Thursday, June 28, 2012

Super Spencer

Spencer is almost 5!!!  His birthday is July 5th and he will be 5.  We are going to be busy that day so in order to celebrate this little guy as he should be celebrated we are going to PARTY this weekend.  No actual party but lots of fun!

Since I have a moment (a rare thing these days) I decided to write down some of my favorite things about Spencer.

I told him to pose for some pics, he picked all his own spots!

On to Spencer---He is awesome.  He really, really is.  He is pretty much a dream child.  Maybe I am biased but even if I weren't I am convinced I would be smitten by him. 

He is cute as can be- never ever do I get sick of that smile- the extra tooth, the bright eyes (sigh)!

 He snuggles and hugs and kisses.  He loves climbing up on my lap, laying his head on my shoulder.  Everyone needs a snuggler like him.
 He says really thoughtful things.  He is always thinking.  You can just see it in his eyes.  He has lots going on inside that little mind of his.  He is the perfect balance of intro and extrovert.  He loves time on his own, doing legos or coloring but he also loves time with us.
 He is smart.  He reads (not everything but really well for his age), he is good with numbers and remembers things really well.
 He makes us laugh and loves a good joke.
 He very, very rarely throws a tantrum.  Basically never and if he ever does loose it there is usually a good reason.  He is normally pretty emotionally stable- another trait we love.  I do recall him screaming once "I don't want to be a Chimacum cub, I want to be a Griffin Grizzly" about 500 times in a row.  But we were moving and it's rough!
 He likes treats but can pass them up (a trait I wish I had- I have NO idea where he got it from).  He enjoys most healthy food and is a good little eater.
 He is into Super Heros lately.  He likes to pretend to rescue people.  They have never seen any superhero movies but the idea of it all fascinates him.
 He says he wants to be a Cowboy that finds bones when the cows are sleeping.  He says he wants me to come with him.
 He recently has had bad dreams at night.  He worries about robbers and bad guys.  It makes me sad that he has bad dreams.
 He is such a good brother.  There is the occassional brawl between them but usually he is all gentleness and kindness.  Saying things like "I could do her job for her". 
 He loves that people think he looks like Titus.  They are special pals.  He is always saying "oh he is so cute" or "Mom come take a picture of this, see what he is doing".
 He loves folding socks when I do laundry.  I hate folding socks, so once again he is a great little guy to have around.

 He has great dance moves when we dance around to music.  He get this serious face on and you know he means business!
 He is excited for school next year but says he is going to miss us at home.  Oh how I am going to miss him to. 
 He is kind of sneaky. He is the best of the kids at hide and seek.  He is awesome at the quite game.  (a lifesaver on our road trips).  He is great at puzzles and board games.
 He likes playing and dressing up.  He loves to have fun and enjoy life.
It's been a big year for this little man.  Moving around a lot and learning so much.  There have been lots of new things.  He has handled it all so well.  He has been such a joy this year (and every year).  He is sweet and fun to be around.  I could just keep him this way forever and NEVER get sick of him.  I told him he could only turn five on one condition- that he promises to be as good a five year old as he is four year old.  He promised and told me he would always be good and always hug me a lot.  I guess since he promised we will let him have his birthday and we will make it as great as we can.  I hope he has the bets day ever and that he always knows he owns a huge part of our hearts and makes our lives so bright! 

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Marianne Thayne said...

I love your writing! Spencer seems like such a tender feeling guy. Happy Birthday to Spencer!