Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More October

We had some friends and family up Saturday to clean teeth and paint the waiting room of our office.  The kids were SO good.  I was amazed.  I guess I should have expected that but they played really well at the office and they sat to still in the chair. 
The waiting room looks so much better. 
 The afternoon the kids played together.  They played dress-ups and danced and had a coloring contest.  They loved having friends to play with. 

 The next night we carved pumpkins.  We only had three pumpkins this year.  The kids each drew on the picture they wanted and Tyler cut it out. Titus got to draw on a decorative little one so he didn't feel left out.

 I have been letting Titus eat his lunch at the counter.  He loves it and gets excited every time. 
 And we now have a goldfish name "HULK".  Spencer won him at the carnival.  We warned him that he probably wouldn't live long but he has lasted a couple days and seems pretty healthy.  I think that is the longest we have ever had a goldfish.