Sunday, August 26, 2012

End of Summer Adventure

This summer has been SO busy.  We moved and we bought a dental practice.  Sometimes this summer it has felt like 80% of conversations have been about dentistry. Somehow the summer flew by.  I had so many things I wanted to do with the kids that never happened.  We decided we needed to have some kind of family adventure before the summer ended.
We looked at lots of different options.  Some were too expensive, some too far away.  Some too stressful with a baby etc.
We settled on staying two nights at a horse ranch.  The kids LOVE horses and dream of being cowboys.  We left Thursday afternoon and arrived in time to get settled in our tiny cabin.
Then we spent the evening running around the grassy field.

 Taking a quick look at some of the horses. 
 And playing games. 
 I was worried about us all sleeping in such close quarters but they did really well.  Titus woke up REALLY early. 
 We decided to spend a little extra and let Garret and Tyler go on the trail ride.  The other kids were too young.  Garret was so excited about this.  Which made me really excited too.  There is just something about watching your kids do the things they dream about that is very fulfilling. 

He had to saddle the horse himself and they helped him know how to lead the horse and turn it around.  It was VERY hands on and he learned SO much.  I might have to see if I can find him lessons somewhere.

 The other kids watched Garret and Tyler saddle up.  They loved the horses too. 
 Then we played on the grass while they went on their trail ride.  They said they would put Garret on a lead rope if he needed it but he did so well and didn't need any help. 
 After the trail ride they came back to the coral and got to trot around.  Garret said that whenever he scratched his horse it would go faster.  He said next year he is going to go so much faster.  He wasn't scared at all and loved every minute of it.
 After the trail riding group left the coral they let Spencer and Adele have turns on the horse.  They rode the same horse Garret rode. 
 When Adele and Spencer were done Garret had to unsaddle and return his horse.  They all helped him brush the horse down.
 They thought the horse riding was awesome.  They all said it was their favorite part of the weekend (although they had lots of favorites).

Then we snuck into town for some lunch.  Titus was a total stinker (in every sense of the word).  He kept standing up and reaching for things.  Then he pooped and we didn't have diapers or wipes with us.  It made for an eventful lunch!
 Then it was time for the pool.  The kids had fun swimming and made friends with the other little girl that was there.  They swam for about three hours.
 Titus got out before the other kids and lounged in the sun!
 We ate dinner, played more games and roasted smores.
 Put the kids to bed.  Then Tyler sat out on our porch and looked at the stars and started a movie but decided we were too tired!
 The next morning we woke up and said goodbye to all the friends we made at the ranch.  We left and went to Ensign ranch where we met up with Anna and her family.  They were at Ensign ranch.  We started off by canoeing.
 Kyle made a fishing pole and tried really hard to catch something. 
 But sadly Garret was the only one to catch something.  I thought he speared it.  Then I found out it was already dead.  How gross and disgusting is that? 

The little girls were much cuter (at least at the moment).  They were not spearing dead fish.  They were giving each other hugs and holding hands.
 After canoeing we went searching for the "bear cabin".  we did not ever find it, but we found the river and the kids threw rocks in and splashed around a little.
 We shared lunch together. And even though everyone was having fun together we decided to head for home.  Our kids were beat and we still had to make a couple other stops on the way home.
 The kids were ALL asleep within minutes of getting in the car.  They woke up when we were in Shelton and could not believe that so much of the drive was over.
 We swung by a patients home, my parents house and finished up our adventure with milkshakes with Dan and Heather.
 Titus really liked them!!!

It was such a nice little get away.  It was not necessarily relaxing but it was a change of pace and it was memorable for the kids.  I do think that Tyler and I better take a relaxing vacation one of these days.  But for this weekend our horse ranch was perfect. 


Marianne Thayne said...

Garret looks like a natural leading the horse. Sure sounds like fun.

Grandma said...

So glad you all had so much fun!!! Loved all the pictures!