Sunday, December 30, 2012

Post Christmas Fun

We went to my parents house for my Mom's birthday/after Christmas party.  Leah's family was there as well Dan's family and my Aunt Tauni, Uncle Brent, Cousin Heidi and my Grandma.  It was loud and fun (we are used to that- some people are not, sorry for my loud kids).
Anyway we started out party off by just hanging out.  Talking and eating!  Then it was time for a little fishing pond. 
 Titus kept eating the bait! 
 There were some great prizes (like one of my Mom's cancer hats- that's what we call them since that's when we remember her wearing them), coloring books, pop guns and more.

 More chillin with the fam. and more eating (I really need to cut back- more on that topic soon).

 Then we started our white elephant exchange.  We really look forward to the white elephant.  There are always things that make us laugh and things that we all want to steal.  Tyler drew number 1.  He was pretty excited (it's the best number the way we play) and I drew the number right before.  Together we were a good team this year.  We walked away with two of the homemade gifts- so pretty much we scored this year.
 More than anything this year we had fun plotting what we would bring.  Allow me toot my own horn as I tell you what we brought and how it all went down.  Our first gift was a whole set of Bill Peet books.  He was our favorite author as a kid (I was seriously considering keeping them).  I was pretty sure they would be a hit because a number of us have talked about these books recently and reminisced about how we loved them. As suspected it was a hit and was stolen time and time again.  Daniel ultimately ended up with them, much to my Mom and Leah's dismay.
Our second gift was a can of fruit.  Leah opened the can and laugh.  I told her how Tyler was suppose to get a gift and forgot and at the last minute pulled a can off the shelf and wrapped it. (An innocent white lie of course.).  She fell for it and accepted her fate.  No one would want the can of fruit so the game was over for her.
All game she held that can of fruit, thinking she picked the dud (which was what we wanted of course).  When the game was over, I snatched the can unscrewed the top- it was a safe disguised as a can.  Inside was a key to the real present.  A waterproof, fireproof safe filled with fun things.  It all went as was classic!  ( I don't know how we will ever top it...but we will try).
 Then the kids played their white elephant game.  There was not much trading but lots of happy kids.

 Baby Tony deserves a quick mention.  Leah gave us all a good laugh when she brought him to the party in her cabbage patch dolls old sweater (he thought it was an ugly sweater party).  What a chunky ball of love that little cutie is.
 It was a great party.  I am so glad that Mom and Dad had us all over.  It was fun sneaking in another celebration.

The rest of this post has nothing to do with holiday/family/birthday fun, and we are not morbid or weird. 

My Dad is an excellent woodworker.  He built a house (literally), builds boats, furniture, projects with the kids etc.  His latest project has been a coffin.  It is not the first coffin he has made.  He made one a few years ago for a friend.  My Grandpa asked my Dad to build him a coffin so it would be ready when he needs it.  We don't know when that will be and we are in no hurry for that time to come.  My Dad built a beautiful coffin and let us all take a look at it. 

We also snuck in for just a minute to see how comfortable it was and if it could be carried and the handle could take the weight.  Then we got a little silly.  It just happens when we all get together.  So we took a creepy fingers picture. 

It really is beautiful.  I think my Dad has a gift and he is so good to share it with others. 

 I think our Christmas fun is over for this year.  On to New Years!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas with Children is just so fun.  We heard Titus at 5:30 he probably would have gone back to sleep but since we were excited we went to get him.  We figured since he was up we may as well get the others too.  So Tyler tapped on their door and they jumped right up excited. 
They were delighted with all the little treasures that were left for them.  We put one toy out from Santa and whatever else fit in their stockings.  The rest we wrap from us.  I like it that way.  We get to watch each thing opened that way.  Anyway they made their way through the stockings.  As happy as could be. 
 Garret was amazed to find erasers in his stocking.  He came home from school and told me that he needed a new one.  I was surprised because he had one.  He sheepishly told me he cut it up.  I told him he would have to use his own money.  Mom and Dad buy him what he needs but if he doesn't take care of it, it becomes his responsibility. 

But while going through my closet I found some erasers and stuck one in.  Hopefully he still learned his lesson.  He was pretty amazed though that Santa knew he needed a new one.

 After opening stockings.  We shared a yummy breakfast together.  Then it was time to unwrap.  We like going slow and letting it last.  Spencer made Garret Star Wars guys.  He made a lot of them.  Spencer showed Garret each one.  Garret listened intently and made me very proud by being a gracious and excited receiver.
 There were lots of other great gifts.  Lots of home made gifts.  Garret made me a cutting board.  There were homemade bookmarks, homemade scarfs, homemade books and coupon books. 
 Adele is at the perfect age- we could just watch her excitement all day and never get tired of it.  She opened each gift with pure delight.  She thanked and hugged and said cute things like "oh, oh this is the most beautiful".
 Tyler and I had fun surprising each other with gifts.  He is always such a great gift giver.  The kid in me always gets a little excited to see what he comes up with. I think he has a similar kid in him!
 Tia sent us homemade gifts as well this year.  She has an etsy shop called kiss and a peck.  She sent us some of the things she makes and sales.  Everything she made was very well done.  So if you ever need a cute gift idea check out her shop.

 After  a while Titus was banished to his chair.  I would be lying if I said he was an angel on Christmas.  He had his moments. There were moments when he was about as cute as a baby can be.  There were other moments when that was not the case.  He was exceptionally needy, we tried the chair and food for a while.  We tried the chair and presents but most of the day he was just held and even then he was pretty fussy. I think he was just plain worn out. 

 There were also lots of gifts that had to do with Tyler's Grandma that passed away this year. 
 After a long morning of presents we spent most of the day just playing together. We did enjoy a nice dinner and the Christmas story. 
 Who can complain about a day filled with stories of Jesus, Christmas music, new toys and family?  Even with the noise and chaos it was perfect and one of those days that could have gone on and on.  The kids are already looking forward to next year.
Merry Christmas!!!

The Rest of the Countdown and more

After church Sunday we headed down to Shelton.  We love that we live close enough now that we can see family during the holidays and close enough that we can be at home enjoying our own traditions and time as well.  It works out nicely.
Sunday we played Christmas Bingo (that was our countdown activity).

 The kids (and the adults) showed off some great tricks.
 Grandpa helped the kids practice their wheelbarrow skills.

 Sunday was a nice relaxing day with family. 
Monday was another day filled with puzzles, games and time in the shop.
 Dan and Ridge spent the day at Grandma's too.  Heather came after work.  Spencer had fun reading books to Ridge.

 There was lots of wrestling Dad time.
 And hanging out with Grandpa.  The kids were drinking soda so they have big mustaches in all the pictures.

 Grandma made us a yummy meal.
 That we all enjoyed together.  Even Great Grandma was there.

 After dinner we did our last countdown activity.  The nativity. 
 It was nice having extra people to help us act it out.

 We opened a few presents.  Spencer insisted I open one from him on Christmas eve.  I relented.  He made me a cute little nativity ornament.  I think it's so cute!
 We made the long trek home (while listening to the BFG.  It kept the kids awake and giggling about whizzbopping).
As soon as we got home we hurried and put on new jammies and sent them to bed. 
 Titus had to sleep in his crib but we let the bigger kids have a sleepover.  They love it.  I thought they would be up for hours but the whispering didn't last too long.  Even though there are two beds in the room when we peaked in later they were all asleep on the floor.  I think its a fun tradition having them sleep together.  They look forward to it now. 

Christmas eve was lots of fun.  The excitement level was at it's peak.  They went to bed anxious to wake up the next morning.