Saturday, June 30, 2012

Indian Island

This morning Tyler had phone calls he had to make.  Rather than tell the kids to "be quite" over and over I took them to a new park.  We went to Indian Island.  We all had fun and debated how many stars to give it.  Since we had such a good time they originally wanted to give it 5 but then they decided to give it 3.  It is worth going back to but not top of the list.

The beach was fun.  They found crabs, shells and rocks to throw.  They loved the drift wood and enjoyed the trails.  The trails were a little close to the road.  Not unsafe close but close enough you could hear the cars which kept it from being peaceful. 

 Spencer forgot his sweatshirt and Adele was kind enough to share with him. It was really sweet of her and Spencer said "it actually fits me really well". 

It was a fun morning.  There really are so many beautiful places here.

Friday, June 29, 2012


Sometimes we are just plain old sick of anything that has to do with dentristy.  Plus it's summer and we LOVE summer.  So we try and keep busy.  We are excited about our new location and have decided to get to know it better this summer.  Here are a few of the things we have been up to.

Parks-  We decided to try and go to all the parks we can this summer.  We want to find our favorites!

Our first park was HJ Carrol it's close to our house, has a playground, a trail, basketball courts, a creek, disc gold, mountain biking and lots more.  I am convinced this will be one we frequent.
While we were there I also learned that it is possible to swing with a baby in the back pack.  It definently is a challenge but Titus was laughing the whole time!

Speaking of Titus- this kid is pulling himself up on everything.  But if you ever let go he buckles at the knees and is back to crawling.  I love crawling though.  They only do it once, then they walk whats the rush?  Plus an old lady told me the slower they are to walk the smarter they are (gotta love the old ladies).  So if you see Titus trying to walk push him back down.  He might end up with phschological problems but he will be a genious!  Just kidding, we all know he will walk when he is ready.  Love that kid!
He is always trying to get outside too.  So if you are over be sure to close the door!
We have also been going to the library a lot.  It's in walking distance and Garret has his own card.  Spencer is counting down for his (you have ot be five).  They are really into eyewitness books right now.  I have actually learned a lot from them....more then I ever needed to know about cowboys, rescue workers and the civil war (I wonder what I will get to learn about next?Pick good ones boys!).

Tonight it was off to discover a new park.  We headed for beausite lake.  I wrote the directions down wrong (and it's only 4 miles from our house).  But we drove around for a long time.  I enjoy getting lost though because I get to see areas I wouldn't otherwise.  I found about 20 roads I wouldn't mind living on.  Finally we found the lake and it turns out its a special needs camp that you have to make an apointment to go to.  We didn't qualify (I don't know how I missed all that online).  So we were all a little disapointed.  Luckily Tyler saved the day and stumbled on another park. 

Gibbs Lake.  We loved it.  It's a 310 acre park.  Beautiful and secluded.  We started off by just walking around.
Then everyone had to put their hands in and see how cold it was.
Turns out it wasn't too cold so we let them go in.  We did not come prepared for swimming but there was just one other fisher at the other end of the lake so why not.

They were all smiles and I can't count how many times they told me they want to go back and swim again.  I want to to!  After they were already wet we saw a sign saying there might be toxic algae.  We washed them off good and hope that if there is bad algae it goes away quick because we really liked it there and want to explore more.  I know we barely saw any of the park.
On the ride home the kids said "That park was a five star park" and it is out of five so I think they liked it. 

Vegetables have been the other big thing around here lately.  We joined a CSA (community shared agriculture).  I have wanted to for so long but with moving we just never have. So far I LOVE it.  Each week we get a couple bags of produce.  Whatever is in season.  It's a challenge finding recipes to use it all in but it's fun and so far the kids are really enjoying trying new things.  I am determined not to waste any of it.  Anyone know what to do with fava beans?  Since I can't have my own farm right now I am enjoying Sunfields and so are the kids!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Super Spencer

Spencer is almost 5!!!  His birthday is July 5th and he will be 5.  We are going to be busy that day so in order to celebrate this little guy as he should be celebrated we are going to PARTY this weekend.  No actual party but lots of fun!

Since I have a moment (a rare thing these days) I decided to write down some of my favorite things about Spencer.

I told him to pose for some pics, he picked all his own spots!

On to Spencer---He is awesome.  He really, really is.  He is pretty much a dream child.  Maybe I am biased but even if I weren't I am convinced I would be smitten by him. 

He is cute as can be- never ever do I get sick of that smile- the extra tooth, the bright eyes (sigh)!

 He snuggles and hugs and kisses.  He loves climbing up on my lap, laying his head on my shoulder.  Everyone needs a snuggler like him.
 He says really thoughtful things.  He is always thinking.  You can just see it in his eyes.  He has lots going on inside that little mind of his.  He is the perfect balance of intro and extrovert.  He loves time on his own, doing legos or coloring but he also loves time with us.
 He is smart.  He reads (not everything but really well for his age), he is good with numbers and remembers things really well.
 He makes us laugh and loves a good joke.
 He very, very rarely throws a tantrum.  Basically never and if he ever does loose it there is usually a good reason.  He is normally pretty emotionally stable- another trait we love.  I do recall him screaming once "I don't want to be a Chimacum cub, I want to be a Griffin Grizzly" about 500 times in a row.  But we were moving and it's rough!
 He likes treats but can pass them up (a trait I wish I had- I have NO idea where he got it from).  He enjoys most healthy food and is a good little eater.
 He is into Super Heros lately.  He likes to pretend to rescue people.  They have never seen any superhero movies but the idea of it all fascinates him.
 He says he wants to be a Cowboy that finds bones when the cows are sleeping.  He says he wants me to come with him.
 He recently has had bad dreams at night.  He worries about robbers and bad guys.  It makes me sad that he has bad dreams.
 He is such a good brother.  There is the occassional brawl between them but usually he is all gentleness and kindness.  Saying things like "I could do her job for her". 
 He loves that people think he looks like Titus.  They are special pals.  He is always saying "oh he is so cute" or "Mom come take a picture of this, see what he is doing".
 He loves folding socks when I do laundry.  I hate folding socks, so once again he is a great little guy to have around.

 He has great dance moves when we dance around to music.  He get this serious face on and you know he means business!
 He is excited for school next year but says he is going to miss us at home.  Oh how I am going to miss him to. 
 He is kind of sneaky. He is the best of the kids at hide and seek.  He is awesome at the quite game.  (a lifesaver on our road trips).  He is great at puzzles and board games.
 He likes playing and dressing up.  He loves to have fun and enjoy life.
It's been a big year for this little man.  Moving around a lot and learning so much.  There have been lots of new things.  He has handled it all so well.  He has been such a joy this year (and every year).  He is sweet and fun to be around.  I could just keep him this way forever and NEVER get sick of him.  I told him he could only turn five on one condition- that he promises to be as good a five year old as he is four year old.  He promised and told me he would always be good and always hug me a lot.  I guess since he promised we will let him have his birthday and we will make it as great as we can.  I hope he has the bets day ever and that he always knows he owns a huge part of our hearts and makes our lives so bright! 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Little Moments

They keep us laughing-

*On the drive home from Colorado Adele stuck small pieces of wet wipe up her nose.  They were not easy to get out and she kept saying "It was an accident".  (apparently they just tore themselves off and jumped up there).

*While in Colorado I was teasing Spencer about staying four and skipping his birthday.  He said "Mom I always know when you are teasing because you smile at me".  (Dang they have me figured out already).

*Adele was turning a lamp on and off and then I saw her put her feet on it.  I decided to tell her about being careful with them because if your not you might start a fire.  I said "do you know what could happen if a fire started".  She said "we would need marshmallows". 

*I overheard the boys have this conversation-
Garret "My favorite thing is Star Wars"
Spencer "What about your family?"
Garret "Oh yeah, it's family then Star Wars".
Spencer "What about Heavenly Father"
Garret "Family, then Heavenly Father, then Star Wars"
Spencer "What about Jesus and the Holy Ghost"
Garret "Family, Heavenly Father, Jesus the Holy Ghost....then Star Wars"
Spencer "Mine are the same except mine are Family, Heavenly Father, Jesus, the Holy Ghost and Super Heros".  (At least they have their priorities kind of in order).

*A while back (before we moved) we lived out in the country.  We had a shoe rack sitting on our front porch and we kicked off our muddy shoes there.  Then we hung a bird feeder up above it.  The birds would eat and seeds would fall to the ground.  Apparently the mice liked the food.  Garret came running in once telling me that there was a mouse in his shoe and that it had run out.  I kept questioning him (because this had never  happened before- I didn't factor in the new bird feeder and the fact that our cats were all gone).  I believed him the next day when there was a mouse in my shoe as well.  So I proceeded to dump them all out.  Most were empty but Tyler's shoe had a whole next.  They went straight to the garbage!

*In our last church building there was a huge coat closet when you first walked in.  It had a window, a door, a light (essentially it was a room). Sometimes if Adele was particularly naughty (which wasn't often).  I would give her a time out in there.  It was quite and out of the way.  I was with her.  I overheard her telling her teacher that "Mommy makes her go in the closet if she is bad".  I decided we needed a new spot...

*On our drive back from Colorado we made a bathroom stop.  Garret was crying and didn't want to go in.  It was strange because he is the oldest and usually keeps his cool.  After inquiring over and over as to what the problem was he finally confided that he had already gone.  I took him in with plans of helping  him clean up.  I was so confused because this is Garret we are talking about.  When we got inside he sighed in relief and said "I guess I didn't, I was just hot and sweaty".  I was relieved as well!

*One day while telling Spencer that he can't grow anymore (I adore him just the way he is), turned to me and said I have to grow and go to college.  I asked if he would visit me then.  He said "All my vacations will be with you".  I'm going to hold him to it.

Last Day of School

Technically tomorrow is Garret's last day but we were all so ready to be home that we decided today would be his last day.  It was field day- so it was a pretty good day to end on.  He loved kindergarten!  It was 2 and a half days a week which was perfect.  I don't know how I'll manage with him gone any more than that. 

He made great friends. (I wish I had gotten a picture of him with them all). 

 His teacher was so nice and so good to him.  He really loved her. I hear she is moving up to first.  Garret would have loved another year with her. He told me he wishes he could be in her class for a couple more years.
 To celebrate we went to lunch together. 
 Looked at his memory book (so cute). 
 And then we made it really special by giving him a bike.  Before you judge me as an over indulger hear me out....I think it's hard to give summer gifts at Christmas because they can't use them right away so if you don't have a summer birthday when do you get your summer toys?  Garret needed a bigger bike and Spencer needed Garret's old bike, so we decided we would give a summer gift on the last day school.  This year it was a bike, next year it could be bubbles, maybe sometime it will be a trampoline for all of them, who knows.  It just seemed like a good day to give a summer toy without just giving it to them.  Plus it makes the last day SO exciting! 
The bike is a little big for him but he LOVES it and will grow into it.  If only we still had a paved circle drive-way for him to use it on!  (Someday!!!)  Garret is one good looking first grader!

CO trip- The Way Back

Early Monday Morning we were back in the car and heading home.  We decided since Temple Square in Salt Lake was only a little off our path to stop there.  I am so glad we did.  We visited the conference center first.  The kids loved being able to picture where general conference takes place. I have been before but was amazed again how big it was.

 Our tour guide asked the kids where they would want to sit if they ever came for conference.  They said the very top!

 We walked through the visitor centers at Temple Square.  We didn't have a lot of time since we had more driving to do but we enjoyed what we did see.
 The kids are familiar with a lot of church history stories and loved being where some of them took place.  They kept telling me about different people that worked on the temple when it was being built.

 After our quick stop we were back in the car and moving on again.  The kids did well but not as well on the way home.  It seems like we were making more bathroom breaks and everyone was a little whinier (myself included) but we did make it back....eventually!!!

CO trip- 100th

We were really excited for our trip to Colorado.  We haven't been there in a couple years (at least not all together).  Mostly we were excited to go because Tyler's Grandma Talcott celebrated her 100th birthday.  100!!!  We couldn't miss that.

Tyler made her (and his aunt and uncle and Mom) candle holders out of wood from the property of an uncle.  They all loved it.  Although Grandma was a little "out of it" when Tyler originally showed it to her.  But if you are 100 you are entitled to being a little loopy from time to time!

 Spencer is a giver.  When he saw his Dad making something he decided to make something too.  It's an airplane in case you can't tell.  He was very sweet to make it.
 We spent a lot of time with family and had lots of fun.  I was a horrible picture taker.  I will add pics when I get them from other people.  Here is what I do have and some of the highlights of the week.

We went to Chuck e Cheese.  Everyone had fun playing there.  Spencer was so funny- we walked passed the prize counter on the way in.  He decided he wanted to get enough tickets for the "diamond ring".  He did too.  I asked who it was for he said "just me, I like treasure". 
 I was lucky enough to sneak away one morning and meet up with my friend Rachel.  She is awesome!  We joke about being pen pals (more like email pals).  We ask each other for advice from time to time. I consider myself very lucky to have a wise pen pal and even more lucky that I was able to see her in person! And Noah is SO cute!
 We also spent a morning with Dave, Briste and Ivy.  They made us a delicious breakfast (better than any restaurant), we chatted and the kids played.  Ivy and Adele were pretty cute together.
 I snuck upstairs and saw Ivy putting lip gloss on Adele's lips and on her fingernails!  So cute.
 We consider ourselves very blessed to have friends and family all over the country and love it when our paths cross and we get to catch up with each other.

There was a BBQ one night.  Lots of family (most of them I had never met) were there.  It was fun meeting them. We also saw some old friends there (Jerid and Tiffany and kids to name a few).  We brought Kan Jam with us and it was a hit.  If you haven't played it you should.  It's the best yard game out there.  And since I am sentimental and like recording ALL the significant events in my life I must mention I made it through the slot (we won't mention that immediately after that amazing moment in my life Trenton also put one in and stole my thunder)!

Saturday was the bit PaRTay!!!  The room looked amazing.  They used a lot of Grandma's old things in the decorating.  There was TONS of food and lots of good company.  Tia did a monologue of Grandma's life that was so cute (Tia, you should send that to me and I could put the script on here).  It made everyone laugh and cry- plus she wore Grandma's prom dress and wedding dress.  And Trenton sang....the entertainment was perfect for the event. 

 The kids gathered around Grandma for the birthday song!  I'll have to post more pictures later but everyone worked together to pull off a great party.
We were so glad we were there for the party and to see everyone.  I am very lucky to have joined such a great family.  Happy 100th Grandma Helen.