Monday, November 12, 2012


First let me say, this has nothing to do with politics or recent elections or our country. 

We got a second car (I can hear some of you gasping....I know, I thought it would never happen too!).

When Tyler and I were dating he had a silver Jetta.  We drove it during our year and a half of dating and for the first year and a half of our marriage.  It was a great car...we have lots of great dating memories in that car.  Our first kiss was in that car, followed by lots of other kisses.  We went on road trips in it.  It was our getta way car after we were married. We brought our first baby home in that car. It started going a little crazy on us.  The windows would get stuck down if you rolled them down, sunroof broke and then the alarm started going off on its own.  When we had Garret his car seat barely fit. 

We upgraded (or down graded depending on how you look at it) to a silver 2003 dodge caravan sport (so the small one).  We drove that little van across the country, multiple times.  Through deep snow in Buffalo.  It brought home three more babies.  The kids were locked in it once, that was so embarrassing.  It had the best built in car seats (I miss them).  It took us to the drive in, to the temple, to dental school.  It took us everywhere for nearly 6 years.  Then it needed costly repairs and with as many miles as it had and our financial situation it just didn't make sense to put our money into.

We bought the silver 2007 Hyundai minivan.  Since we had no working car we didn't get to shop around.  It was just the one we found so we took it.  It has been good to us this last year (and better continue going strong for many more to come).  Moving with us four times since we bought it.  It hasn't brought us home any babies (which we are just fine with) but it has hauled the four babies I have many places.

Some of the time it really has not been a big deal having just one car.  Tyler could bike, or I could drive him because it was so close if I needed the car.  Some places have had more in walking distance than others, which I took advantage of.  Other places I was trapped.  If the weather was bad I couldn't go out.  Other places if I needed the car it meant taking Tyler to work even if it interrupted babies naps and long commutes.  Overall we always made it work and usually didn't mind saying no to things if we couldn't.  It was just how life was and we didn't know anything different, we just did what we needed to do.

The kids are in school now.  They are getting busier with sports and other activities.  It rains here often making it hard for me to walk forgotten lunch's to school or running kids to school when they  miss buses.  We knew that there were times that we needed a second car now but it was still kind of hard to commit.  I hate rushing into things (as Tyler has reminded me "we waited 8 1/2 years" this isn't exactly rushing).  We finally went car shopping and after a few unsuccessful car shopping trips we finally brought home our first "second car". 

It's silver again (can't seem to get away from that color).  It's nearly new (but technically not).  It's practical but nice.  I haven't actually driven it yet (I think that Tyler has claimed it, but I'm pretty sure if I find a sitter he will take me for a ride in it). 

Today he drove it to work and I took the kids to the park.  It was so nice having the freedom to take them out on their day home from school without having to run Tyler to work and pick him up again.  It will be so nice being able to drive to the library for story time even if it is raining.  It will be so nice being able to run the kids to school if they miss the bus.  I had no idea what I was missing. 

There is a certain freedom having two that I haven't known before.  I can do things without having to work around Tyler's schedule.  I feel quite blessed!


Rachel said...

Good for you! That's awesome!

Three Lads and a Lis said...

Hooray!!! Enjoy 2 car freedom :)

Okay, though seriously, I know it doesn't really matter, but what is it?

Alicia said...

Congratulations!! Such a milestone. You have such a great attitude about things, I just feel like you deserve every good thing that comes your way.
Granted we didn't wait quite as long to get a second car (well, the first four years we were in nyc, so I don't count that as needing a car), but when we finally got a second car a couple years ago, the biggest difference for me was the morning rush. I could just say goodbye to Christopher and let the baby sleep, or run my errands later, instead of piggy backing on when I dropped him off at work. You're so right - it's the little things you don't even know you're missing!! So happy for you!

Marianne Thayne said...

So what kind of car is it? I love reading your posts!