Friday, June 29, 2012


Sometimes we are just plain old sick of anything that has to do with dentristy.  Plus it's summer and we LOVE summer.  So we try and keep busy.  We are excited about our new location and have decided to get to know it better this summer.  Here are a few of the things we have been up to.

Parks-  We decided to try and go to all the parks we can this summer.  We want to find our favorites!

Our first park was HJ Carrol it's close to our house, has a playground, a trail, basketball courts, a creek, disc gold, mountain biking and lots more.  I am convinced this will be one we frequent.
While we were there I also learned that it is possible to swing with a baby in the back pack.  It definently is a challenge but Titus was laughing the whole time!

Speaking of Titus- this kid is pulling himself up on everything.  But if you ever let go he buckles at the knees and is back to crawling.  I love crawling though.  They only do it once, then they walk whats the rush?  Plus an old lady told me the slower they are to walk the smarter they are (gotta love the old ladies).  So if you see Titus trying to walk push him back down.  He might end up with phschological problems but he will be a genious!  Just kidding, we all know he will walk when he is ready.  Love that kid!
He is always trying to get outside too.  So if you are over be sure to close the door!
We have also been going to the library a lot.  It's in walking distance and Garret has his own card.  Spencer is counting down for his (you have ot be five).  They are really into eyewitness books right now.  I have actually learned a lot from them....more then I ever needed to know about cowboys, rescue workers and the civil war (I wonder what I will get to learn about next?Pick good ones boys!).

Tonight it was off to discover a new park.  We headed for beausite lake.  I wrote the directions down wrong (and it's only 4 miles from our house).  But we drove around for a long time.  I enjoy getting lost though because I get to see areas I wouldn't otherwise.  I found about 20 roads I wouldn't mind living on.  Finally we found the lake and it turns out its a special needs camp that you have to make an apointment to go to.  We didn't qualify (I don't know how I missed all that online).  So we were all a little disapointed.  Luckily Tyler saved the day and stumbled on another park. 

Gibbs Lake.  We loved it.  It's a 310 acre park.  Beautiful and secluded.  We started off by just walking around.
Then everyone had to put their hands in and see how cold it was.
Turns out it wasn't too cold so we let them go in.  We did not come prepared for swimming but there was just one other fisher at the other end of the lake so why not.

They were all smiles and I can't count how many times they told me they want to go back and swim again.  I want to to!  After they were already wet we saw a sign saying there might be toxic algae.  We washed them off good and hope that if there is bad algae it goes away quick because we really liked it there and want to explore more.  I know we barely saw any of the park.
On the ride home the kids said "That park was a five star park" and it is out of five so I think they liked it. 

Vegetables have been the other big thing around here lately.  We joined a CSA (community shared agriculture).  I have wanted to for so long but with moving we just never have. So far I LOVE it.  Each week we get a couple bags of produce.  Whatever is in season.  It's a challenge finding recipes to use it all in but it's fun and so far the kids are really enjoying trying new things.  I am determined not to waste any of it.  Anyone know what to do with fava beans?  Since I can't have my own farm right now I am enjoying Sunfields and so are the kids!

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Marianne Thayne said...

We have a CSA here but there is so much food I could never use it all. Enjoy! Also enjoy your parks, I sure enjoy seeing your pics!