Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More October

We had some friends and family up Saturday to clean teeth and paint the waiting room of our office.  The kids were SO good.  I was amazed.  I guess I should have expected that but they played really well at the office and they sat to still in the chair. 
The waiting room looks so much better. 
 The afternoon the kids played together.  They played dress-ups and danced and had a coloring contest.  They loved having friends to play with. 

 The next night we carved pumpkins.  We only had three pumpkins this year.  The kids each drew on the picture they wanted and Tyler cut it out. Titus got to draw on a decorative little one so he didn't feel left out.

 I have been letting Titus eat his lunch at the counter.  He loves it and gets excited every time. 
 And we now have a goldfish name "HULK".  Spencer won him at the carnival.  We warned him that he probably wouldn't live long but he has lasted a couple days and seems pretty healthy.  I think that is the longest we have ever had a goldfish.

Friday, October 26, 2012

October Fun

One night the kids were restless so we picked partners and made them into mummies.  They took it very seriously (so did Tyler).
This has nothing to do with Halloween but Titus loves putting clothes on.  I caught him trying to put Adele's underwear on.  He wears every body's clothes and thinks he is hot stuff.

 The school had a Halloween carnival the other night.  We took our "Avengers".  They looked so cute.

We had parent/teacher conferences today.  Both the boys are doing great.  Spencer's teacher is amazed by him (we are too).  He is very very bright and he is adorable.  Garret is also doing excellent.  His teacher says he is a perfectionist and hates messing up (I am well aware of this).  She wishes all of the class were as well behaved as he is.  I am very proud of both of the boys.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A new tradition (still working out the details)...

As a parent I find myself constantly asking myself what I can do to help my kids.  I know what I want them to grow and become (I'm not talking about what jobs they will have or what cars they will drive).  I dream of them being people that are strong and faithful, people that will give everything for the good of others, people that love and people that are charitable.  I want them to understand the things that have eternal significance.

Garret is our first child so everything starts with him.  How we handle different ages and phases with him set a precedent for our other kids when their time comes.  Tyler and I have been talking a lot about how Garret will be eight in just under a year.  Anyone eight and older can be baptized in our religion (visit mormon.org for more info).  It blows our minds that he will be old enough for baptism.  He will be old enough to say he wants to follow Jesus Christ.  I am thrilled and excited at the idea of it. 

As we thought of how important this step will be for him we realized we wanted to help show him how important it was and treat this birthday differently.  We want him to be prepared for the choice he is going to make and we want to start him off on the right track.

What we came up with (which we think will be great for us, but obviously not right for everyone).  We told him that instead of our annual pick a gift on your birthday tradition (which I love) we will be giving him a set amount of money (still undecided) and he will get to do whatever good he wants with it. 

We were a little apprehensive telling him because he LOVES getting to pick a present out and waits all year for it.  We told him very early so he would have lots of time to wrap his mind around the idea and to plan.  To our surprise (why we were surprised I don't know) he was excited and has remained so since. 

We reminded him that he would not be getting to pick a present and he was fine with it.  Not a word of disappointment.  He began thinking of ideas.  Some of his first ideas were to give the money to the church or to a family for Christmas.  Then he thought of an orphanage and the other day he came home from school and said the janitor "looked all worn out" and he might want to give it to him.  But even if he didn't give it to the janitor he was going to try and make him happier.

I have no idea what he will pick.  He is in the "planning stage" right now.  He has a year, there is no hurry.  Right now Tyler and I are just soaking in this stage.  We are watching our little boy learn to look for others needs. 

If no other good comes from this gift it has already been worth it if he learns to love others and we learn with him.  He has such a good heart and always has.  He really seems to get the importance of loving and caring for those around him.  I am excited to help him with whatever he decides. 

Spencer said to me "Garret has one year until he gets to do something great and I have three".  I guess there is no backing out now.  I am going to try and write down what Garret does as he figures it out so he will have a record of his project. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

October, October, October

This month has been packed and it is only the 21st....
We started the month with birthdays and Tyler's parents.  A day after they left.  My Aunt Mariane came for a visit with my Mom.  It was great having her.  When I told the kids she was coming Spencer said "is she the one that smiles a lot?"

 They spent some of their time at the dental office.  After that we snuck in a little fun.  We went to ice cream.  Adele and Spencer put on quite the show.  They were dancing around the restaurant. 
 That night my Mom and Aunt Mariane went to the movies.  I'm still working on my social life around here so it was so nice getting out.  We had lots of fun.  It was a quick visit though and after one night they headed on their way.

Tyler and I decided to try out the whole spontaneous thing again.  So Thursday we packed up the car and left our house around 5:30.  We decided to take a road trip to Boise.  Why Boise?  There is an LDS temple there (for more info go to mormon.org) and before a temple is dedicated the public is welcome to tour it.  We thought it would be a good experience for the kids.  We made it to Pendleton Thursday night and slept.  We drove on the next day and spent Friday playing as a family. 
 We went to a family fun place and the kids had a great time. 
 Their favorite was laser tag.  It was a pretty slow day there so they had the arena to themselves most of the time.  They had unlimited passes and they made good use of them.  It was pretty funny to watch.  One of them would get behind the other and just shoot and shoot.  Since there was no running they had trouble getting away.  So pretty much who ever was in the back of the other won.  They thought it was AWESOME!
 We swam at the hotel.  Adele was so brave.  I really need to get all three of the older kids in swim lessons.  They are getting so big and brave. 
 I am tempted to get a king bed and have them sleep together every night just so I can watch them sleep.  It's just so cute seeing them all together. 
 Finally Saturday we took our tour.  The temple was not a huge temple but it was beautiful.  The decorations all have the Idaho flower in them and the kids had fun finding them in the building.  They also loved seeing all the pictures of Jesus.  The whole experience was sweet.  Garret said "I felt closer to Jesus in there".  I know they may not remember the specifics of the trip but if nothing else I hope we taught them that temples are so important that we drove 20 hours in a weekend so they could go inside.
 The way back was pretty rough.  I had my first ever migraine.  I will never make fun of someone that stays home from work for a "headache" again.  I was in so much pain.  First my peripheral vision went blurry (it was scary), then my head tried to explode and nearly succeeded, the light hurt it, the motion of the car made me want to through up and Titus decided to scream for five hours straight (which is so not like him).  It started subsiding after about 5 hours.  I have no idea what brought it on but if I ever find out I will do whatever I need to to make sure I NEVER have one again.

We were all ready for a stop and we were lucky enough to make a quick stop in Ellensburg and meet up with Anna and her family at Wendy's for a quick dinner.  I wish we lived closer so I could see them more.  They are so great and all of those kids are so much fun.  They get along so nicely with our kids.  I don't think I have ever seen our kids fight with each other.  They are just so happy to see each other.  It was a quick stop though and we hit the road again.
We made it home about 9:30 and we were all exhausted.  But we would do it all again if we were given the chance.  It was a crazy, whirlwind of a weekend.  October is going to leave us breathless, hopefully November is nice and calm (I know it's wishful thinking!)

What a great month it has already been.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Colorado Company

Tyler's parents (Alan and Debbie) came to visit us.  They have been here a week and will be here for another day or so.  We have kept busy.  We were lucky to get really nice weather most of the visit.  Here are a few (definitely not all) of the things we have been doing to stay busy.
They visited their favorite dentist and were lucky enough to even have some work done. 
We played in the sunshine. 
Titus showed off his walking.  He is officially walking the majority of the time (at 16 months old).  He still crawls some and his walk is still a baby walk, all tipsy and off balanced.
 Titus also showed off his trouble making skills.  Opening drawers, climbing on the table...
 FHE at Chuck E Cheese! 

 An afternoon at the park. 
 Falls leaves.  They don't even come close to comparing to Buffalo leaves (nothing does, I always get homesick for Buffalo in the fall) but they are beautiful.

 Ice cream...and LOTS of other treats.  I may never loose this baby weight.  (My baby is not even a baby anymore...don't tell him that though.  I still pretend he is).
 Lots of playing at home.
 Story time and a little exploring of Port Townsend.

The Zoo.  We headed up to Point Defiance Zoo Thursday.  It's always fun seeing animals. 
 The weather was so questionable that day but ended up being perfect zoo weather.
 The animals were great and the playground was a hit.

 Titus felt very special.  The carousel had his name on it.

 After our afternoon at the zoo we picked up Uncle Trenton from the airport.  We were lucky enough to enjoy his company for a couple days.

Then the real fun started.  Alan got sick (real sick) Titus got it a few days later.  Hopefully no one else will get it.

Alan missed out on some of the adventures because he was sick.  We spent Saturday afternoon at the Pumpkin farm.  There were a couple business giving away things which worked out nicely for us.  The kids loved their capes, balloons and free pumpkins.  Tyler even won tickets to a concert.

 There was a corn maze, baby pigs and a pumpkin sling shot.  It was a very nice afternoon.
With Titus sick we spent Sunday at home and we all just laid around and played a few games. 

It's been a busy week.  Even with the sick-o bug making its rounds we have all still been enjoying each others company.  The kids are loving having so many people to play with.  It's always fun having family in town.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Check-up time

I took Garret and Adele in for their yearly check-ups.  They did AWESOME.  Adele has been practicing being brave and even showed the doctor her brave face.  She liked the doctor and just chatted away with him. 

They are both healthy and doing great.  Garret weighed 60.7 pounds (85%) and was 49.8 inches tall (75th).  When it was Adeles turn he walked in and said I was expecting a BIG girl.  He had seen her stats but not her.  She is big but healthy and proportional.  38.8 pounds (96th percentile) and 38.5 inches tall (81st percentile). 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's official...She is Three

We started of Adele's big day by waking her and letting her come see her cake.  We did a "horsey" cake because she still tells us she dreams of them most every night.  We put a tiny green slug on the back.  She was very happy with it and couldn't wait to take the ponies off and play.

 She opened presents.
 And played with presents.  We stopped her long enough to eat her breakfast of German Pancakes (her pick).
 Then she requested a bath in the big tub all by herself.  She did a lot of "swimming", something that is hard to do when there are three boys in with her.
 for lunch she wanted Teriyaki Chicken.  Rather than make it we took her to get some. She was a big ole mess after it but she enjoyed it (we all did).
 Then it was off to the store for the big shopping trip.  First we let her pick up two colors of nail polish.  She loves painting her nails but I don't have much around.  This was not her gift though ( I will be in control of the fingernail polish).
 She had a hard time deciding on a gift for herself.  She had been saying she wanted a snake but that was quickly forgotten at the store.  She thought and thought and debated and we followed her around from aisle to aisle.  She finally decided that she wanted a shopping cart.
 But then just before we checked out she changed her mind and picked out a doll that has crazy hair.  I think it's pretty ugly and likely won't get a lot of use.  But she had finally decided and as much fun as it was watching her choose we were not going to try and convince her of a different present.  She was happy with her choice and so far hasn't experienced too much buyers remorse.
 Back in the car we let her hold her doll while we drove to a new friends house.  She fell right to sleep.  I'm guessing she was a little tired from her late night.  She was up forever last night sitting her bed yelling "did you make my cake yet?", "how is my cake coming?", "is it morning....NOW?"
 We were invited to another dentists home.  When we told them that it was Adele's birthday they decided to make it very special for her. 

All the kids played at the beach first.  They got very muddy and loved every second of it.  We cleaned them up the best we could but as you can see from the pics they were looking a little worse for wear. 

We enjoyed dinner together and then they brought out a cake for Adele.  Sylvia their little girl was enjoying it all as much as Adele. 
 Sylvia picked Adele out a lunch box that matched the one she has.  They bought thought this was great. 
 We played for a while more then drove back home.  We put the kids to bed as soon as we got home.

Which meant that this morning we did the spanking machine.
 And cake.  Cake for breakfast! 
It turned out to be a lovely day and a half celebrating our beautiful, sassy girl.  Happy Birthday Deli!!!