Monday, December 3, 2012

December is here

We kicked off the big Month of December by stopping by the dental office. Adele's favorite.  This might have been the end of November but oh well.  She goes in and has fun playing with everyone there, getting into the water machine over and over and loves to see her Daddy.
 Saturday we had the boys first basketball games.  They were at the same time but in different gyms.  So I stayed with Garret and Tyler went with Spencer.  I also had Titus with me so it was pretty crazy.  The only pic of Garret was before the game before Tyler went to the other gym.  He was so nervous he burst into tears.  I tried being sweet and nice to him and then finally said "you told me you wanted to play.  Now your team is counting on you.  Get out there and play".  He did and he loved it.  he scored a basket (which was fun for me to watch).  I turned into "that mom".  I swore I wouldn't but I couldn't stop yelling at him. Not mean yelling, just "get on your man", "get the rebound" yelling.  I held back a lot but if they stick with it and the playing gets more intense don't sit by me.
 I didn't get to see Spencer's game but from what I hear the preschool/kindergarten teams are pretty entertaining to watch.  Lots of running around, not much dribbling, not too many points scored but lots of little kids having fun.
 The boys have been giving the little kids rides everywhere.  Piggy backs, blanket rides, horsey rides, and upside down rides (I try not to watch those ones, makes me nervous).
 We got a tree.  This rental doesn't really have a great place for a big tree, not to mention Titus is into everything.  We opted for a little one. We actually had to look around quite a bit to find one that would fit on the table.  We found this potted one.  We hope to plant it and then use it again someday.  The kids LOVE it and are not disappointed by it's size at all. 

 Titus went to Nursery this week for the first time.  He did great.  Adele was there though so we will see how he does when she moves up.  He is due for a post all about him (soon). For now lets just say he is growing up and learning lots of new things.

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I would sit with you..I am also that mom. :)