Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Milestones....Big Milestones!!!

Things have really been happening here. 
Adele has started drawing.  Really drawing.  She has been a scribbler up until the last couple days.  She drew me this pics of our family  (there are ten people in it- not sure why).  I think it's so cute that she ALWAYS draws two lips for the mouth.  Not just one line.  Since this picture she has gotten even better.  It's like it just clicked that she could try to draw the things around her. 
I have not really tried to teach her any "school" things yet.  She has three more years until school and I planned to start working with her in the fall while the boys are at school.  For fun though I wrote out her name and asked her to try and write the letters like I had.  She did great.  I think once I really try teaching her things she is going to really latch onto it all.

The other BIG news of the day.  My 14 1/2 month old "trouble makin baby" (as we affectionately call him) was sitting on the carpet today and he stood up and took 2 steps.  This is big time.  He usually just bends his knees if I try to get him to stand without holding on to something.  We all clapped and cheered.  But that my friends is not the end of it.  He stood back up and tried again.  Then after his napped he tried again.  He is currently up to ten steps and seems to be enjoying himself so he might just end up being a walker yet...or he might decide to wait.  There is no telling with this kid.  But at least we know he can.  Pics and videos of it to come.  For now here is a picture of his sneaky little face after I caught him climbing from an end table to the couch (He may not be an efficient walker- but he is a climber).
What a day!!!

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