Saturday, September 29, 2012

Garret's Day

Today was Garret's big day.  It was lots of fun.  We made Garret a Star Wars cake.  A few days before his birthday I was on the phone with my Mom and she asked what we were making .  I spelled it to her since Garret was at school I thought I was safe.  Spencer came to me later and said I know you are making a Star Wars cake for Garret.  I had to trick him into thinking I was tricking him.  I don't know how I got away with it.  The important thing was Garret was surprised and loved his cake.
 We ate Biscuits and Gravy upon his request.
 Then he opened his presents and spent a couple hours playing with them.  The kids got him real binoculars.  We got him a snap circuit set.  He played with them all morning.  Changing them around to make alarms, fans, lights and other projects.
 He decided a few days ago that the gift he was going to pick out for himself was a metal detector.  I ordered it rather than go pick it up.  It got here and on time and he was so excited to go treasure hunting.  We had to wait a little while though.

First we walked around town with "the Aunts".  Two of my Aunts were visiting my parents so they came up for the day.  It was great seeing them.
 They enjoyed our charming little seaport town.
 While walking around we decided to mail our "Santa" letters.  Outside the toy store is a mailbox marked "North Pole".
 We grabbed some lunch and Garret was treated to a special birthday ice cream. (There was no shortage of treats for this birthday boy).
 Finally we made it to the beach.  It is safe to say the metal detector was a HUGE success.  And I think he will get his use out of it.  It would beep and they would start digging.  We didn't find anything valuable today....but the memories of an exciting adventure together are priceless.  At the end of the day we found - an old spike, barb wire, a few coins, some bottle caps and a giant piece of metal we finally gave up digging out.
 We returned home to roast hot dogs and smores. 

Then cake and ice cream.  Seriously too much food.

 We enjoyed a little more time with Grandma and Grandpa and "the aunts".
 Sent him through the spanking machine.
 Let him watch a birthday movie and called it a night.
It was so fun watching our adventure loving boy enjoy his day.  He is great and we LOVE him so much.  He said it was a great day and by the end was quite exhausted.

Happy Birthday- Garret-Boy!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Garret-boy!

My charming boy is almost 7!!! 7 can you believe it?  His birthday is October 4th but that is a weekday so Saturday is the designated day to celebrate.  I always get a little sentimental right before they turn the corner and enter a new year of life. 
It seems like the corners are too close together!  Didn't we just turn the corner and enter 6? Now 7 is nearly upon us. 
Garret is my trial and error baby.  He is first for everything.  I get it right sometimes and I get it wrong sometimes but all the time I love him.

Oh how I love him!  Isn't he just the handsomest almost 7 year old you have ever seen?  I think so.  He still has his classic dimple up above his lip.  His big brown eyes and now he has a mouth full of grown up teeth growing in.
 Lately he has been challenging me with questions.  He thinks about everything (which I am grateful for).  He thinks about things under the sea, wonders about things long ago, and asks deep questions about the meaning of life.  It's fun and exciting having more grown up conversations with him.  It's also a little scary.  As much as I love his inquisitive mind I hate seeing his innocence fade.  He wants to know about war and why people would fight, he wants to know why people would use bad words and why some kids don't have Dads around.  The questions are endless.
 Speaking of Dad's, Garret adores his.  He loves having his Dad's approval so much.  He wants to know if Dad likes things before he decides if he likes them or not.  He wants to play tag and ride bikes with Dad all the time.  He wants to help Dad with projects and be just like him.  I would be very happy with him turning out like his Dad.
 Garret is such a good helper with his little siblings.  He can pester them and tease them but when they really need something he is right there helping them. 
 Lately he wants to be an explorer.  He wants to explore and learn about old things.  He wants to find lost treasure and find new kinds of animals.  He borrows books from the library on all of these things. 
 I have been walking the kids to school every morning.  Garret hugs us all goodbye every day.  But the other day he said "you don't have to walk me to my classroom, unless you want to".  He is getting very independent.  I guess that's normal for this age but still breaks my heart a little. 

He is liking school a little better.  I don't think it will be his favorite year but he is learning lessons.  He is helping his teacher, being a good example for other kids and learning to do his best when others are not.  I am proud of him for looking for the good in the situation.  He has a tendency to dwell on what goes wrong versus what is right.  Maybe this year will be a good learning experience, if he can learn to be happy when it is not easy then it will be worth it. 

He is so funny.  When he comes home from school he just talks and talks and talks and runs around like a crazy man.  He says that he has so much to say after being quite all day long.
 Garret still loves star wars (I still haven't let him watch it), he loves Narnia, he loves cowboys and explorers.  He loves singing "Onward Christian Soldiers".  He loves secret things like spies and trap doors.  He does not like it when girls ask him if he wants to date (when did that start so early), he loves playing pretend, he loves when I read to him, he loves whispering to Spencer at night (I pretend I don't hear), he loves jump roping.  He loves biking and hiking.  He does not want to be on any teams until he knows how to play the sports better.  He is shy at first but warms up quickly.  He has become more aware of what others think and act.  He loves treats but eats healthy food too.  He has never eaten hot lunch at school.  He loves making plans.  He is always thinking one step ahead.  He wants a horse someday.  He wishes that he lives before there were cars.  He has the most active conscience and always tells me what he has done and very much wants to do everything right.  He doesn't like our backyard and reminds me frequently.  He wants to know if Santa is real (so far "what do you think? has worked).  He hates wearing polos or anything other than t-shirts.  He wishes he could see Spencer more at school. 
Garret at almost 7 is still so young in so many ways but he seems to do something older every day.  He is thoughtful and good.  He is one of those kids that feels the good things and the bad things very deeply.  I think it will prove to be a strength as life goes on. 

He is excited about life and a joy to have around.  We love him and could not ask for a better trial/error kid.  He teaches us so much and is so forgiving of the times we mess up.  He is a joy and a delight.  We are excited for Saturday when we get to make the day special for him. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012



Titus is no longer the youngest Beck grandbaby....I have a new nephew.  Anthony Blaze joined the family today.  7 pounds 14 ounces and a head full of hair.  I can't wait to snuggle his little face and get my newborn baby fix.  I love him already.  Welcome to the family!!!

Keepin Busy

Time for another random update post-
I volunteered to help out with the high school volleyball team.  I think I could really love being a coach of my own team someday.  For now it's just fun getting back in the gym occasionally.  I also went to the cities open gym.  Between the two it's safe to say that there are muscles I forgot I had that have woken up and are screaming at me.
Adele and Titus get to spend the mornings with just me.  Adele loves dancing and Titus joins right in.
 I still can't get over how adorable it is when Spencer comes home from school and falls asleep.  He always tells me he is not tired.
 I love, love, love how Titus lights up when I go get him after a nap. 
 We decided to send another letter to patients.  There was a letter sent from Jack the retiring dentist before the close but we had never written one from us to them.  Of course the bulk of the project fell on me when Tyler was out of town.  I enlisted the munchkins to help (which they actually thought was great fun).  Adele was trying to hard to be helpful...but I am worried a patient or two may have received an envelope with no letter or a few might be returned because she was getting a little crazy with the labels.  It took ALL day.  We wanted to get them sent off, but Tyler was gone so we had no car.  It was A LOT of letters.  So I put Titus in the backpack on my back, the kids all walked and the stroller was loaded with letters.  We looked ridiculous (I wish I had a pic).  We filled up one of the big blue mailboxes and walked home.  It was a good days work!
 We celebrated that big job being done by watching a movie together. 
 I know it's only September but the kids and I were having a Christmas discussion and they decided to write letters to Santa.  It kept them entertained so why not. 

There letters were cute.  They all asked how he was doing, told them they were good and then gave him ideas of what he could get for them.  Spencer tells me most day "I can't wait for Christmas".  He has a whole pile of things he is making for people. 
 Adele scribbled some letters then pretended to read them.  It sounded like a love letter to Santa.  She was being quite dramatic and if you have seen her pretend to read you can picture it.  It went something like "oh, Santa, I love you so much.  I love you, I love you, I love you.  I can't wait for you to come...."  (I think that when Adele's hair is not done it looks a little Donald Trumpish. It just naturally all goes forward).
 Garret was suppose to collect leaves for school and bring them in.  I told him he could wash them off.  They thought this meant free reign on the sink and water.  The leaf collecting/washing/drying project was a huge mess and a huge success.
 They caught a frog.  Garret was a major wimp when I first point it out to him and told him to get it.  He screamed and kept chickening out.  Then he caught it and before long they had all fallen in love with it.  They spent a good hour building it a house, feeding it, teaching it to swim, seeing how high it could climb up the screen door...then the frog got away (poor thing was probably scared to death, but to the kids credit they were all trying to be very gentle.
 Speaking of animals, Adele is obsessed with snails.  She finds them all the time and carries them around everywhere. 

One other recent animal was a potato bug named "tate-y".  Spencer found him right before a recent trip to the post office.  He carried him in and he and Adele showed him to everyone in the post office.

Speaking of the post office on a different trip there (it's close and we seem to go a lot).  She was being chatty with the lady behind the counter and said to her "my brother is using his big staring eyes and staring right at you".  She just went on and one and on.  I think all the postal workers were listening to her jabber on.  She can really get going when she knows she is being funny. 

Titus is down to one nap a day.  Sometimes it just can't come soon enough and he doesn't make it to his room before those big staring eyes of his just close.  Love him!
I guess that's it for now!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

15 Months

This little stinker is just over 15 months.  He is so sweet and so much trouble all wrapped into one.  Here is what he is up to these days-

*He is a climber.  Not your ordinary loves the stairs kind of climber.  I'm talking on the table, on the bunk beds, on the couch, on my bed...if it is higher than he is, he will try to climb it.

*He used to say NaNa for banana.  Now he says it for anything he wants right now.

*He says No in the cutest little way if he doesn't want something.

*He loves to snuggle when he first wakes up.

*I still would not say he is walking.  He will take an occasional step but it's rare.  He crawls most places.

*He hates having his diaper changed, which is unfortunate because he still poops a lot and it's the messy kind.  Wrestling him over it is no fun.

*He is pretty mellow by nature.  Only occasionally does he through a tantrum and usually there is an obvious reason for it.

*If you are laying on the floor he thinks it means it's time to wrestle (he has older siblings).  He will crawl over as fast as he can and sit on you.

*He loves to be tickled and chased.

*He only has a few consistent words- yes, no, mama, dada, dogdog etc.  But if he is in the right mood he will mimic the words we say to him.

*If you ask where his nose is.  He points to the back of his head.

*LOVES Popsicles.  If he sees one coming his way he screams POPPOP over and over.

*Loves his siblings.

*Gives big open mouth kisses.

*Say NighNigh when we lay him down at night.

*Has switched to taking only one nap a day most every day.

*Doesn't sit very well for stories.

*Rarely makes it through all of church without being taken out.

*Will crawl as fast as he can if the bathroom door is ever left open and goes right for the toilet.

*Doesn't mind cold water.  If we are near water he goes for it regardless of temperature.

*Loves to splash in the tub.

*Kind of his a mullet look going on.  I just can't cut it yet.  It took him so long to get any hair.  Plus I know it will only be blond for a little while.

*Has an obsession with the garbage can and with the computer mouse.

*He is spoiled.  We carry him around a lot.  Smoother him with attention.  OOh and Aaah over everything he does.  And we all think he is the best baby ever.

*He eats a lot and we call him Yorky-Porky sometimes.  Tyler says we should stop and I'm working on it but it just comes out sometimes when I see him stuffing his face.

We love our Titus boy. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bad Days

By the end of the day today EVERYONE was in tears-

Titus had a babysitter today.  He was suppose to be napping the whole time I was gone.  When I got home the babysitter was frazzled, he was screaming and had been for some time.  I checked his diaper-  poopy.  I guess she didn't think of that.  Changed him but it was too late for a nap.  End result fussy baby ALL afternoon.

Adele heard the babysitter and babysitter let her get up so she did.  She painted and played but by four o clock she was a wreck and cried all evening.

Spencer falls asleep every afternoon when he gets home from kindergarten.  It wears him out and I let him sleep for a little while.  Today he went with me to the meeting and missed his afternoon catnap.  He whined and cried about everything all evening.  He also said that a girl at school told him that "she hated boys".  He took this very personally.  He added to the chaos.

Garret is really struggling with school.  He has been trying to make friends but the friend he had made I guess makes a lot of bad choices at school so he is nice to him but doesn't play with him much.  He was spit on one day while walking to lunch.  He brought something for show and tell today and said that everyone talked and no one listened to him (he has a hard time anyway getting up in front of people).  The teacher told the whole class today that they were going to get moved to the next color (its a discipline thing) and he wasn't misbehaving.  He wants to learn but says the class is always getting in trouble.  He came home from school and burst into tears and asked me if we could go to a different school next year and said it was just a hard hard day.  It broke my heart.  (Maybe we will try the 1st/2nd combo class next year so the boys would have each other).  Needless to say he was an emotional wreck this afternoon.

Tyler is sick.

I had to listen to whining and crying all afternoon.  Titus wouldn't let me put him down and when I did he got into the toilet.  Adele wouldn't listen to anything I told her (she is especially strong willed when overtired).  I could go on and on but all of that nearly brought me to tears by bed time.

Some days are just like that.

Friday, September 7, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten

Spencer was SO excited to go to Kindergarten today. He has been counting down the days.  He thought it was totally and completely unfair that Garret started before him. 
He started his big day out by eating German pancakes (his request), putting on his bat shirt (he plans to wear it everyday, we will see) and tying the laces on his new tennis shoes.
He wanted to ride the bus but I said NO we were going to take him.  He said he wanted Dad to take him.  It broke my heart but I got over it and we all took him. 
 Titus was ok with him going.  Expect to see more bruises on his head though.  Now that I won't have Garret and Spencer around to help me keep him off of things.  This kid is a climber.
 I did make him slow down a little so I could take a pic of him on his first day.
 Deli needed a hug. She is already missing her boys.
 The boys were sad they wouldn't have recess together.  Maybe next year I'll have to look into the first/second combined class.  They would love to be around each other all day (gotta enjoy it while it lasts).
As I walked him to class I held his hand (something I am glad he is not too big to do).  I gave it squeeze after squeeze.  It's like suddenly I wanted some way of sending him my love.  Enough to get him through a day without me.  Enough for him to know I'll love him no matter what.  He probably just thought I was a crazy Momma doing something silly.  But really I was searching for anyway of sending that last little bit of love to him before he set out on this new adventure called school.
 Spencer found his seat and sat right down.  We waited a little with him then said goodbye.  I held back my few tears until we were out of the room. 
 Adele didn't make it to the car before she burst into tears. 
 We kept busy all morning but kept our eye on the clock.  He has half day so we got to have him home for lunch.  He loved the bus ride and can't wait til Monday when he gets to ride it again.
 He said he didn't learn anything but he had fun, made a friend and got to go to the library.  Since the other kids were sleeping he went in by Tyler who was reading and was going to read too.  I went in to ask a question and found them both asleep.  I guess he was a little tuckered out.
Spencer is growing up to fast.  He is such a sweetheart to have around.  I could have kept him home forever.  But I am glad he is excited to learn and make friends.  He did it and we did it.  Day one- complete! 

Garret gets home in a couple hours.  He asked me this morning if I would forget to meet him at the bus stop because I would be so busy hugging Spencer and taking care of him.  I told him No Way. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

How to Make Friends

I think we should all take a lesson from this-

When Garret got home from school yesterday he was so much happier then the first day.  I asked him how his day was.  He said "good, guess what?"

I made some guesses and then he said "I MADE A FRIEND". 

I prodded him for details and this is the story I got-

He was in class and nervous and sad about not having any friends.  He finally used all his courage and walked up to a kid that he said "followed the rules and didn't cause much trouble" and burst out "I'm Garret, do you want to be my friend?".

The boy answered "yes".

It's as simple as that.

Now I just need to follow his example and see if I can make a few friends!  Forget all this small talk and trying to find common interest.  I just need to be bold and ask "do you want to by my friend".

I feel so much better knowing he has a friend.  I am sure there will be many more to come.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of First Grade

I tried and tried to hang onto summer and my kids all home...but despite my efforts the school year is upon us.
We are in a new place and that means a new school.  Garret was the first to go (Kindergartners start a couple days later).  It was an emotional day.  Garret doesn't know anyone in his class (at his old school he had lots of friends from church in his class).  He was excited and nervous.
He looked so big and old today.  He picked out his own clothes and looked so handsome. 
I made a big fancy french toast bake for breakfast.  I wanted it to be a yummy special breakfast (we have been trying to make back to school exciting).  No one ate it.  It was a big gooey mess.  So rather then sending a well fed boy to school I sent a nervous boy with an empty stomach.  He was so nervous it didn't matter.
 Adele gave him lots of hugs at home and at the school when we got there.  She loves her "Garret Buddy".
 Spencer was a total wreck today.  I should have counted how many times he cried today but didn't.  It was a lot.  He cried because he didn't have a folder in his bag.  He cried because it wasn't fun without Garret.  He cried because someone looked at him wrong.  He cried because he might not see  Garret at recess.  I think this five year old had all he could handle today.
 We ran Tyler to work so we could have a car to take Garret to school.  We were really early so we walked around the whole school.  We talked to his teacher some.  She seems really nice.  We talked a lot and hugged and said our goodbyes.  He was not crying but knowing Garret the way I do I know what he was feeling inside and it broke my heart to leave him. 

We decide he should ride the bus home so the drivers would be familiar with his stop.  The drive went right past our house (even though we were all out there waiting).  So Garret got to ride the whole route and when she brought him back a half hour later she said "well if you had been out here I wouldn't have missed you". 

The kids were trying to be patient waiting for Garret but they were so anxious for him to be home that it made for a crazy time!

When he finally did get him he was smothered in hugs and welcomed by all.  He said his day was ok.  He didn't talk to anyone unless he had to.  He jumped rope by himself at recess.  We encouraged him to talk to someone tomorrow.  he burst into tears and said that would be too hard.  He said that a lot of the kids didn't listen to the teacher and it was kind of crazy.  He did like a marshmallow thing they did and music time. 

I know it will get better and he will be more comfortable there soon.  But as his Mom it breaks my heart thinking of him trying to handle it without me.  He is such a great kid and I want the best for him. 

Favorite Moment of the day ---

I was showing Spencer and Garret where they would come in to the school.  Then I said "Spencer once you come in you turn down this hall and Garret goes down that one." Spencer said "Then right here is where I hug Garret goodbye".  (Oh, how I would love to see that).

Sunday, September 2, 2012

End of Summer Fun

Here are some things we have been up to lately-
*Titus quite walking.  When we left for the ranch he was taking a few steps and really trying.  When we returned he had no interest in it. 
*Canning fruit and making jam.  I have been busy canning nectarines, peaches and pears.  And making jam. 
*The kids have been obsessed with the Little House on the Prairie books.  I have been reading some and we have been listening to the audio books of the others. 
*We have been playing dress-ups. 
 *Doing Art projects.
 *I took Garret out for a little back to school date.  We went to eat and to ice cream. Walked around the waterfront.  Looked for seals and watched the boats.  We had such a great time.  He is such a good kid.  He has such great plans and he wants to do everything right.  We had fun talking about the upcoming school year; what he is afraid of and what he is excited for. 
 We talked about how he wishes he could be a cowboy.  We talked about what he hopes he learns about this year.  We talked about how much we will miss each other.  We talked about how to act at school and what to do if there is ever a problem at school.
 I love Garret so much and I love spending time with him.  He is growing up so fast.  I can't believe he is going to be a first grader.  I get a knot in my stomach just thinking about it.  He is awesome and we had lots of fun together.
 *I took Spencer out for a back to school date too.  Spencer is just barely five but goes to kindergarten this year.  I would be tempted to hold him back if he were not so stinkin smart already.  He reads really well and is quick with math.  So despite the achings of my heart he will go. 
 We talked all about school.  I made him swear to tell me all about his day and what he does.  He promised.  He also (on his own) told me he would hug me everyday and always love me.  I'm so lucky to have this little cutie pie around.  He is heartbroken that he doesn't get to each lunch at school.  I am thrilled he is only gone half a day. 
 We talked about all kinds of things.  He currently wants to be an animal doctor.  He wants to go to recess at school and thinks that sometimes I should walk to pick him up and take him to the library on the way home.  We played a silly game while we were out and he just loved all the one on one attention.  Both Garret and Spencer think that our back to school dates should start in the morning so we can play all day together.  I love one on one time.  (more on them going back to school soon).
 *We went shopping for school supplies one day and I hated it.  I was so looking forward to letting them pick out supplies and getting them all excited.  The list was SO specific that it was not fun at all and even after going to more then one store we didn't find it all and order some of the supplies and they are going to be here late so my poor kids are going to be unprepared.  UGH!  Whatever happened to bring pencils and crayons and markers.  If you buy the cheap-o ones you will just have to buy more later. 

*We were at Target the other day and Star Wars was playing on one of the big TV's while we walked past.  We stopped for a minute. Garret and Spencer and Adele were glued to it.  It has refueled Garret's Star Wars obsession.  I stopped counting but I'm pretty sure Garret has said to me at least 1000 times "I can't wait until I am old enough for Star Wars".
 *We met up with friends in Olympia and went to the drive-in.  It was SO great seeing our friends.  Titus woke me at 4:45 the next morning.  I was so tired. So was Spencer.  Without even meaning too we feel asleep.  It's not often I get to snuggle with my five year old anymore.
 *My parents were nice enough to babysit Adele and Titus.  They also let us pick their blackberries.  Those vines are annoying and they really grow like weeds but it's so cool that they have free food just growing for the taking.

*On the way home we stopped at an undersea navy museum.  They had some exhibits that were hands on.  Tyler even tried out the bunk. 
 Everyone had fun learning and playing together.
 One exhibit was a hands on control room from a submarine.  This was their favorite.  They were shouting orders and pretending to fire missiles. 
 *We also saw this slide in a school playground and decided we needed to give it a try.  I'm surprised they can still have it, with all the rules these days.  It was awesome.  I want one at my house someday!
*Even though it has been a busy crazy summer, it has been fun.  I wish it could go on and on.