Sunday, October 14, 2012

Colorado Company

Tyler's parents (Alan and Debbie) came to visit us.  They have been here a week and will be here for another day or so.  We have kept busy.  We were lucky to get really nice weather most of the visit.  Here are a few (definitely not all) of the things we have been doing to stay busy.
They visited their favorite dentist and were lucky enough to even have some work done. 
We played in the sunshine. 
Titus showed off his walking.  He is officially walking the majority of the time (at 16 months old).  He still crawls some and his walk is still a baby walk, all tipsy and off balanced.
 Titus also showed off his trouble making skills.  Opening drawers, climbing on the table...
 FHE at Chuck E Cheese! 

 An afternoon at the park. 
 Falls leaves.  They don't even come close to comparing to Buffalo leaves (nothing does, I always get homesick for Buffalo in the fall) but they are beautiful.

 Ice cream...and LOTS of other treats.  I may never loose this baby weight.  (My baby is not even a baby anymore...don't tell him that though.  I still pretend he is).
 Lots of playing at home.
 Story time and a little exploring of Port Townsend.

The Zoo.  We headed up to Point Defiance Zoo Thursday.  It's always fun seeing animals. 
 The weather was so questionable that day but ended up being perfect zoo weather.
 The animals were great and the playground was a hit.

 Titus felt very special.  The carousel had his name on it.

 After our afternoon at the zoo we picked up Uncle Trenton from the airport.  We were lucky enough to enjoy his company for a couple days.

Then the real fun started.  Alan got sick (real sick) Titus got it a few days later.  Hopefully no one else will get it.

Alan missed out on some of the adventures because he was sick.  We spent Saturday afternoon at the Pumpkin farm.  There were a couple business giving away things which worked out nicely for us.  The kids loved their capes, balloons and free pumpkins.  Tyler even won tickets to a concert.

 There was a corn maze, baby pigs and a pumpkin sling shot.  It was a very nice afternoon.
With Titus sick we spent Sunday at home and we all just laid around and played a few games. 

It's been a busy week.  Even with the sick-o bug making its rounds we have all still been enjoying each others company.  The kids are loving having so many people to play with.  It's always fun having family in town.

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Grandma said...

We had so much fun making so many great,and fun memories!