Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Pool...

Tyler has been out of town (for his Grandma's funeral, more on that later).  So we have been chillin at the house (with no car...but a good double stroller). 

We decided we needed something to do since our back yard is lacking (we were really missing having land this weekend).  So to spice it up we walked to the store.  The only way to get the pool was to carry it.  We discussed it at the store and the boys decided they could carry it up.  They did!

Then it rained a lot of the weekend so we had to wait and wait to use it.  But finally today it was warm enough (by their standard not mine).  They spent the afternoon in it and had a great time.  I was grateful they were out playing.  It helped with the cabin fever we have had.
 We played with ALL the toys we own this weekend.  Which was fun at first but it seems like we had a lot of drama between kids.( It's like one day they are best friends and so so so kind to each other...and then there are days when they seem to have forgotten all the lessons I have taught them on manners and kindness- we had one of those days recently) we spent some of our time with different toys in different rooms and I would yell rotate every hour or so.  It kept the drama down but I had to spend the whole time going from one room to the next looking at everything they were doing (they love showing me EVERYTHING).  Spencer was also notorious for peaking his head out and asking "how many minutes until we rotate?"   It felt like musical toys!

 Titus is an angel (he really is)...but even the best angels are a little labor intensive at his age.  He still doesn't walk but he gets into everything. He puts everything in his mouth.  He wants me to hold him basically all day.   Luckily we are all smitten with him and the kids don't seem to mind when he ruins their towers or requires extra attention from all of us.

He is also a huge mess maker at meals.  I do a lot of sweeping and mopping after meals thanks to this little guy. 
 But he is just so stinkin cute that we don't mind (Adele was a little jealous of the attention Titus was getting for being so cute and messy, she tried putting Spaghetti on Garret's head...not so cute.  It's just so hard to explain to them that some things are only cute when babies do them...needless to say she spent an evening cleaning spaghetti up herself...I don't think she will be decorating Garret in Spaghetti again anytime soon).
We really had a fun weekend together.  The kids are such good kids.  As good as they are and as much fun as we had it's always better when we are all together.  We are all ready for Tyler to get home.  One night Adele just laid in bed and cried "I want Daddy to give me a hug and a kiss" (So do I Adele, so do I!). 

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Tatem Marchant said...

What!? Your kids are naughty? don't believe it.