with them because if your not you might start a fire.  I said "do you know what could happen if a fire started".  She said "we would need marshmallows". 

*I overheard the boys have this conversation-
Garret "My favorite thing is Star Wars"
Spencer "What about your family?"
Garret "Oh yeah, it's family then Star Wars".
Spencer "What about Heavenly Father"
Garret "Family, then Heavenly Father, then Star Wars"
Spencer "What about Jesus and the Holy Ghost"
Garret "Family, Heavenly Father, Jesus the Holy Ghost....then Star Wars"
Spencer "Mine are the same except mine are Family, Heavenly Father, Jesus, the Holy Ghost and Super Heros".  (At least they have their priorities kind of in order).

*A while back (before we moved) we lived out in the country.  We had a shoe rack sitting on our front porch and we kicked off our muddy shoes there.  Then we hung a bird feeder up above it.  The birds would eat and seeds would fall to the ground.  Apparently the mice liked the food.  Garret came running in once telling me that there was a mouse in his shoe and that it had run out.  I kept questioning him (because this had never  happened before- I didn't factor in the new bird feeder and the fact that our cats were all gone).  I believed him the next day when there was a mouse in my shoe as well.  So I proceeded to dump them all out.  Most were empty but Tyler's shoe had a whole next.  They went straight to the garbage!

*In our last church building there was a huge coat closet when you first walked in.  It had a window, a door, a light (essentially it was a room). Sometimes if Adele was particularly naughty (which wasn't often).  I would give her a time out in there.  It was quite and out of the way.  I was with her.  I overheard her telling her teacher that "Mommy makes her go in the closet if she is bad".  I decided we needed a new spot...

*On our drive back from Colorado we made a bathroom stop.  Garret was crying and didn't want to go in.  It was strange because he is the oldest and usually keeps his cool.  After inquiring over and over as to what the problem was he finally confided that he had already gone.  I took him in with plans of helping  him clean up.  I was so confused because this is Garret we are talking about.  When we got inside he sighed in relief and said "I guess I didn't, I was just hot and sweaty".  I was relieved as well!

*One day while telling Spencer that he can't grow anymore (I adore him just the way he is), turned to me and said I have to grow and go to college.  I asked if he would visit me then.  He said "All my vacations will be with you".  I'm going to hold him to it.

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Rachel said...

So cute!!! I wish I would've seen them!