Friday, October 26, 2012

October Fun

One night the kids were restless so we picked partners and made them into mummies.  They took it very seriously (so did Tyler).
This has nothing to do with Halloween but Titus loves putting clothes on.  I caught him trying to put Adele's underwear on.  He wears every body's clothes and thinks he is hot stuff.

 The school had a Halloween carnival the other night.  We took our "Avengers".  They looked so cute.

We had parent/teacher conferences today.  Both the boys are doing great.  Spencer's teacher is amazed by him (we are too).  He is very very bright and he is adorable.  Garret is also doing excellent.  His teacher says he is a perfectionist and hates messing up (I am well aware of this).  She wishes all of the class were as well behaved as he is.  I am very proud of both of the boys.


Natalie said...

My kids wore your old horse costumes to the ward halloween party tonight (do you even remember these?). They looked adorable. thanks for giving them to us years ago and I'm glad that we're getting some good use out of them.

Marianne Thayne said...

I love the AVENGERS! The pictures are great.