Monday, November 12, 2012

"I was sweating all day"

Just a quick Garret memory I plan to tease him about when he gets older....

Garret came home from school and said "a boy told me that a girl is in love with me and wants to kiss me."
Garret "when he told me I started sweating and couldn't stop all day"
Garret "I didn't know which girl so I stayed away from all of them".

Me "So a girl is in love with my Garret boy".
Garret "don't say that it makes me all sweaty when you say it."

A different conversation, we were talking about kids.  For fun I asked how many kids they thought they would have some day. 

Garret said "8", Spencer said "9" and Adele said "5". 

I said something about them having to get married first.

Garret said "Never mind I don't want any kids"
Me "why"
Garret "I do not ever want to put my tongue in some one's mouth.  I will never get married and never have kids".
Me (trying not to laugh).  "you might feel different someday, but I'm glad you don't want to do that now".
Garret "I will never change my mind"
Spencer "yeah I will never do that either".


Three Lads and a Lis said...

A lot of times I get frustrated with Owen's tendencies of oblivion, but I think right now I'm grateful that he probably hears stuff like that but doesn't even notice yet, hahaha!

Garret cracks me up!

Alicia said...

Soooooo cute!! I'm so glad you recorded this. So classic.