Thursday, August 30, 2012


We finally got a website up and running (We hired someone and it stilled seemed like a lot of work)!  There are still a few glitches we hope to fix and changes we will make over time.  But for now we are just happy it is up and that people trying to find us will be able to.

Check it out if you feel so inclined.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

End of Summer Adventure

This summer has been SO busy.  We moved and we bought a dental practice.  Sometimes this summer it has felt like 80% of conversations have been about dentistry. Somehow the summer flew by.  I had so many things I wanted to do with the kids that never happened.  We decided we needed to have some kind of family adventure before the summer ended.
We looked at lots of different options.  Some were too expensive, some too far away.  Some too stressful with a baby etc.
We settled on staying two nights at a horse ranch.  The kids LOVE horses and dream of being cowboys.  We left Thursday afternoon and arrived in time to get settled in our tiny cabin.
Then we spent the evening running around the grassy field.

 Taking a quick look at some of the horses. 
 And playing games. 
 I was worried about us all sleeping in such close quarters but they did really well.  Titus woke up REALLY early. 
 We decided to spend a little extra and let Garret and Tyler go on the trail ride.  The other kids were too young.  Garret was so excited about this.  Which made me really excited too.  There is just something about watching your kids do the things they dream about that is very fulfilling. 

He had to saddle the horse himself and they helped him know how to lead the horse and turn it around.  It was VERY hands on and he learned SO much.  I might have to see if I can find him lessons somewhere.

 The other kids watched Garret and Tyler saddle up.  They loved the horses too. 
 Then we played on the grass while they went on their trail ride.  They said they would put Garret on a lead rope if he needed it but he did so well and didn't need any help. 
 After the trail ride they came back to the coral and got to trot around.  Garret said that whenever he scratched his horse it would go faster.  He said next year he is going to go so much faster.  He wasn't scared at all and loved every minute of it.
 After the trail riding group left the coral they let Spencer and Adele have turns on the horse.  They rode the same horse Garret rode. 
 When Adele and Spencer were done Garret had to unsaddle and return his horse.  They all helped him brush the horse down.
 They thought the horse riding was awesome.  They all said it was their favorite part of the weekend (although they had lots of favorites).

Then we snuck into town for some lunch.  Titus was a total stinker (in every sense of the word).  He kept standing up and reaching for things.  Then he pooped and we didn't have diapers or wipes with us.  It made for an eventful lunch!
 Then it was time for the pool.  The kids had fun swimming and made friends with the other little girl that was there.  They swam for about three hours.
 Titus got out before the other kids and lounged in the sun!
 We ate dinner, played more games and roasted smores.
 Put the kids to bed.  Then Tyler sat out on our porch and looked at the stars and started a movie but decided we were too tired!
 The next morning we woke up and said goodbye to all the friends we made at the ranch.  We left and went to Ensign ranch where we met up with Anna and her family.  They were at Ensign ranch.  We started off by canoeing.
 Kyle made a fishing pole and tried really hard to catch something. 
 But sadly Garret was the only one to catch something.  I thought he speared it.  Then I found out it was already dead.  How gross and disgusting is that? 

The little girls were much cuter (at least at the moment).  They were not spearing dead fish.  They were giving each other hugs and holding hands.
 After canoeing we went searching for the "bear cabin".  we did not ever find it, but we found the river and the kids threw rocks in and splashed around a little.
 We shared lunch together. And even though everyone was having fun together we decided to head for home.  Our kids were beat and we still had to make a couple other stops on the way home.
 The kids were ALL asleep within minutes of getting in the car.  They woke up when we were in Shelton and could not believe that so much of the drive was over.
 We swung by a patients home, my parents house and finished up our adventure with milkshakes with Dan and Heather.
 Titus really liked them!!!

It was such a nice little get away.  It was not necessarily relaxing but it was a change of pace and it was memorable for the kids.  I do think that Tyler and I better take a relaxing vacation one of these days.  But for this weekend our horse ranch was perfect. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Milestones....Big Milestones!!!

Things have really been happening here. 
Adele has started drawing.  Really drawing.  She has been a scribbler up until the last couple days.  She drew me this pics of our family  (there are ten people in it- not sure why).  I think it's so cute that she ALWAYS draws two lips for the mouth.  Not just one line.  Since this picture she has gotten even better.  It's like it just clicked that she could try to draw the things around her. 
I have not really tried to teach her any "school" things yet.  She has three more years until school and I planned to start working with her in the fall while the boys are at school.  For fun though I wrote out her name and asked her to try and write the letters like I had.  She did great.  I think once I really try teaching her things she is going to really latch onto it all.

The other BIG news of the day.  My 14 1/2 month old "trouble makin baby" (as we affectionately call him) was sitting on the carpet today and he stood up and took 2 steps.  This is big time.  He usually just bends his knees if I try to get him to stand without holding on to something.  We all clapped and cheered.  But that my friends is not the end of it.  He stood back up and tried again.  Then after his napped he tried again.  He is currently up to ten steps and seems to be enjoying himself so he might just end up being a walker yet...or he might decide to wait.  There is no telling with this kid.  But at least we know he can.  Pics and videos of it to come.  For now here is a picture of his sneaky little face after I caught him climbing from an end table to the couch (He may not be an efficient walker- but he is a climber).
What a day!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

As a family we finished the Book of Mormon again.  It takes us a long time because we only read a few verses every night with the kids.  Whenever we finish any book of scripture (Bible or Book of Mormon) as a family we find some way to celebrate. 

Today was our day to celebrate our accomplishment.  Near the beginning of the Book of Mormon a group of people travel by boat.  So we told the kids we were going to be like those people and go on the ferry to Whidbey Island and see what we could find. 

Along the way we talk about things we learned from the scriptures, favorite parts and fun trivia.  We also listened to the book The Penderwicks while driving.  It was lots of fun and the kids loved it.

On the ferry they were bouncing of the walls with excitement.  I was a little nervous I would loose one over the side they were so excited.  There was VERY heavy fog and we had to wait forever to finally leave.  They were sure they would see a whale but the fog prevented that.

 When we got there we headed to Coupeville.  I thought it was the perfect little town.  It reminded me of an East Coast town.  Old buildings (but well kept up).  It was beautiful even on an overcast day.  We parked our car near a park so we started by checking that out.
 Then we saw that the farmers market was going on so we went there next.  Tyler was raving about the kettle corn so I told him to pose for a picture.  Everyone was in such a good mood and he was being super silly.
 We walked around the waterfront of Coupeville. 
 We found an ice cream shop and the kids thought that would be an excellent place to check out!  I think we ate better then the Nephites ever did!
 After Coupeville we drove up and checked out Deception Pass Park.  It was kind of crowded (I can't imagine what it is like on a sunny summer day).  But it was beautiful there and the kids LOVED the rocks along the water.  They climbed up and around them until I got nervous about how brave they were being.

 Titus and I didn't climb the rocks.  But we did enjoy the beach and the scenery. 
 After that we went back through Coupville and went bowling.  (I strayed away from things that had to do with the Book of Mormon) but the point was to have fun and enjoy the day together.  The bowling alley was totally "old school".  We kept our own score, the people were SO nice and friendly.  I am a horrible bowler and I wish I could be on a bowling league there...complete with polyester uniform.  Wouldn't that be so much fun to do with your best friends.  Bowl together once a week. 
Tyler beat us all.  He barely broke 100 (we even had bumpers), I squeaked in at second, followed by Adele, Spencer and then Garret.  It was a lot of fun.  And I would definitely go back. 

We thought about going to dinner but everyone was getting worn down.  So we headed back to the ferry.  We didn't even get out of the car.  We had the most beautiful, lovely, fun family day.  It was a day where I don't think we even talked about dentistry.  We just played with the kids and did whatever was fun for them.  It was great.

But that last half hour in the car the kids changed from their fun loving selves to little monsters.  They were so loud and whiny.  Everyone needed a drink and I didn't have one.  Everyone needed to know what we were going to do next, everyone needed something and everyone was bothering each other.  I had to lay down the law and tell them they could only talk about how much fun they had and they couldn't talk about anything they didn't like.  They did better and we rushed them home, fed them toast and peanut butter as fast as could and tucked them into bed.  I am tempted to erase that wretched half hour from my mind and forget it occurred in our perfect day.  But those crazy moments are part of our life.  We have them just like everyone else.  We got past it though and even with that crazy time it was still a perfect day! 

I can't think of a better way we could have spent our Saturday and our celebration than by our little Island adventure!

(Most Embarrasing Moment (of the day)- I jumped out of our car while we were waiting for the ferry to throw some trash away.  Then I picked up a ferry schedule and was looking at it while I walked back to our car.  I walked up to a white car and opened the door and just about sat down.  I probably would have if the woman sitting in the seat hadn't squacked at me.  I quickly apologized and ran to our Silver Van. Only to be greeted by Tyler laughing, saying "I wish I had taken a picture of your face"- Good times!!!)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Olympics

While the Olympics were on the kids wanted to watch them as often as they could.  They loved all the events asked a million questions and were constantly shouting for the USA.

Since the Olympics have ended they have missed they started doing their own Olympics.  Events included (but were not limited to) running races, obstacle courses, swinging from the clothes line, balancing on a saw horse, running around cones, fastest weeders, fastest eaters, best cleaners (seriously all I had to do was call something an Olympic event and they took it seriously).  Today we did water events.

Adele thought that goggles went well with her outfit.  She posed before her dive.

 And then she ran and dove.  She pretty much raced up to the edge.  Came to a complete stop and then fell forward into it.  She then sat up and said "did I get the bronze?"!!! With a big smile on her face.  She gets the bronze a lot.
 When not competing Adele stashed her glasses in her suit.  I don't know where she learned this from.
 Spencer had some pretty tricky dives. 
 Garret only competed a little bit today.  He took a fall prior the events and was resting up.

 The youngest competitor in today's events was Titus.  He didn't dive in, more of a flop over the side followed up with lots of splashing.
 After a little while it was a free swim. 
 Titus lost his diaper...does that earn you points or disqualify you?
 They had a great time splashing around and "competing".  It's been lots of fun playing Olympics around here. Spencer said to me "you should be the person that makes of Olympic events, you are really good at that?"  What am I doing keeping books for a dental office?  I could be out making up Olympic Events!!!