Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More March

We won our volleyball league. It was a SWEET victory.  Team Hama Hama (that's us) were great sports....however, not all teams followed our carefree example.  Sadly we lost to one of the "grumpier" teams, but since it was double elimination we faced them again for the championship. Let's just say we brought our A game and it felt great!  I am sad it's over.

 But if it has to end- at least we brought the t-shirts home with us!
 In other news- I am utterly confused about our future.  Every stop along our route has been leading us  here. Truthfully our dreams were simple. This was where we wanted to be- near family, great school, in the country.  Figuring out what's next has been challenging.  Luckily we do have options (some of them are very exciting- just different)- so we shouldn't be homeless or unemployed (at least not for long, if at all).

Titus loves his "sinkies" so I snapped a couple pics of the little cutie.

Garret loves Titus (we all do).  I overheard Garret talking to Titus and he referred to himself as "Gary".  I asked him about it and he said "I can be Titus's big brother Gary if he wants me to be".  I must confess my big worry when naming Garret was that people would call him Gary.  I did tell Garret once if he ever wanted to go Gary it was his choice.  At the time he said he didn't ever want to be anything but Garret.  Maybe things have changed we will see.

We spent an afternoon in Seattle at the temple.  We had a nice time and stopped for ice cream on the way home  It was Titus's first. Mom joined us which was so nice of her.

Garret has been telling us about the "leprechaun"that has been messing up his classroom.  (let me just say, I think it is hilarious that schools can't say Christmas but they can do whatever they want with holidays like St. Patricks day). Garret was having lots of fun with the idea of catching a leprechaun.  He said if he got the pot of gold "I would keep enough for my bow and arrow but you can have the rest so we can keep the house".  I don't think he completely understands why we were moving but his thoughtfulness was sweet.

Tyler helped them with a trap and guess what they didn't catch a leprechaun but they did catch some treats and a jar of pickles.  They thought this was so funny and GROSS.

 In honor of good old St. Patty's day we wore green and ate corn beef and cabbage. And set more traps!

 I was on the phone the other day telling a friend what a little blob Titus was. How he was the cutest thing and in no hurry to move (which I was ok with).  I swear he looked at me and decided then and there he would "show me".  He isn't exactly hands and knees crawling but he doesn't qualify as a little blob anymore!

Adele discovered how to scream like a banshee.  It's ridiculously loud and high pitched.  After one episode of screaming, I waited for her to stop.  I said "are you done now?" she said "I'm all done, I really don't like having to scream at you like that".  She is normally pretty good natured but when she thinks the cause is worthy she can really rattle the house.
 Garret was assigned the task of creating a contraption to protect an egg when dropped. Tyler was out of town when it was time to build.  So we did foam with rubber bands around it.  I thought it was SO ugly- but it worked and he LOVED it.  I let him decorate it.  I left for a second and came back and he had put his phone number on it- so if it got lost it could be returned.
 Spring is here and apparently with Spring comes mud, lots of mud!  They love it and so do I (as long as they don't come in and out, in and out, in and out!)
Only a little more March left (I am sure it will be more days filled with mud, decisions and family) then on to April!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Madness

I know "March Madness" refers to basketball...and we have filled out our brackets.  It's a tradition, I am not sure why.  Tyler always stomps me and neither of us keep up on the teams very well we just like seeing who picks the most winners!

But our March has earned the descriptive word "madness" for other reasons, here are a few-

We have a theif in our midst-  first, it was Tyler's book.  We looked all over then found it behind some photo albums.  We thought that was strange but in a house of four kids things get put away in odd places.  Next, my book was gone.  I looked everywhere.  It was awful, I needed to find out what was going to happen.  The next morning I was prepared to offer a reward.  I said "I can't find my book..." (never finished my sentence), Spencer said he thought he might know where it was.  It was back behind some boxes.  I told him to never do that again.  Then a few days later we couldn't find the Magic Tree house books we had been reading to the kids.  We ALL looked, and had not success.  The next morning Spencer said "oh yeah I know where they are".  I guess he had hidden them from Adele and forgotten where.  He said "next time I take something and hide it, I'll tell someone else too".  We told him to just cut it out...

Our house is "pending" but we are all so sure it will go through that the realtor hung a "sold" sign.  Showing after showing was getting exhausting.  The kids were bribed to be good if we had to be here during a showing.  They were loving it- not the cleaning part but the fact that they got to watch "Duck Tales" when people came over.  The crazy thing about it all is that we didn't even end up selling to someone that came through with a realtor.  We sold it to a friend.  I have mixed feelings about moving on.  I am sad to leave friends, and Garret's school, and move from my family, glad that Tyler will be working a different job...but at least our house is going to a good family.  It eases my mind feeling like the purpose of the house was to hold it for someone else.  And my fingers are crossed that hopefully we can get another house before we are old and gray. We have a move out date now, and the pressure is mounting...we don't know what we are going to do next....

I have been playing Volleyball every Monday on a league with my Dad and some friends.  We are in play-offs now, which will free up a night a week when it is over, but I'll miss the fun of it.  We have encountered some interesting teams but for the most part it has been so great playing on a regular basis again- and so fun being able to play with my Dad.

Life has presented us with some serious bumps over the last couple years...but always there have been blessings that have kept us moving on.  Lately I have felt the blessing of friendship.  We have people so willing to give of there time to help us figure out what is next.  Friends that haven't cast us off once they found out we weren't staying around (I know that seems strange but it happens, people decide you aren't worth the effort once you decide you aren't sticking around).  Friends and family praying that we will find our niche.  We are grateful for all of the good people we are around.

Whenever the kids have been babysat by my Mom they watch Gilligan's Island.  They think it is the funniest show ever.  Adele knows the theme song and sings it over and over...it adds to the madness and cuteness!

The kids are endlessly saying funny things, however if I don't write them down right away I forget the exact wording and it's not funny when I go to write it down.  Here are a couple of the recent conversations-

At the store we were looking at toys and the boys were lagging behind...
Adele- "Where are you boys, come over here now....I DON'T WANT TO LOOSE YOU".

Spencer "is infinity the biggest number"
Me "Infinity means numbers without end"
Spencer insists over and over that I am wrong.
I explain again...
Spencer "infinity DOES have an n right after the f".

I talked to Garret about bodies and modesty.
The computer was on with Pandora up, there was an ad on the side with a picture of a drummer that did not have a shirt on.  
He looked a me eyes averted and says "Mom CLOSE the computer that person is not modest".

Garret and Spencer are on another earning venture.  They decided they want a bow and arrow.  I love that when they want something there is no begging, instead they ask us for ideas of how they could earn money.  We don't pay them for things at the house but have helped them find a few other jobs.  They know it could take a LONG time and I am ok with that....really do we need more weapons around here!

That about sums up the madness....actually there is no way to capture it in words!  Seriously though life is good!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Work Party

My Grandpa is an avid gardener.  His health is not what is used to be. In an effort to help him continue gardening, the family that could got together and put together a raised bed garden for him.  It was such a great thing on so many levels.

We got to help Grandpa.  We love him and can't imagine going to his house and not eating fresh fruit and vegetables!  We love how hard he works at his hobby and are so glad he will be able to continue it.

 We loved getting together with family.  Leah and her family were there, Daniel and his family, Aunts, Uncles and cousins all gathered together.  Some of the family even brought friends to help.
 We think working hard is one of the most important things our kids can learn.  I know they did a lot of soda sippin, but they also worked hard and felt good about what they did.
 They had such a great day and it was great because they were doing a good thing with a good attitude.
 The kids mixed in lots of fun with the working.  Wheelbarrow rides, good food eating, log teeter-totters and outdoor adventures!
A couple days after the work party I was going to have a couple people over.  Spencer said "it will be fun to have them over...but I wish we could have another work party".

Sunday, March 11, 2012


When Tyler and I went on our first date I asked him "what is your last name?" (we had gotten to know each other in class but I guess I had not thought to ask his last name).  He said to me "It's an American car plus the meat of a pig".  I thought for a second then said "your last name is Chevypork".  (What kind of last name is that?).  To my great relief I was wrong...however Chevypork stuck around as a nickname/joke.  Now that we are married and share the last name we thought it was only fitting to name our volleyball partnership "the Chevyporks".
We played together Friday night in a tournament my Dad put on.  We didn't even come close to winning but we had fun playing together.   As for the team name it was fun...but kind of annoying too.  We had to explain to everyone how we came up with it.  Then they would laugh and think it was fun...but I am a little appalled by the fact that everyone that I didn't tell the story to and that I don't know very well went home thinking that my last name is indeed Chevypork.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sick Days

I didn't take many pictures of the things we have done to pass the time while EVERYONE has been sick.  We read a lot of Magic Tree House books (the kids LOVE them).  They have watched more movies then normal (We usually just watch one a week with the kids).  We have done art projects, played games and lots of Lego's (best toy ever).

The only project I snapped pictures of was the morning they made necklaces out of beads or cheerios.  They loved it and it entertained for hours.  And now I have "custom" jewelry to wear!

 I love his toothless grin!  How long before he enters the awkward tooth stage- you know the stage where half the mouth is big teeth the other half small, lots of gaps...

Our fingers are crossed that we will all be well again this week.  I am running out of lazy day entertainment and ready to send them out to run around.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Titus Pictures

Someday Titus is going to ask me why there are not many baby pictures of him.  I feel bad because it's not even "fourth child" syndrome that has kept me from taking pictures.  I haven't taken many of anyone, I think it is just because life has been so crazy since Titus was born.  I was feeling remorseful about my lack of Titus pictures so I tried to capture a few of him ( his siblings sneaked in a couple).  It by no means makes up for the months of few pictures but they are still cute!

Titus has been enjoying eating!
 When he first wakes up he is SO happy!
 Titus has the smelliest belly button ever (I haven't actually smelled many but I can't imagine many worse).  I think its because it's so deep and tight.  It's really gross.
 We have had someone sick at house for the last month- first pink eye, then a cold/flu, followed by diarrhea and now the kids are taking turns throwing up.  Needless to say we have had a few pajama days around here.
 But Daddy livens things up and keeps us from laying around dwelling on our miseries!
 In case you are wondering why Garret has socks on his jammies (I asked the same thing), he likes wearing them because they are "boots" and he is a spy!

 Alright, back to Titus....
 The kids thought it was so funny that he sneezed when I took a picture that I just had to put it on the blog.  I love how the kids think everything he does is "the cutest". 
 If you look under his eyebrow he has a birthmark.  It is fairly light but I think it's cute and hope it sticks around.
 He has been stuck at 7 teeth for a while now.  Number 8 just can't seem to break through...lucky us- we have been enjoying a drooly- hands in his mouth baby for a long time!
 He bites my shoulder when I hold him facing  towards me.  Then he smiles at me.  I am not sure what to do about it.  Wear thick clothes I guess.
His favorite sounds to make are "bababa" and "dadada", but he has lots of other sounds he can make.
 He gets so excited when any of us talk to him.  He flashes the cutest little grin at us.

We all think he has his own look....but looks an awful lot like Spencer. 


 Titus is getting closer to crawling but I think it could still be a while.  He is a rather spoiled baby and if he squawks he either gets picks up or someone brings him a toy (there are perks to  being number 4).
 He is the best little sleeper.  Long Long naps and a solid 12 hour stretch at night!
We love Titus (aka TyTy).  Sometimes when I hold him I try to tell my brain to memorize the moment. I wish it were that easy.  I wish I could always remember every detail of his babyness.  Since I can't I am going to try and do a better job of taking pictures of him and all of them.