Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas with Children is just so fun.  We heard Titus at 5:30 he probably would have gone back to sleep but since we were excited we went to get him.  We figured since he was up we may as well get the others too.  So Tyler tapped on their door and they jumped right up excited. 
They were delighted with all the little treasures that were left for them.  We put one toy out from Santa and whatever else fit in their stockings.  The rest we wrap from us.  I like it that way.  We get to watch each thing opened that way.  Anyway they made their way through the stockings.  As happy as could be. 
 Garret was amazed to find erasers in his stocking.  He came home from school and told me that he needed a new one.  I was surprised because he had one.  He sheepishly told me he cut it up.  I told him he would have to use his own money.  Mom and Dad buy him what he needs but if he doesn't take care of it, it becomes his responsibility. 

But while going through my closet I found some erasers and stuck one in.  Hopefully he still learned his lesson.  He was pretty amazed though that Santa knew he needed a new one.

 After opening stockings.  We shared a yummy breakfast together.  Then it was time to unwrap.  We like going slow and letting it last.  Spencer made Garret Star Wars guys.  He made a lot of them.  Spencer showed Garret each one.  Garret listened intently and made me very proud by being a gracious and excited receiver.
 There were lots of other great gifts.  Lots of home made gifts.  Garret made me a cutting board.  There were homemade bookmarks, homemade scarfs, homemade books and coupon books. 
 Adele is at the perfect age- we could just watch her excitement all day and never get tired of it.  She opened each gift with pure delight.  She thanked and hugged and said cute things like "oh, oh this is the most beautiful".
 Tyler and I had fun surprising each other with gifts.  He is always such a great gift giver.  The kid in me always gets a little excited to see what he comes up with. I think he has a similar kid in him!
 Tia sent us homemade gifts as well this year.  She has an etsy shop called kiss and a peck.  She sent us some of the things she makes and sales.  Everything she made was very well done.  So if you ever need a cute gift idea check out her shop.

 After  a while Titus was banished to his chair.  I would be lying if I said he was an angel on Christmas.  He had his moments. There were moments when he was about as cute as a baby can be.  There were other moments when that was not the case.  He was exceptionally needy, we tried the chair and food for a while.  We tried the chair and presents but most of the day he was just held and even then he was pretty fussy. I think he was just plain worn out. 

 There were also lots of gifts that had to do with Tyler's Grandma that passed away this year. 
 After a long morning of presents we spent most of the day just playing together. We did enjoy a nice dinner and the Christmas story. 
 Who can complain about a day filled with stories of Jesus, Christmas music, new toys and family?  Even with the noise and chaos it was perfect and one of those days that could have gone on and on.  The kids are already looking forward to next year.
Merry Christmas!!!

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Marianne Thayne said...

It sure looks like fun. I am very interested in seeing those star war figures--hand made. And hearing about them would be interesting especially since they haven't seen it! Nice posting.