Saturday, September 22, 2012

Keepin Busy

Time for another random update post-
I volunteered to help out with the high school volleyball team.  I think I could really love being a coach of my own team someday.  For now it's just fun getting back in the gym occasionally.  I also went to the cities open gym.  Between the two it's safe to say that there are muscles I forgot I had that have woken up and are screaming at me.
Adele and Titus get to spend the mornings with just me.  Adele loves dancing and Titus joins right in.
 I still can't get over how adorable it is when Spencer comes home from school and falls asleep.  He always tells me he is not tired.
 I love, love, love how Titus lights up when I go get him after a nap. 
 We decided to send another letter to patients.  There was a letter sent from Jack the retiring dentist before the close but we had never written one from us to them.  Of course the bulk of the project fell on me when Tyler was out of town.  I enlisted the munchkins to help (which they actually thought was great fun).  Adele was trying to hard to be helpful...but I am worried a patient or two may have received an envelope with no letter or a few might be returned because she was getting a little crazy with the labels.  It took ALL day.  We wanted to get them sent off, but Tyler was gone so we had no car.  It was A LOT of letters.  So I put Titus in the backpack on my back, the kids all walked and the stroller was loaded with letters.  We looked ridiculous (I wish I had a pic).  We filled up one of the big blue mailboxes and walked home.  It was a good days work!
 We celebrated that big job being done by watching a movie together. 
 I know it's only September but the kids and I were having a Christmas discussion and they decided to write letters to Santa.  It kept them entertained so why not. 

There letters were cute.  They all asked how he was doing, told them they were good and then gave him ideas of what he could get for them.  Spencer tells me most day "I can't wait for Christmas".  He has a whole pile of things he is making for people. 
 Adele scribbled some letters then pretended to read them.  It sounded like a love letter to Santa.  She was being quite dramatic and if you have seen her pretend to read you can picture it.  It went something like "oh, Santa, I love you so much.  I love you, I love you, I love you.  I can't wait for you to come...."  (I think that when Adele's hair is not done it looks a little Donald Trumpish. It just naturally all goes forward).
 Garret was suppose to collect leaves for school and bring them in.  I told him he could wash them off.  They thought this meant free reign on the sink and water.  The leaf collecting/washing/drying project was a huge mess and a huge success.
 They caught a frog.  Garret was a major wimp when I first point it out to him and told him to get it.  He screamed and kept chickening out.  Then he caught it and before long they had all fallen in love with it.  They spent a good hour building it a house, feeding it, teaching it to swim, seeing how high it could climb up the screen door...then the frog got away (poor thing was probably scared to death, but to the kids credit they were all trying to be very gentle.
 Speaking of animals, Adele is obsessed with snails.  She finds them all the time and carries them around everywhere. 

One other recent animal was a potato bug named "tate-y".  Spencer found him right before a recent trip to the post office.  He carried him in and he and Adele showed him to everyone in the post office.

Speaking of the post office on a different trip there (it's close and we seem to go a lot).  She was being chatty with the lady behind the counter and said to her "my brother is using his big staring eyes and staring right at you".  She just went on and one and on.  I think all the postal workers were listening to her jabber on.  She can really get going when she knows she is being funny. 

Titus is down to one nap a day.  Sometimes it just can't come soon enough and he doesn't make it to his room before those big staring eyes of his just close.  Love him!
I guess that's it for now!!!

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Three Lads and a Lis said...

I love random posts, I think they reveal so much of normal, day-to-day life :).

I can't get over how blond Deli and Titus are right now!

I am totally jealous of you getting into coaching, maybe someday....

Miss you!