Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Moments

Summer in Washington is perfect (it really is).  Seventies with just the right amount of humidity.  I love it!  I also love the mornings when we wake up to fog- it's so cool!

Anyway these kids of mine love the warm weather too.  Most everyday they start off by filling one bucket with weeds.  They are pretty good about doing this without complaining.  Adele gets distracted A LOT and pulls one weed then sees a snail and has to go hold it, pulls another weed then builds the snail a home....etc.  But she does eventual pull her weeds.  (Don't tell her this but one day it was taking her so long but I had told her she had to fill it before she could play...and I am known for sticking to it.  It was torture reminding her over and over and I was wishing I could take it back or that I hadn't said the whole bucket.  I whispered to Garret "do you think you could sneak a weed into her bucket without her noticing.  He is into spies and secret things so he loved that idea.  Somehow her bucket was filled shortly after that.  She takes all the credit and I was glad I didn't have to get on her case any longer.).

They have also been enjoying their pool any day it's warm enough for it. It always starts out as swimming.  They swim and splash and run and jump into it.  Then they get more creative and some days the pool becomes a pot and they make magic potions, other days it's a submarine.  It's always fun watching what they come up with.  Although when they made it into a pot it was such a pain to dump because it was full of rocks and sticks and now if I walk barefoot I have to watch out for rocks- ugh.

 My kids are getting reacquainted with the idea of having neighbors. They got in the habit of peeing outside when we had land.  I didn't mind, it saved me having to wipe up muddy footprints all day long.  But now I can't get them to stop, especially Adele.  She is forever peeing on the brick or the rocks.  Don't worry our house is not disgusting I spray it off .  I just hate the idea of the neighbors seeing more of that little beauty then they wanted.  Luckily it's still fairly private where we are and most of our neighbors are older and don't spend a lot of time outside. 
 My kids are also SO loud.  I keep telling them to stop screaming.  Sometimes they are screaming because they are mad but normally it's just how they talk to each other.  I hate telling them to be quite when they are outside but I know it's got to be driving people crazy.
 We had a little time this afternoon so we continue exploring the local parks.  We went to four. One was a private beach (didn't mention that online), one was a little too packed, one was closed and finally we ended up playing at the baseball fields.  They did have a small playground so the kids were happy.  We eliminated a lot from our list but didn't really find any gems.
 The kids played imaginary baseball because we didn't know we were going there and didn't bring our balls and bats with us.

Garret told me the other day that he would like to live in the woods.  For lots of reasons; he wouldn't have to worry about money (I guess he worries), he could live off the land and it would be fun.  He asked me if we have land if he could do this.  I said if he wasn't running away and I knew where he was and he was older, maybe he could for a little while.  He asked if he could go to Grandma and Grandpa's and do it now (he would take his pocket knife).  I said NO.  I am such a dream crusher.  He pouted (he is good at that) and I felt bad.

The kids all got books (Adele got a sticker book) from the reading program at the library.  I told Spencer to write his name in it because it was his book and he could take it with him when he left someday and it would be his forever.  He looked at me and burst into tears and said "I don't want to live with anyone else".  He cried and cried and cried....It totally made me want to cry and say "I don't want you to ever leave".  But I held it together and just reassured him it was not for a long time and that no matter where he was or how old he was I would still be his Mom and love him.

Adele can be the feistiest little thing but she is also a total and complete doll.  I love her and adore all of her little sassyness.  I am constantly hugging her little chubby cheeks and telling her I am going to keep her forever.  She says I can but Daddy gets to too.

Titus is perfect....except for his new obsession with the computer.  He is always crawling over to it stealing the mouse and laughing hysterically.  I can't help but laugh and I know I am reinforcing it but if you have seen his smile you would understand it's priceless. He is totally going to be a brat I just know it and I am going to look back and say why did I laugh at his naughtiness but I can't help it.  I just love everything about him too much.

In other news.  The dental office has survived the first two weeks of our ownership.  I am learning to do the books.  I am sure they are full of errors and the accountant is going to charge me an arm and a leg to correct them (but this shouldn't shock me, everyone wants our money right now).  But I am enjoying figuring it out and someday I think it might all make sense to me. 

Tyler is enjoying the patients and staff and if we had more hours in the day there is so much we would like to do.  But since there are a mere 24 we are just slowly crossing things off our to-do lists.  I would be lying if I said that it has had no stressful moments- it has.  But overall it's been exciting and so far (fingers crossed) Tyler and I have enjoyed sharing this part of our lives together.

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Marianne Thayne said...

I was reminded of the floors and the fact that Spencer didn't want a rug on them when I read about the leaving. (good memories!) It sounds like you are really getting settled.