Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of First Grade

I tried and tried to hang onto summer and my kids all home...but despite my efforts the school year is upon us.
We are in a new place and that means a new school.  Garret was the first to go (Kindergartners start a couple days later).  It was an emotional day.  Garret doesn't know anyone in his class (at his old school he had lots of friends from church in his class).  He was excited and nervous.
He looked so big and old today.  He picked out his own clothes and looked so handsome. 
I made a big fancy french toast bake for breakfast.  I wanted it to be a yummy special breakfast (we have been trying to make back to school exciting).  No one ate it.  It was a big gooey mess.  So rather then sending a well fed boy to school I sent a nervous boy with an empty stomach.  He was so nervous it didn't matter.
 Adele gave him lots of hugs at home and at the school when we got there.  She loves her "Garret Buddy".
 Spencer was a total wreck today.  I should have counted how many times he cried today but didn't.  It was a lot.  He cried because he didn't have a folder in his bag.  He cried because it wasn't fun without Garret.  He cried because someone looked at him wrong.  He cried because he might not see  Garret at recess.  I think this five year old had all he could handle today.
 We ran Tyler to work so we could have a car to take Garret to school.  We were really early so we walked around the whole school.  We talked to his teacher some.  She seems really nice.  We talked a lot and hugged and said our goodbyes.  He was not crying but knowing Garret the way I do I know what he was feeling inside and it broke my heart to leave him. 

We decide he should ride the bus home so the drivers would be familiar with his stop.  The drive went right past our house (even though we were all out there waiting).  So Garret got to ride the whole route and when she brought him back a half hour later she said "well if you had been out here I wouldn't have missed you". 

The kids were trying to be patient waiting for Garret but they were so anxious for him to be home that it made for a crazy time!

When he finally did get him he was smothered in hugs and welcomed by all.  He said his day was ok.  He didn't talk to anyone unless he had to.  He jumped rope by himself at recess.  We encouraged him to talk to someone tomorrow.  he burst into tears and said that would be too hard.  He said that a lot of the kids didn't listen to the teacher and it was kind of crazy.  He did like a marshmallow thing they did and music time. 

I know it will get better and he will be more comfortable there soon.  But as his Mom it breaks my heart thinking of him trying to handle it without me.  He is such a great kid and I want the best for him. 

Favorite Moment of the day ---

I was showing Spencer and Garret where they would come in to the school.  Then I said "Spencer once you come in you turn down this hall and Garret goes down that one." Spencer said "Then right here is where I hug Garret goodbye".  (Oh, how I would love to see that).


Marianne Thayne said...

That is both sweet and sad. I know how you feel--really--I can remember those days only too well. But it will get better. He sure looks grown up!

Grandma said...

What a handsome first grader! Well the whole story made Grandma sad inside, but I'm sure glad everything is better now that Garret made a friend and Spencer will get to be with his big brother at school!!! It is so hard to let go, I remember when Tia and Tyler were in Kindergarten and 1st grade and we were at the Hometel in Windsor California and I cried all the way home!!! Tyler was all grown up, but Tia didn't want to let go of my hand....