Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween everyone. 
Halloween snuck up on me and I confess I didn't spend as much effort thinking about it as I wish I had.  I am happy to report that the kids still had a great day (which is the point).
I took Adele to the Library Halloween story time/party.  I didn't want her to get her Captain America costume dirty so I let her pick something from the box to wear.  She decided on Snow princess.  I did her make-up to make it extra special.  It turned out pretty awful...But she LOVED it and wanted to wear it to the library so I let her. 
 She hammed it up for everyone (and for me at home).  So despite the make up she got all kinds of compliments.

 I thoroughly enjoyed my morning with the two little ones.
 The story time lady, Martha, was "Pete The Cat" one of Adele's favorite literary characters.  I love Martha.  She does the best story time.  She keeps the kids mesmerized for an entire hour.  She sings and laughs, reads stories, does crafts and knows all their names.
 When the kids got home from school it was time to become the Avengers.  We stopped by the office to get Tyler.  We were lucky enough to be there at the same time as Hayden (aka The Big Bad Wolf), the son of one of the staff.  I couldn't resist getting a picture of them all at the office.
 Then we headed down town.  The whole downtown area is blocked off to cars and all the business open up for trick or treaters.  I love community events, there is just something great about people enjoying themselves together.  It was windy but not raining (lovely fall weather). 
 Then to wrap the night up we went to the Church's "Trunk or Treat". 
Until next year....Happy Halloween!!!

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Sarah said...

Wait, I counted five kids in that one picture! I loved their costumes, super fun!