Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's official...She is Three

We started of Adele's big day by waking her and letting her come see her cake.  We did a "horsey" cake because she still tells us she dreams of them most every night.  We put a tiny green slug on the back.  She was very happy with it and couldn't wait to take the ponies off and play.

 She opened presents.
 And played with presents.  We stopped her long enough to eat her breakfast of German Pancakes (her pick).
 Then she requested a bath in the big tub all by herself.  She did a lot of "swimming", something that is hard to do when there are three boys in with her.
 for lunch she wanted Teriyaki Chicken.  Rather than make it we took her to get some. She was a big ole mess after it but she enjoyed it (we all did).
 Then it was off to the store for the big shopping trip.  First we let her pick up two colors of nail polish.  She loves painting her nails but I don't have much around.  This was not her gift though ( I will be in control of the fingernail polish).
 She had a hard time deciding on a gift for herself.  She had been saying she wanted a snake but that was quickly forgotten at the store.  She thought and thought and debated and we followed her around from aisle to aisle.  She finally decided that she wanted a shopping cart.
 But then just before we checked out she changed her mind and picked out a doll that has crazy hair.  I think it's pretty ugly and likely won't get a lot of use.  But she had finally decided and as much fun as it was watching her choose we were not going to try and convince her of a different present.  She was happy with her choice and so far hasn't experienced too much buyers remorse.
 Back in the car we let her hold her doll while we drove to a new friends house.  She fell right to sleep.  I'm guessing she was a little tired from her late night.  She was up forever last night sitting her bed yelling "did you make my cake yet?", "how is my cake coming?", "is it morning....NOW?"
 We were invited to another dentists home.  When we told them that it was Adele's birthday they decided to make it very special for her. 

All the kids played at the beach first.  They got very muddy and loved every second of it.  We cleaned them up the best we could but as you can see from the pics they were looking a little worse for wear. 

We enjoyed dinner together and then they brought out a cake for Adele.  Sylvia their little girl was enjoying it all as much as Adele. 
 Sylvia picked Adele out a lunch box that matched the one she has.  They bought thought this was great. 
 We played for a while more then drove back home.  We put the kids to bed as soon as we got home.

Which meant that this morning we did the spanking machine.
 And cake.  Cake for breakfast! 
It turned out to be a lovely day and a half celebrating our beautiful, sassy girl.  Happy Birthday Deli!!!


Aupair said...

Awesome! Sounds like she had an amazing day :)

Jen Ranker said...

Hooray! What a beautiful day. Happy Birthday Deli!!!

kandis and josh said...

I can't believe our little sassy girl is going to be 3 in just 4 short months! They grow up too fast!
She is a cutie, and your cakes are awesome!!