Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bad Days

By the end of the day today EVERYONE was in tears-

Titus had a babysitter today.  He was suppose to be napping the whole time I was gone.  When I got home the babysitter was frazzled, he was screaming and had been for some time.  I checked his diaper-  poopy.  I guess she didn't think of that.  Changed him but it was too late for a nap.  End result fussy baby ALL afternoon.

Adele heard the babysitter and babysitter let her get up so she did.  She painted and played but by four o clock she was a wreck and cried all evening.

Spencer falls asleep every afternoon when he gets home from kindergarten.  It wears him out and I let him sleep for a little while.  Today he went with me to the meeting and missed his afternoon catnap.  He whined and cried about everything all evening.  He also said that a girl at school told him that "she hated boys".  He took this very personally.  He added to the chaos.

Garret is really struggling with school.  He has been trying to make friends but the friend he had made I guess makes a lot of bad choices at school so he is nice to him but doesn't play with him much.  He was spit on one day while walking to lunch.  He brought something for show and tell today and said that everyone talked and no one listened to him (he has a hard time anyway getting up in front of people).  The teacher told the whole class today that they were going to get moved to the next color (its a discipline thing) and he wasn't misbehaving.  He wants to learn but says the class is always getting in trouble.  He came home from school and burst into tears and asked me if we could go to a different school next year and said it was just a hard hard day.  It broke my heart.  (Maybe we will try the 1st/2nd combo class next year so the boys would have each other).  Needless to say he was an emotional wreck this afternoon.

Tyler is sick.

I had to listen to whining and crying all afternoon.  Titus wouldn't let me put him down and when I did he got into the toilet.  Adele wouldn't listen to anything I told her (she is especially strong willed when overtired).  I could go on and on but all of that nearly brought me to tears by bed time.

Some days are just like that.


Rachel said...

Wow. What a day!!!! I hope a little sleep helped everyone! Hang in there!!

Mike, Kalie, Jason, Lexie and Colden said...

Oh Rachel. This sounds exactly like some of my days. Right down to Jason adjusting to school. He says the kids misbehave a lot too, and they are teaching letter recognition and colors for the whole 1st month! Crazy! Even our youngest would be bored. Lexie is especially strong willed when she's tired too. We'll pull through... otherwise we'll have to move out there for you to home school them all LOL!

Three Lads and a Lis said...

I'm so sorry, what a day! Wish I was there to help with something.

Alicia said...

Wow, Rachel! I hope you went to sleep and woke up to rainbows and sunshine the next morning. =)

My heart goes out to Garrett, my Sheldon has such a hard time doing anything in public as well and it always seems like when he does finally get up the courage, something happens (like no one listens). Poor little guy.

Good luck!! I totally understand that crazy kind of crazy, hang in there!!