Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Olympics

While the Olympics were on the kids wanted to watch them as often as they could.  They loved all the events asked a million questions and were constantly shouting for the USA.

Since the Olympics have ended they have missed they started doing their own Olympics.  Events included (but were not limited to) running races, obstacle courses, swinging from the clothes line, balancing on a saw horse, running around cones, fastest weeders, fastest eaters, best cleaners (seriously all I had to do was call something an Olympic event and they took it seriously).  Today we did water events.

Adele thought that goggles went well with her outfit.  She posed before her dive.

 And then she ran and dove.  She pretty much raced up to the edge.  Came to a complete stop and then fell forward into it.  She then sat up and said "did I get the bronze?"!!! With a big smile on her face.  She gets the bronze a lot.
 When not competing Adele stashed her glasses in her suit.  I don't know where she learned this from.
 Spencer had some pretty tricky dives. 
 Garret only competed a little bit today.  He took a fall prior the events and was resting up.

 The youngest competitor in today's events was Titus.  He didn't dive in, more of a flop over the side followed up with lots of splashing.
 After a little while it was a free swim. 
 Titus lost his diaper...does that earn you points or disqualify you?
 They had a great time splashing around and "competing".  It's been lots of fun playing Olympics around here. Spencer said to me "you should be the person that makes of Olympic events, you are really good at that?"  What am I doing keeping books for a dental office?  I could be out making up Olympic Events!!!

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Jen Ranker said...

I love this so much! I'm with Adele, I always keep my cell phone in my bathing suit/bra, if I don't have pockets. It's the only logical place to put it :)